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Home Remedies for Disease Control

Home Remedies for Disease Control Articles

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  • how to take care of plant watering when someone away from home.

    I am going on vacation and will be away from home for 0ne month, what should be the best method to water the plants during the time, i have indoor plants like croton, daieffenbachia and others and i have placed them under florescent light, please note here we don't have… More

  • New home; virtual and real!

    ...y hey! I love gardening. We are moving into a new home because we needed more room to grow what we need. At the same time I found this wonderful site to discuss gardening with fellow enthusiasts;) More

  • Pictures from Home

    ... take the heat. But I only lasted about an hour before retreating to the A/C and a Wendy's frostie..... Mid-90s and wilting humidity took the toll on both me and the wife,… More

  • Chance needs a home!

    Chance needs a home! He is a Boxer/Lab about 8-10months old. He has had his first round of shots and needs boosters in a month. He has not been neutered yet. He weighed 40.5pounds and the vet said he looked awesome. I'm willing to drive a few hours to bring… More

  • Welcome back home HerbyAnne.....

    ... you back at GG. We missed you so much and prayed for your safe return and recovery - life just is not the same here at GG without you around. I trust you are feeling much better - and following the… More

  • 16 week old puppy looking for a home.

    ... 16 week old black brindle pit she is trying to rehome. I'll have more details later and pictures. From what my friend said she has 3 pits all together but doesn't have time to properly train the… More

  • Caribbean Island Gardeners Wanted

    ... are growing.... what the weather is like... tips for growing different fruit, veg, flowers... any problems you may have with pests, diseases... where you buy your seeds and garden supplies...… More

  • Hi aquired pond and waterfall with our new home

    Hello, We bought a home this april and in the front there is a pond and water fall. I immedately ran out to get water plants. I have two lilly pads, two papyrus, water lettuce and hyacinths and some grasses. The frogs came and took up residence and we now… More

  • Recipes for Home made spa products? Anyone?

    I know there are great recipes out there....using herbs and veggies (cucumbers, etc.) More

  • New Mexico Home Garden

    ...also have very sandy soil. So I made raised beds, fortified the soil and installed a drip system which uses about 1/3 of the water. These are some pictures of our chiles, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, spinach,… More

  • New home and all new bulbs!

    ...h work as i could do since then to clean and care for our yard. Yesterday i went to the hardwear store and saw they have so many nice blubs out so i bought Tall Cannas, a Golden Emblem… More

  • gnome home

    ...en, had an old stump so i turned it in to a gnome home.grandkids helped boy that was fun. More

  • A New Home

    for my three Tropical Hibiscus. My friends the Rogers have wonderful gardens. I think there are pix in one of my photo albums. They are the couple that raise Monarch butterflies. The Red one has a variegated leaf and the Coral one is just beautiful. The decision to give my… More

  • Home Again

    Just got home Wed. after a week in the hospital. I had another bout with pnuemonia. This time they found a slow growing bacteria growing in my lungs. They think it is why I have been having so much problems with my lungs. They also think they are giving me… More

  • Home at last

    ...rior, had to remain in NY until his plant closed. for nearly nine months we have been apart, except for brief holiday visits. Last… More

  • Home Remedies for bugs in the garden

    Just curious if anyone has any good home remedies for getting rid of the bad critters in the garden. I was told of a concoction (?) of water, listerine, beer and dish soap that would kill and deter any and all garden critters, japanese beetles, aphids, cabbage worms and tomato… More

  • "California Home Gardener"

    ... mastergardeners.org which led me to "Garden tips for Los Angeles County" (other Cali. County info. available). Thought people from Cali might want to know about the sites and people from Los Angeles (are there any? :( ) would want to read the following I copied from http://celosangeles.ucdavis.edu/Garden_Tips_for_Los_Angeles_County/January.htm "January… More

  • new here and new home

    ...llo folks. I'm new here and now in a new ( to me) home. I have plenty of backyard ( about 2 acres) and plan on doing some serious work out there. First off is getting rid of all the trees ( i still have about 40 or so to… More

  • Home Page

    ...s people to the deleted General Garden Discussion forum. We need this to link to an actual forum. Who is and has been in charge of general upkeep of GardenGuides? (Not just the forums--we know that's you, Rach!) Was… More

  • Crawfish Home

    Here are some pictures of a crawfish's home. It is like 2 ft from the side of my house! The first pic is when I first saw it. I left it alone and about 4 days later he had it built up twice as high (pics 2 & 3). Since… More

  • snow at our new home

    ... though. :( First time I've seen snow so close to home. It was real neat only I was pretty stranded lol and I didn't know how to clean up… More

  • Toby has a new home

    We picked him up yesterday. The little furball is 7 weeks old. More

  • Home Remedies

    ... in the gardens, and I'd love to try some of your home remedies. I thought it'd be helpful to have all that infomation under one thread where we can discuss the non-commercial products that people… More