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  • Special Seeds Annuals

    I was looking throught the T&M catalog, and I found quote a few notable seeds this year. The first one of note I mentioned before, the world's first red-flowered rudbeckia from seed!!!! WOo hoo! I purchased those in October when they were available. The first round had already run out.… More

  • Is it too late to try hollyhock in the ground?

    I have been looking where my hollyhock was last year and as yet I have not seen any volunteer seedlings! :surprised: I was hoping it would seed itself. But I did save some seeds - is it too late to plant them in the ground? We have been getting some… More

  • 10 Foot Tall Hollyhock

    ...ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odIiONhbnOc YouTube Hollyhock Flick! I hear in Denmark, the Hollyhocks are tall too. This is one from Copenhagen seeds. Rumor has it that they grow to 11 feet. This one is measured at 10 feet! Get your stakes ready! More

  • Hollyhock Question

    ...t someone told her you cannot plant all different Hollyhocks together.. Is this true.. ? Thanks! Blessings, Lily More

  • Right package wrong seed?

    ...ackage, flower and scan of leaf. Think it maybe a hollyhock? I have planted hollyhock alongside the house from last years seeds, but in a remote location. The hollyhocks were a very light purple. The only… More

  • help with hollyhock seeds?!

    I was given several hollyhock seeds from my mother-in-law and she said they were heirlooms. I planted all of them 2 or 3 weeks ago and have seen nothing yet. I know she will eventually ask me about them and I would love to tell her they are doing fabulous.… More

  • My want list

    ...oneflower daylilies asiatics and oriential lilies hollyhocks liatris cosmos… More

  • What have YOU started from seed this year??

    ...9. We have started zinnias, cosmos,sunflowers and hollyhocks. I am going to study up and try to start some perennials.:D Oh yeah, I forgot the morning glories, moonflower vines, wild flowers and nasturtuims. Oh how I love to see a… More

  • Looking for Aquilegia seeds

    ...nd want to expand my collection. I have for swap: Hollyhocks, Salvia's, Poppies and lots of other seeds (ask me your favorite). Bye, Astrid More

  • bugs on my hollyhocks

    I'm new at gardening, but I've been doing alot of research. Could it be that you have weevils? I don't know how to post a picture on here yet, but a website about the rose weevil is http://www.hortnet.co.nz/publications/hortfacts/hf401030.htm This site has a picture as well as information on the little… More

  • hollyhocks in peat pots

    hey there planted some hollyhock seeds in those little plastic domed jiffy starter kits .. 3 days later i have seeds poking up but also a white fine hair coming out of some of them... are these anything i need to worry about or are they just the root hairs… More

  • never grew hollyhocks before

    I have a question. This year my hollyhocks are going to bloom, what should I do with them after? Do they need to be cut back? Will they bloom again next year? I had gotten some lovely seeds from a GG member 2 years ago, and planted them last year.… More

  • Starting hollyhocks from seed

    How successful have you been growing hollyhocks from seed? I planted the seeds according to package directions. It says to keep them in a shady location until fall and then plant them in full sun. They sprouted several weeks ago but have shown no growth since. I don't expect them… More

  • hollyhocks and gladiolus

    ... some information here? I decided on getting some hollyhocks and some glaiolus's seeds maybe from my gardening buddies here at garden guide but how deep do they have to be and how far apart do I plant them?I fell in love with the double hollyhocks and they will… More

  • Hollyhocks not thriving

    I put hollyhocks in late last year (3-4" pot, a bit rootbound at end of season) - it came up this year and is in a spot that gets good early day sun until about 4 pm, but I have a plant that is barely 1 1/2 feet tall and… More

  • hollyhocks

    I bought a pack of hollyhock seeds today and they say they will not blum the first year. Does anyone know how big they will get the first year or will they grow to full height then start to bloom? What I mean is, it says they'll get to be… More

  • hollyhocks and mallow zebrina

    I lost some of mine over the past winter too. And the wascally wabbits and gophers have been dining on the seedlings I planted this year as if they're their own private smorgasbord. I've got some growing in pots that I might winter over in the garage or root cellar… More

  • Hollyhocks

    If I started some indoors, would they transplant well? I seem to remember reading they have a deep taproot, but I am not sure that would matter in the babies. More

  • my garden black hollyhocks

    everything is so big & beautiful this year. More

  • Hollyhocks

    Is there anything to be done about Deer eating my hollyhocks? Thank you More

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