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  • Showing off few flowers

    ...igated red and white rose...and my midnight black hollyhock. More

  • Right package wrong seed?

    ...ackage, flower and scan of leaf. Think it maybe a hollyhock? I have planted hollyhock alongside the house from last years seeds, but in a remote location. The hollyhocks were a very light purple. The only… More

  • Hollyhock Rust & pests

    :( My hollys are infected and I am removing the leaves and destroying them, I think I planted them too close together is one problem. I also have some small yellow/brown bugs on the underside of some of the leaves (and they are feasting away). Can anyone give me info… More

  • How long before my Hollyhock blooms

    I planted some hollyhock last year from seeds and they have grown very nicely (well, one of the four plants is ALOT larger than the others). They have had what appears to be the start of lots of blooms on them for what seems likes weeks now, but have yet… More

  • hollyhocks

    I bought a pack of hollyhock seeds today and they say they will not blum the first year. Does anyone know how big they will get the first year or will they grow to full height then start to bloom? What I mean is, it says they'll get to be… More

  • lily pics

    ... some lily pic from today. And 1 really beautiful hollyhock bloom..I just loved this particular bloom. Enjoy! RR More

  • Gathering and Sowing Seed Over the Years... What do you get?

    I purchased some really beautiful African Daisies from my local nursery. The flowers are purple and white on the top side, and blue and purple on the bottom side. I was hoping to get some seeds but I see that they don't come true to seed according to the literature.… More

  • looking for

    i am trying to find hollyhock seeds (any size/color), maiden pinks, white liatris, poppies, lavender. i have seed from cardinal climber, pink/purple/cleome, larkspur. More

  • Special Seeds Annuals

    I was looking throught the T&M catalog, and I found quote a few notable seeds this year. The first one of note I mentioned before, the world's first red-flowered rudbeckia from seed!!!! WOo hoo! I purchased those in October when they were available. The first round had already run out.… More

  • Transplanted Hollyhock

    I transplanted a Hollyhock this past weekend which was blooming (2nd time this year). I realize it wasn't the best time to do the transplant, but I needed the space it was in, so I went ahead and moved it. My question is: Do you think it would help if… More

  • Black Currant Swirl hollyhock back for encore

    this is the hollyhock i wintersowed Dec. of 2005. it bloomed it's first year even though it's considered biennial. i saved every single seed from the 2006 blooms thinking i would have to start them again. the germination rate on this particular cultivar tends to be poor. it not only… More

  • i would like to find some black hollyhock seeds

    if anybody has any black hollyhock seeds i would love to buy some or do some trading i have plenty of bulbs to trade thank you More

  • Hollyhock mallow

    Has anyone had any experience with hollyhock mallow becoming weedy? I thought it looked beautiful and just put one in, but then I read an article online about how it reseeds like crazy and can spread quickly. Worse comes to worse I'll just cut it back as soon as it… More

  • 10 Foot Tall Hollyhock

    ...ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odIiONhbnOc YouTube Hollyhock Flick! I hear in Denmark, the Hollyhocks are tall too. This is one from Copenhagen seeds. Rumor has it that they grow to 11 feet. This one is measured at 10 feet! Get your stakes ready! More

  • Hollyhock Question

    ...t someone told her you cannot plant all different Hollyhocks together.. Is this true.. ? Thanks! Blessings, Lily More

  • Hollyhock seeds cold storage? when to plant?

    I harvested hollyhock seeds yesterday - do they require a period of cold storage? I read that others have put them in a ziplock and placed them in the freezer for a few weeks for the cold storage requirement and also to kill any bugs. Also, after the cold storage,… More

  • help with hollyhock seeds?!

    I was given several hollyhock seeds from my mother-in-law and she said they were heirlooms. I planted all of them 2 or 3 weeks ago and have seen nothing yet. I know she will eventually ask me about them and I would love to tell her they are doing fabulous.… More

  • alcea rugosa Russian hollyhock

    Anyone know if Russian hollyhock (malva alcea rugosa) is more resistant to rust than the others? I'm not sure what kind I have right now, but the poor thing can't seem to put up a fair amount of leaves before they're all overtaken by rust and I have to snip… More

  • Is it too late to try hollyhock in the ground?

    I have been looking where my hollyhock was last year and as yet I have not seen any volunteer seedlings! :surprised: I was hoping it would seed itself. But I did save some seeds - is it too late to plant them in the ground? We have been getting some… More

  • Peach or Salmon Hollyhock Seed Wanted

    HI I am looking for peach and salmon colored Hollyhock, anyone have seed? I will send in trade Hollyhock seed that I have thanks Pat More