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Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower Articles

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  • Oh Well!!!

    ...unknown) tomorrow my Snake Plants...and Sunday my Hibiscus ..which are still continuing to flower..God BLess Them !!! Falls here and temps will drop to 40's or a… More

  • Haves and Wants

    ...s-Blazing star Malva - Mix Lunaria-purple flowers Hibiscus-Dinnerplate-pink and a… More

  • Losing my gardening virginity

    .../albums/c279/ikennedy/IMG_3206.jpg Front of house flower bed http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c279/ikennedy/IMG_3203.jpg Ginkgo,… More

  • Hello

    ...nline name in wan2hav. I love to garden..and have flowers and vegetables. I am a city dweller so everything is wel l planned out..because of my space requirement. I do a lot of pickling… More

  • hello from the Florida panhandle

    ...was growing up and thanks for her a know a lot of flower names. Now that I'm 23 and living on my own I have my own… More

  • I need these seeds Holly Flame vine

    I was hoping to get these really cool vine seeds in a trade but they were out!! Does anybody have just a couple seeds? here is my trade list thanks for looking Carol Haves: Asclepias-Syrica Anise hyssop Apple of Peru - Nicandra physalodes Butterfly bush -Yellow Cynanchum Laeve-Honeyvine Grandpa Otts-Morning… More

  • Tropical Hibiscus Care

    I've inherited this plant from my Mom. Their place only gets western light, very limited late afternoon sun. As a result the plant got leggy and didn't bloom again this year (it did a year ago when she first got it). I've got it on the balcony outside the kitchen,… More

  • Seed inventory *swap*

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum a few months ago and completely forgot about it until my other half (DanS) reminded me that I should post the seed inventory on this site as well so here goes. :) Dan and I are gearing up for the upcoming gardening season so… More

  • Good List of Hummer Plants

    If not for this year, for next. This covers the whole hummer regions From my newsletter several weeks ago. Some of these plants are very regional and some are not allowed in certain areas. Buckeyes are not allowed in California. Some tender perennials are sold as annuals. For example, Lantana… More

  • Suggestions for Front Lawn Flower Bed Expansion

    ...d to my front lawn flower bed that already has an hibiscus plant there, as the #1 plant. I need some vertical, evergreens and shrubs. The area gets a lot of sun,a nd both pics are in the same place. I have all… More

  • Passion Flower

    ...biscus seeds -- the seller sent some free Passion Flower seeds. I thought I would give them a try and I sowed them on May 6th along with the others. I have been doing some research... and found out: 1. Passion… More

  • Hibiscus plant pruning gone crazy!

    My Hibiscus plant has been pruned back--too much I'm afraid. Has anyone out there ever made the same mistake of cutting back too much? With the growing season just under way here in NY, I guess it's a wait-and-see situation. About a month or so ago I saw what looked… More

  • Unknown flower on bush

    ... looks almost tropical to me and very much like a Hibiscus (just a guess on my part). I did take seeds this past fall and the second picture is the seedlings growing - so it appears I… More

  • Need help with hibiscus cuttings, please.

    I should like to take cuttings from a hibiscus schizopetalus & grow them in pots, as I do not have a garden. This hibiscus grows into a tall bush. It was pruned a while ago & there is a great deal of new, healthy regrowth. The climate in the region… More

  • Unknown Flower

    I got this from my daddy's yard with a Hibiscus I dug up. It grows from a bulb, dies completely after blooming and blooms only once a year... any ideas? More

  • Deer Free Plants

    ...Thuja Green Giant Blanket Flower Daffodil Weigela Hibiscus Carolina Jasmine http://images.parkseed.com:80/parksgardens/pem001274/NoDeerpem001274ai.html Here is a link for those who would like to see the exact varieties… More

  • A massive failure

    ...seeds... several hundred in fact. I planted hardy hibiscus, butterfly bushes, and passion flower. The hibiscus had a few seeds germinate, but only 5-6 of over 100... I don't know what I did wrong. My father in law passed away and… More

  • Matalea gonocarpa and any Matalea species

    .../red Lunaria-purple flowers Physotegia virginiara Hibiscus dinner… More

  • Hello from California

    Stopped by to say hello. I'm new here. Hope to find tons of buddies & learn from all. I started a blog (my first ever) :0 so you all will know a bit about me. Question: :D how many pics are we allowed to upload in each album? & What… More

  • What kind of hibiscus is this?

    I know the one with the red flower is a red hot hibiscus, but what is the other called? I was told it will get 15' tall, and the flower is insignificant since the foliage is what is gorgeous. Anyone? Laurie More

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