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  • Herbs next to Vegetables

    ...the articles on GG and found that if you plant an herb called Borage it helped the growth or flavor of tomatoes. I also found that Chamomile and one other help with Cucumbers and Onions. I was wondering if you all knew of any… More

  • Growing Herbs?

    I don't know what zone you are in but most herbs die down for the winter...annuals are quick to start in Spring, like dill, basil.....perennials like chive, parsley etc. need a rest period....they all need a lot of sun and heat...the few times I have tried it, they quickly turn… More

  • peppers & herbs

    ...owing peppers like cayenne & jalapeno near my herbs affect the flavor on mint, sweet basil, etc.? More

  • Herbs.. What are the most common and most used?

    ...working very hard on. I also have a few different herbs growing, but would like to know which herbs are the most beneficial and aren't hard to prepare for teas, medicinal… More

  • Herbs To Trade

    I have 450 herbs I want to trade. I want to post the list here but it is updated daily since we get in more seeds and do trades on a daily basis. Go to our site for the latest listings. http://www.herbcoop.com/list-of-herbs.php More

  • Please Don't Laugh "Herbs here I Come"

    Ok I was thinking about planting some Herbs, But bear with me here, I would like to start with four. ("No More No Less" I love that Oswald Cartoon). So what is the best four to start with ? What dishes should I use them on as far as food… More

  • Shallow rooted herbs

    I might have a shallow space to plant herbs (about 5"-6"). I was wondering what kin of herbs I could put in there. Perennials preferably. I am in zone 6, Ohio. More

  • growing herbs with shade...

    I'm trying to start a small herb garden. The issue is that I have lots and lots of trees around me thus I am left with shade and get maybe an hour or two of sunlight a day. I've done years of landscaping in the past but am new to… More

  • Which herbs/vegetables need a trellis?

    Just wondering which herbs and veggies will need a trellis when they start to grow, apart from tomatoes? Thx More

  • Growing herbs indoor

    I would like to grow some herbs indoors over the winter. Has anyone done this and how would I go about it? I do not have window space, but I do have a light table. More

  • Diabetes and Herbs.

    ... is primarely to find out more about Diabetes and herbs which can affect this illness. My younger sister is diabetic and and last night we found out, after she had used nearly half a bottle of lavender oil, That diabetics are supposed to avoid… More

  • drying herbs

    So I have a plethora of basil and my oregano seems to be drying out rather fast. How should I go about preserving these for cooking? More

  • What's wrong with my herbs?

    My herbs are looking bad. Is it too much sun? Too much water? Pests? Disease? The parsleys seem to be doing a bit better than a week ago, but the basil leaves are small and curling up. Everything is a bit yellow and I am fighting the urge to fertilize… More

  • When herbs flower......

    ...should you pinch them off? More

  • healing herbs

    ...sive knowledge or education on medicinal uses for herbs?? More

  • Herbs, Herbs, And More Herbs!

    ...self. I was wondering, however, if there were any herbologists or herb buffs out there willing to take on a student? I'd love to learn to make my own aids, concoctions, remedies, etc, as well as learning… More

  • New at this...help if you can! Herbs

    ...emary, and I got hooked. I've slowly added 6 more herbs to… More

  • Herbs

    ...budget and just getting started. I have looked at herbs in 2 catalogs. I would like any and everyones opinion, first on the catalogs and then their thoughts on what I should do. The catalogs are Four Seasons Nursery and The Cook's Garden. The… More

  • Herbs for Alaska

    ...e, where we get lots of rain and little sun. What herbs would grow well here? More

  • Drying herbs

    Does anyone know a good technique for drying herbs? Are dehydrators worth the investment? More

  • Evergreen Herbs

    ...green all year. I am in zone 8. Anyone have other herbs that are evergreen? I want to add another one or two. Linda B More

  • info about herbs

    ...ions about growing,harvesting and conservati- ion herbs,and i'm seeking friends who are intresting in gardening herbs More

  • new to growing herbs

    I want to try growing herbs for cooking this year. Which kinds should I try? Do they need sun or shade? More

  • Drying herbs

    Does anyone know a good technique for drying herbs? Are electronic dehydrators any good? More

  • Herbs Together

    ...ng into a lil of this and lil of that...I planted herbs yesterday several different kinds, so is it okay to plant some in the same container together? More