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Herb Harvesting

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  • What all is in your Herb Garden?

    I have a variety of herbs in my herb garden which is not one big patch but several areas within the same zone with different herbs some being perinnials and some seasonal, I have to check the English names for some that have not been mentioned, I just planted them… More

  • best mail order herb supplier?

    I'm looking for some herbs for our herb garden that I haven't been able to find at any local stores. All of the online suppliers I typically use either have poor selections of herbs, or they only sell seeds. I definitely want actual plants, not seeds. Does anyone have any… More

  • Practical Aspects of Herb Gardening

    herbs have been around since time immemorial and served different kinds of purposes. They have been used to treat illness and flavour cooking; they were even believed to have magical powers. Do you want to have your own herb garden? Here are a few ideas on how to establish an… More

  • cool herb project

    ...w this at my favorite nursery yesterday. They had herb wreaths and swags. Basically, cut a length of landscaping fabric as long as you want your wreath. It should be about 16 inches wide. (So a rectangle of landscaping fabric) Fill the landscaping fabric with your choice of potting… More

  • The Great Herb Debate

    ...ta love it (not really). I am itching to start my herbs, though. I'd like to try starting herbs from seeds. I plan on using an aquarium as my herb/veggie nursery. I read in a… More

  • Indoor Herb Garden

    Hello: I'm new to the forums, nice to meet everyone. :) A few months ago, I had to start working in a cubicle. It was very dull looking, so I bought an ivy plant to make my space more friendly. I really like my ivy and am shocked I haven't… More

  • Newbie herb gardener questions

    ...ing the berry patch of my dreams. But also trying herb gardening for the first time. So I have several questions I… More

  • herb seedlings

    Well I have a problem. I planted oregano, dill, and parsley seeds....and I have no idea how to distinguish them from weeds in my raised garden beds. :o I know approximately where the seedlings were planted, but being in a cooler climate...it's one of the only things I've planted so… More

  • Herb Gardening

    I have an herb garden that my 6 year old daughter and I planted this year. It is planted in a very large container with about 6 different herbs. The plant have grown very large, we use some of the herbs in cooking and she entered them in our local… More

  • Identify this herb

    ...now and absolutely pleasant strong scent (like an herb) that I dont know how to describe. At first thought it was an annual but now this year it has come up strongly in a few large clumps… More

  • Interesting Herb Uses

    ...at lists some interesting uses for your homegrown herbs. Here it is: http://plantstop.blogspot.com/ More

  • What kind of herb is this

    ...yone, I just moved into a new house and found two herb garden areas. I have identified all of them except this one. It smells lemony, so i'm not sure if it is lemon mint and if it safe to use. Does anyone know what this is? More

  • What is this herb?

    ... guys, I have a question for you all. I have this herb that is called "tilo" here in Panama. It is used to make stress-relieving teas. I'm trying to see what this is called in English so i can keyword the image. The photo can be seen here: http://nugar.com/gallery2/gallery2embedded.php?g2_itemId=5754… More

  • Harvesting and Storing Cilantro

    ...the forum as well as gardening. I just started an herb garden about 3 weeks ago. My Cilantro is growing out of control. I have researched online and read that you can freeze some herbs. However, there is no mention of Cilantro. The only… More

  • Forgotten Herb

    :confused: I planted it last year and it came back and I can't recall what it was?? Any ideas? I thought it was sweet basil?? More

  • Herb Gift

    I just planted a mini-garden in a small pot for my youngest sister's graduation present. It has basil, oregano, dill, sage and thyme. I figured it would be a good start to her new life. I'll keep you updated on what she thinks about her present. I used leftover seeds… More

  • If you're new to herb gardening try:

    ...sites that are good for exchanging info regarding herbs as well and thought I would just post some for those who have the time to browse..... www.gardenweb.com/forums/herbs www.iherb.org Have fun! herblady More

  • Herb Seeds

    Hi, does anyone have sugessions on starting herbs from seed, I've tried starting mint, parsley,thyme and others from seed but no sucess. I picked up a Stevia plant today, it's a natural sweetner, does anyone know how to use it? floridagirl. More

  • My little herb garden

    Just finished planting some of the herbs and will be planting more when the seedlings get a little bigger and hardier looking. I'm going to put rocks across the front to make it look more defined. So far, I have Cilantro, Basil, oregano, rosemary and lavender in there. More

  • What kind of herb is this?

    I planted a bunch of herbs a few months ago and they're finally starting to grow, I can identify most of them except this one. This is my first time and I shared the packets with a friend so I don't have the photos in front of me. Could someone… More

  • harvesting and drying chamomile?????

    Okay I expanded the herb garden and the chamomile is blooming. When do I pick it and what is the best way to dry it??? More