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  • unknown flowering banana, photos poster

    I had two plants sent from Hawaii to me, and I believe they said they were extremebly rare, found on only one mountain at or near the Himilayas. Well, I lost one to lethargy, but the other I successfully grew; the second year it jumped up to over 10 feet,… More

  • coconut tree soil

    So, i found a site in hawaii that ships germinated coconuts. I have received my coconut and im very excited. it says to to place the coconut about 1/3 submerged into sandy soil. My question is, can anyone be a little more specific as far as the soil requirements for… More

  • I need some advice about growing lavender

    ...want to have her green thumb anyways!;) I live in Hawaii, and have… More

  • 2000 Year Old Meteors to Rain Down on August 31, 2007

    The meteors that are about to rain down in the early morning of September 1 date from around 4 A.D., the latest calculations show. It is not often that we can tell when a shooting star was first released from a comet into space, to travel as a meteoroid in… More

  • the correct id needed

    ...nches in width and height. Found one like it on a hawaii site but when I looked up the name on the web found… More

  • Jack Frost

    ... that jack Frost needs to pack his bags and go to hawaii for the summer and get a tan! He visited my area last night and nipped several of my plants! My poor bleeding heart looks like a wilted heart now along with the columbine, some new… More

  • Is there an AV nursery in Hawaii?

    ..., and would like to have more. I'm going to visit Hawaii this coming winter. I wonder if there are some nurseries that feature AVs… More

  • From AcraMax Gardening Email Tips on getting rid of UNWANTED Pests

    ...aking spring, it promises to be a banner year for garden pests. I'm bracing myself for the onslaught. The slugs are rearing their ugly heads already, so I've been wearing thick-soled shoes whenever I visit my gardenMore

  • Yardgranny6's Seed Box

    The box is one its way to Hawaii! And to the home of Grovespirit. Keep tuned in to see where it goes next. Have fun Iris!! Linda B More

  • Hi from Beijing Looking for those from Hawaii!

    ...riends! I'm Lily from Beijing. I'm going to visit Hawaii this winter, and I want to learn about nurseries there, especially those featuring African violets. Anyone can help me out? Thanks a lot! More