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  • info about herbs

    ...'m seeking a technical informations about growing,harvesting and conservati- ion herbs,and i'm seeking friends who are intresting in gardening herbs More

  • Harvesting and Using Fresh Cantalope

    Harvesting and Using Fresh Cantaloupe By Brenda Hyde Cantaloupe, is a muskmelon, as are the Casaba, honeydew, Persian and Crenshaw melons. Growing up I loved cantaloupe more than watermelon. Now, my daughter who is three, can eat half a cantaloupe at a time and definitely rivals my love of this… More

  • Harvesting and Storing Cilantro

    Hello All! I am new to the forum as well as gardening. I just started an herb garden about 3 weeks ago. My Cilantro is growing out of control. I have researched online and read that you can freeze some herbs. However, there is no mention of Cilantro. The only… More

  • Harvesting Basil and Parsley

    ... sweet basil and Italian parsley in a pot. When I harvest, how much of the stem (if any) do I need to leave? Thanks, Scooter More

  • looking for the right tool for the job

    I've been told that there is a hand tool for harvesting chamomile flowers. Any help as to where I can find this tool would be greatly appreciated. More

  • wormy corn

    i am harvesting corn right now, it is delicious but so many of the cobs have worms in them..i hate to use bug spray, does anyone have any ideas for future plantings as to how to control the little critters. More

  • When to pick Decorative gouirds

    ...? or do I have to wait until the vine dies before harvesting them ?? larry More

  • Thyme

    ...guys I have a question. Everything I read says to harvest Thyme before flowering. Mine is already starting to flower, I bought the little plant about a month ago and put it in a bigger containter---so I should go ahead and start harvesting? And how far down do I… More

  • Spaghetti Squash

    ... crop of spaghetti squash. However, when we tried harvesting the first one, we couldn't have cut into it with a machete. Even steaming it first didn't make any difference. How do we know when these are ripe? I have been told not to harvest them too… More

  • Ends of new pea pods curling?

    While I was out harvesting beans, I also was picking some more peas, but found new peas that have formed and are curling, does anyone know if there is a reason for it, and how to stop it? Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated? Tammy More

  • harvesting basil seeds

    ok well ive seen basil seeds im corious if theres anythin specal ya need ta do or? edit basil?? wtf?? i mean BORAGE (lllooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggg day allready) More

  • Lilac Harvesting and Storing seeds

    I am learning about gathering seeds from plants and just gathered some Lilac seed pods from about 4 bushes. I'm wondering what to do with the seeds, how to prepare them, how to store them and when to plant them? More

  • seed harvesting

    ...ally messed up last year im corious what ta do ta harvest the seeds from my plants (i allready have paper lunch bags with holes punched an hemp cut into lengths fer it) last year i used cinnamon basil tai basil catnip ginger mint an yea… More

  • Garlic harvesting help.

    ...e two garlic plants and I am unsure as to when to harvest them. This is my first time planting garlic. I planted the bulbs in March or April of this year. Both plants seem healthy; tall (about 5-7 inches) and green. When do I harvest??? More

  • Harvesting cauliflower

    Hello, I have a cauliflower curd about 3 inches wide so I have covered it with the leaves. How long does this process take before the fruit is mature enough to cut? This is my 1st time growing cauliflower. More

  • Harvesting Zucchini (?)

    Nice looking plants! Don't let them get too big. A pair of pruners or a knife works well. Sever the stem about an inch above the fruit. More

  • harvesting and drying chamomile?????

    Okay I expanded the herb garden and the chamomile is blooming. When do I pick it and what is the best way to dry it??? More

  • harvesting yellow squash

    Is there any particular size at which I should harvest the yellow squash? The two biggest ones are about 3-5 inches right now. More

  • harvesting veggies from the garden

    :0 My name is tangieswain and I live in Chicago, the midwest. I have been growing my veggie garden about 2 1/2 months now. I started from seeds in my apartment. There are greens and melons and peppers and all types of good things, but I just don't know when… More

  • harvesting seeds tomatoe an peppers

    ...ow you know the "fruits" are ripe enough to start harvesting seeds that will be good to plant next year here i have sweet million tomatoes (cherries--my moms actually) mr stripeys an a brandywine fer peppers theres my fooledja jalapenos an my mom has some various peppers too… More

  • Harvesting Coneflower seeds

    ...eflowers growing, and I'm just wondering if I can harvest seeds from them. Are the seeds just those middle parts of the flower? Do I just wait until they dry up and then pull it apart? As you can probably tell, I really don't have any experience… More

  • harvesting

    ive been harvesting my hewrbs fer acoupler weeks now --did the 2nd one today-- im corious what you CAN literally destroy the plant an itill come back stronger also my basils seem REALLY lagging in leaf reproduction id figure where i put thyem not all bad even tho its shady… More

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