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Hair Grass

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  • SOOO Much to Trade!! Here's my updated list!

    Plants and Cuttings I have to trade: *Note: We grow completely organic only. • -Tamarix 'Summer Glow' - cuttings • -Willows: CUTTINGS: Salix Mats.'Golden Curls'(brilliant golden yellow bark, orange/red stems, green curly leaves-stunning, S. 'Dragon Claws", 'Hakura Nishiki', S. purpurea nana (Dwarf Blue Arctic), S. pur. pendula (Weeping Blue/Purple Arctic),… More

  • trade list

    ...eet William mix-6 Pink hollyhock-20 Allium “hair”-6 Blanket flower-4 Purple malva-6 Blanket flower “goblin”-lots Cleome-5 Money plant-lots Hyssop-1 Candy tuft-10 Lupin(pinks and purples)-13 Purple cone flower-20 Day lily(orange and yellow)-2 Shoofly of puru-12 Yellow clematis-10 Sunflower-6… More

  • It's Warsh Day!

    I had to share this email I just got. I hope you enjoy it like I did. Years ago an Alabama grandmother gave the new bride the following recipe: This is an exact copy as written and found in an old scrapbook - with spelling errors and all. WASHING CLOTHES… More

  • Will these ornamental grasses take over my yard??

    ...Among the seeds that I want to get are ornamental grass seeds. I know that some grasses "creep" and will take over a yard/garden, but I don't know which ones. Could anyone advise me about these grasses: Festuca glauca, Stipa… More

  • new grass and the deer problem

    ...m will soon be upon us in Minnesota newly planted grass is irresistible to deer and we will have about two million of the hungry dear things this spring just in Minnesota. Well My boss and best friend told me today that if you have this problem do… More