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Ground Cover

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  • Invasive ground cover..

    I have the Ajuga. It spreads very quickly & forms a carpet. It will grow well in shade. It gets little blue flower spikes. Mine is a burgundy color. Very hardy. Ours has spread into the lawn and we mow over it. It still comes back every year. I also… More

  • dychondra Help selecting a ground cover

    ...ll. Does anyone out there have advice for a hardy ground cover I can try? I was growing dychondra successfully (see photos) between the stones in my back yard (a substantial area) but lost most of it this fall when the season changed. Another contributing factor not obvious from… More

  • need a little help with ground cover

    I have an area that is a bit sandy, gets a lot of sun, and has 2 big oak trees sucking up all the moisture. Would like anything (green) growing there. I can keep it watered, just not sure what to try. More

  • Ground Cover? need Identification

    My friend gave me a small cup of this in the late winter. Now it has grown this much. She did not know the name. First pic up close Second--it has filled the container of my Dracaena Can you help? More

  • Found a FANTASTIC Ground Cover...

    ... I learned about a great product that I found for ground cover purposes. It's a synthetic pine straw and it looks great! The product comes in 3 colors… More

  • Ground covering new member and gardener

    ... not want to mow grass and need a low maintenance groundMore

  • Plant Id 2

    ...s a little yellow flowering plant it looks like a ground cover to me?? More

  • New member

    ... not want to mow grass and need a low maintenance groundMore

  • How does this work?

    How does groundcover work? I know it spreads rapidly and covers the ground (well obviously..lol), but how does it affect other plants and perennials? When the perennials die back in the winter, if the ground cover doesn't and it grows over where the perennials were, will the perennials break through… More

  • Whatis this ground cover?

    This grows in various places in my yard and generally all over the Seattle area. I'd like to know what it is. My follow-up question is: does it grow well from seed and where can I buy a big bag of seeds? Thanks for any help! More

  • Lost the name for this perennial ground cover!

    I started these perennial ground-covers from seed a few years ago and cannot remember the name of it! Grows 3 to 4 inches high and spreads indefinitly. Flowers are around an inch. Blooms from May into June. More

  • evergreen spreading ground cover

    I need an evergreen spreading ground cover that can tolerate as low as 20 degree weather along with mostly sun and some partial shade in the afternoon. I want to plant on a small bank in my front yard to eliminate having to mow that part of the yard. Any… More

  • Can anyone identify this ground cover?

    ... ago, and the person said it was an old fashioned ground cover that you can't get any more. It has blue flowers in May. It likes partial sun / shade and spreads fast. Can anyone identify this plant? More

  • Mint as a Ground Cover?

    ...letely surrounded by cement. I wanted to put in a ground cover that would keep out the weeds during the summer and fall. Would mint work that way, or would it choke out the bulbs? Also, I was thinking of planting some coneflowers… More

  • Need good ground cover suggestions

    ...plants and the rest is bald, I am hoping to get a ground cover in there to help with the weeds that keep coming I want one that is fast spreading! thanks More

  • Ground Cover called Gorilla hair?

    Has anyone ever heard of a ground cover made with red wood called gorilla hair. It looks like shredded bark and also meshes together to stay in place. Thank for advance Flowers galore More

  • Ground cover in Northeast

    I need help identifying this ground cover. We bought this plant at a local nursery probably 10 years ago and forget what it is called. The pictures are from a piece I dug up and potted. It grows very dense to create a green carpet maybe 8" tall. I forget… More

  • This just showed up ground cover

    I'm trying to put a name to this ground cover that appeared out of nowhere. Leaves are about 2" long, variegated green and white. There's a patch that's about 3 x 3 feet, with a few stalks about 18" high capped with lacy flowers like Queen Ann's Lace. More

  • Ground cover for off season

    ...ss and really tough weeds. I did notice a certain ground cover that smothered out any other kind of weed and was also really easy to pull out. I was wondering if… More

  • zone 3 ground cover under pine trees

    Looking for a ground cover for zone 3 that will grow under pine trees, shade and dry? Any ideas? More