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Greenhouse Heating & Energy

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  • greenhouse gardening

    ...g of concern is the numerous ant hills inside the greenhouse. Of course, I dont… More

  • Building another greenhouse

    DH built a beautiful greenhouse for me 5 years ago. It is a lean-to style off the south side of my gardening shed. We have used it since to start seeds and planted our tomatoes in the raised bed along the south side. We have aquired 2 complete 6 foot… More

  • The building of a greenhouse

    ...I'd share some pics of the process of building my greenhouse. 1)Holes must be dug 8 feet deep, filled with concrete to support the poles. 2) The pole start going in. 3) It's taking shape. More

  • New Greenhouse photos

    New greenhouse photos, I winter annual water plants in the pond inside. The small block building is my potting shed. It was built in the '20's as a pump house, and has a cellar. More

  • Looking for small greenhouse

    ...m looking for something like a four to five shelf greenhouse that sort of looks like a bookcase. Just something… More

  • portable tent like greenhouse

    I am having so much fun in my new greenhouse. I wanted to try something cheap and easy before I make an investment in a permanant one as I am new at this. Its only 6 by 6 foot square and 6 1/2 feet tall, made of very heavy plastic… More

  • Solar heaters for greenhouse?

    Is there such a thing as a solar heater for a greenhouse that is not warm in the winter? More

  • Looking for a good greenhouse kit

    ...rands/suppliers for a roughly 5 or 6 foot walk-in greenhouse? Found a few on Home Depot's website but I always try to get outside opinions first. Budget is $250 or less, preferably. Thanks again! More

  • Mini Patio Greenhouse

    ...he city, so I don't have a lot of space for a big greenhouse. They say it… More

  • White flies in Greenhouse!!!!!

    My greenhouse got infected with white flies. I took all the plants out and destroyed them and am wondering if there is something I need to do to help from having the same problem next year. Do they go dormant and stay in the ground or on leaves of plants?… More

  • OBC Greenhouse building

    Has anyone ever put up a Greenhouse from OBC Northwest in Oregon. I have never built anything from the ground up, in fact i never built anything really at all in the construction sense of the word. The Greenhouse I received from OBC Northwest is really nice. However, the instructions… More

  • Pictures of my greenhouse from start to current this season

    Pictures of my greenhouse from start to current this season http://z14.invisionfree.com/TGTA/index.php?showtopic=330 More

  • shared greenhouse?

    ...g if anyone has had any experience with sharing a greenhouse? I would love to have one, but do not have room on our property for one, so I want to build it on the neighbor's. I am sure he… More

  • Homemade Greenhouse

    Can anyone post some pictures of do-it-yourself greenhouses? Indoor ones please that can move and are inexpensive... More

  • My first greenhouse...

    ...e starting to sprout and it's looking more like a greenhouse every day. GW More

  • Little greenhouse

    I have a little greenhouse stand thing that I got at the Dollar Store--It has 3 shelves and a plastic cover that slips over the top and zips--its about 5 ft. tall the 3 ft. wide- anyway--can I sit that outside and put my winter sowing seeds on it?--I mean… More

  • My little greenhouse...

    :cool: I am making my own small greenhouse. Not big at all. It is made out of one of those bed sheet bags and a wooden frame I am constructing. I am hoping I can show some pictures, but I'll keep you posted. All i have left to do is… More

  • A greenhouse........YES!!

    I`ve always wanted a greenhouse and this year for Christmas, I got one. It`s not a big one but intend to put it to LOTS of use!! More

  • My greenhouse

    You did a wonderful job. Love it!:) More

  • My Greenhouse!

    ...ion. 3. foundation & start of Installation of greenhouse. We had to hire people to build the frame for foundation and add the foundation. 4. Hubby and Dad installed it! All done! :D Took 3 days… More

  • My First Greenhouse

    My husband and I put together my first greenhouse today. We used a portable carport frame that my father-in-law was going to throw away! It started out as a 10' x 20' but we took out the middle and made it into a 10' x 10' instead. It's a beauty.… More

  • My new greenhouse pics.....

    I finally have pics. of my VERY small greenhouse. I am growing lots of trees in it. This was RASHELL's idea of using the bag, I just tweaked it. What do you guys think of it? Oh, and the two trees you can see are Redwoods. More

  • Texas Greenhouse?

    ...e to San Antonio in June. I would love to build a greenhouse so I can have veggies all winter long!! Please give me any and all guidance and advice you have! Thank you!! More

  • My greenhouse pics......LOOK!

    I finally have pics of my VERY small greenhouse. What do you think of it? Right now I am growing lots of trees in it. The two you can somewhat see are redwoods. This bag technique was RASHELL's idea not mine. I just tweaked it. What do you think of… More

  • Apids in my greenhouse

    Hi, any advice about getting rid of aphids in my greenhouse. I am using Neem oil and it doesn't seem to be doing the job. Help me! More

  • greenhouse planting

    ...lleyes: Love to see picture's of fellow gardeners Greenhouse's More

  • Woodstove in Greenhouse

    ... 10 years ago, we had the builder build a 24 X 36 greenhouse, essentially a stick built house with a bunch of sunlights and glass doors. It was very well insulated and a propane heater was more than adequate to keep it above 50… More