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  • I Did It AGAIN!!

    I am a goddess, I've decided. Just gone and saved ANOTHER bird in the yard and THIS TIME I actually went inside the house with bird IN HAND and GOT THE CAMERA!! Am I good or WHAT??! Same as the hummingbird in my blog, it took around a half-an-hour for… More

  • what do you prefer

    ...s canna, daffodils, tulip, dahlia. The ornamental grasses fill… More

  • I know you all will love me being here!

    Hi everybody , I know you have been waiting for me to join you while you hoveled in your dark and cold homes, looking out your frost covered windows at the break land you use to see covered with beautiful color and blossoms, wondering if you would ever see anything… More

  • clay soil

    ...lo I have clay soil lots of wild weeds red clover grasses soggy areas my garden is quite large for european standards some 900 metres former gardens of mine where around 50 to 120 metres so this is big I did read somewhere adding builders sand so did that in… More

  • Some seed growing questions

    ... 'scape (about 25x60 feet, some of it will remain grass) and if stuff doesn't make it… More

  • Bamboo question

    Since there's no Grasses forum, here I go: Bought a hardy bamboo plant three years ago, and it's THE most I've ever paid for one plant ~ $30. The man at the greenhouse cautioned me "oh, look out ~ it can go to 40' high and spread just as wide… More

  • Killin the lawns?

    ...e lawn in my new house has lots of patches of crabgrass as well as a lot of differen't types of grasses mixed together. Of course they all have different tones to them… More

  • Tall Yellow Ornamental Grass

    I guess the ornamental grass thread I started last year was one of the ones deleted. Now that I'm ready to buy my grass, I wanted to refer back to it. There was a lot of good info in that thread :( So, I'm going to ask for advice again.… More

  • Too many types of grass

    ... now I've discovered that it has about 5 types of grass. There are large patches of each type, with one type (thin needle blades) poking… More

  • Russian & Meadow Sage

    ...ted to (trans)plant them to a place I have Annual Grasses, corn, and other plants, I plan On taking out come spring. They are in the small 1gal containers.:carrot: If I can keep them in the post should… More

  • Knock Outs on sale at Lowes!

    If you are interested in the Knock-Out roses, check your local Lowes store. Ours have Knock-outs, Double Knock-outs, and Rainbow Knock-outs in 8" pots on sale for $9.98 this week. They were very healthy and the Rainbows were prettier than I thought they would be. I don't know how they… More

  • Help with these two plants (mint and grass?)

    ...be? I also have surrounding them a bunch of these grasses. They remind me of crabgrass almost. I don't see any type… More

  • What is your favourite grass?

    Mine is pink pampas. I want that grass so much. What are your favorite grasses? More

  • What's a better bet for Zebra and other ornamental grasses?

    ... been thinking about getting my father some zebra grass for Fathers Day. He's been talking about how he wants to plant a few around the yard. I was wondering which would be the better value. Should I either: A) Buy it online from ebay. I was thinking ebay because… More

  • how to grow ornametal grasses?

    ...everyone! Got a question?I got some seeds of some grasses and I'm not sure how to plant it?They are so fine so how deep do you have to plant them,do you just lay them on top of soil and cover them with soil?What I mean by… More

  • Will these ornamental grasses take over my yard??

    ...Among the seeds that I want to get are ornamental grass seeds. I know that some grasses "creep" and will take over a yard/garden, but I don't know which ones. Could anyone advise me about these grasses: Festuca glauca, Stipa… More

  • Chemical weeding that won't kill thyme??

    ...lishing thyme between my patio paving stones, and grasses keep plopping themselves where I have already weeded by hand. This has got to stop! :mad: Are there any chemical weeders that thyme won't be killed by??? More

  • Now is the time for the midwest gardeners to::

    Ornamental Grasses; ............. they need to be burned or cut down before new growth starts...the blaze is fast and goes pretty high, so don't burn if there are trees or wires overhead......If you decide to cut it down to new growth, you can tie the many stems together tightly, and… More

  • Clematis Question

    ...ting enough sun, to sort of under my giant pampas grasses where they will get full sun during the spring/summer and can climb through them. I don't cut back… More

  • Advice from you experts out there

    ... year in late winter/early spring , cut back your grasses and divide them then.Honestly though , the grasses grow so fast it may be best just to spread them out accordingly- if they get 4' wide , then… More

  • growing pampass grass in north MO

    I have tried for 2 yrs to grow pampass grass in north mo. it starts out great but dies off in the winter and doesnt come back. Any suggestions on how to get this grass to grow here? My landscaping depends on it as I am doing all ornamental grasses.… More

  • ornamental grasses

    Hello everyone! What is a pretty ornamental grass that is not invasive in my zone 6 Ohio.I like to plant one but not sure what kind to get it could even be a dwarf size but something pretty when the wind blows since we have some strong winds at times… More

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