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Grass - Lawn

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  • Treating for grubs; planting grass seed

    ...s right away. I am not entirely sure what type of grass I have. My questions are 1)How do I know if the lawn is permanently… More

  • Best organic lawn fertilizer/weed killer

    ...a green, weed-free lawn is to focus on making the grass as healthy as possible, so that it can successfully compete against weeds. I'd like to avoid excessive use of chemicals, although I'm willing to use some if I have… More

  • JoyCreek Lawn Renovating

    ...autiful garden surrounding an area that should be grass but is instead a combination of sick looking grass, weeds and mud. I'm seriously considering covering the whole… More

  • Grubs, icky grubs in the lawn!

    All my snow has not gone yet but, as a patch of grass dries, I rake up the dog doos and grass, odd leaf etc. I was just outside raking up a 4 X 10 ft section and when picking it, up to put it in the biodegradeable brown paper… More

  • Making Your Lawn GREEN!!!

    If anyone is having trouble with a lawn that just won't green up, try this. Go to a good nursery and pick up a bottle of liquid iron. (It has to be liquid) Ortho used to make it but it is available under different brands. You must wait till Memorial… More

  • Evening out uneven lawn

    My backyard is very clumpy- getting more so since I bought the house 5 years ago (I have dogs that tend to 'scratch'). I am considering how to even it out - can I just rake soil (or compost that I get from the nearby water treatment plant) over the… More

  • Take All Root Rot

    ...nd it online and I think this might be part of my lawn problem. Or rather no lawn problem. It is caused by the fungus 'Gaeumannomyces graminis va. graminis',identified in several Mississippi counties during the summer/fall of 1998. But also found in other southern states… More

  • eyesore grass (good for hey ride though)

    ...humbs are still "yellow". I'm trying to grow lawn grass. It started fine. I removed all weeds, tilled the soil. Planted seed and watered until they ppped and started to grow grass. It was nice and beautifully green. Then my husband purchased a… More

  • slugs

    ...ing slugs in my lawn i know they eat the roots of grass what do they do in a vegetable garden? j More

  • Bermuda vs. St Augustine

    ...w to tell if our lawn has Bermuda or St Augustine grass? What are the differences? Thanks! More

  • Am I alone here?

    ... waste of time, energy and fuel. Whoever invented lawns (I believe it was the English, thanks for nothing) had nothing else to do with their time except to make my life a grass-pulling misery. Edited to add: Does it sound like grass is on… More

  • Can I Grow New Grass After Having Put Down Barricade Fertilizer and Crabgrass Control

    ...people just put down Barricade Fertilizer and Crabgrass control. I have hired a company to slice seed the weak areas in my yard.. Since we have already put Barricade on the lawn, will the slice seeding be able to grow. Quote | Reply | Report More

  • To Dubdave

    Hi! I moved your thread to the Grass and Lawn forum and sent you a PM, which you can find in My Profile. Welcome to GG! More

  • Leaf mulch?

    ...ed that too heavy a leaf burden would smother the grass...Any comments? Also, I have a leaf mulcher - what if I chop the fallen… More

  • Lawn has bare spots.

    There is an area over our leech field that has no grass growing on it, looks awful! What should I do? I'm afraid to seed it and have it not grow. Does grass just not grow in these areas, or could it be that it wasn't re-seeded after it was… More

  • new lawn going bald and muddy

    ...wn 4 months ago but its all gone wrong. first the grass started coming out an now its just mud and messy i really need some help and tips on wat 2 do so please be my saviour and make my day thanks… More

  • Is my lawn trying to re seed itself?

    ...zone 5. My lawn is basically made of Kentucky bluegrass and fescue here in the Midwest. I've noticed that it is producing these blades of grass which appear to have these little seeds growing off of them. Will these seeds eventually fall off and "Naturally… More

  • Newbie...Help me with this lawn!!!!

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. I'm not much into lawn care and I don't really know all the "do's and don'ts". Here is my deal. We built a new home in 2000 and I have replanted the lawn 3 times. The last time was last fall. I planted fescue which… More

  • New lawn or overseed?

    ...eached 100, despite following all the recommended lawn care. I know what the problem is--compacted soil. I want to avoid throwing water on it every summer just to lose it by July, so I think I have two choices in… More

  • Clover lawn

    ... the front, but I'm thinking of an alternative to grass in the back. What is a clover lawn like? Is it practical for an entire backyard (a small one)? Does it look awful… More

  • Need Help With Lawn

    ...it twice and hand seeding it once, I finally have grass, but not what I thought I would have. He handseeded with what I… More

  • Can someone PLEASE help me with my grass???????

    ...or clarification, Lime shouldn't be added to your lawn unless a soil test indicates the need for raising your soil's Ph. If your professional lawn service is applying lime randomly without testing the soil first, I would find another service. More

  • Crabgrass In Lawn

    ..., only 2 badly neglected flowerbeds and almost no grass at all! Starting with our very first summer here in '04, we've been working hard at getting rid of the weeds… More

  • About that MOSS in my lawn

    ...in the back yard. And it's taking it's toll on my grass. I bought the moss-out stuff finally, and the directions say to remove (by hand) as much moss as you can with a thatcher. Hmm, okay... So I'm doing that… More

  • Too many types of grass

    ... now I've discovered that it has about 5 types of grass. There are large patches of each type, with one type (thin needle blades) poking… More

  • Help my grass won't grow

    :( Help, we have been trying to have a nice lawn, but it just keeps dying year after year. Last year we raked it and layed lime down, it came in great, but this year it's dead and sooo many bare ugly spots. Over the winter we did take a… More

  • Want less weeds and more grass

    My front lawn has become a haven for every weed known ..not all over but some big patches...is there a safe weed killer I can use I hate the thoughts of digging it all up and laying down sod some of these weeds have roots a mile long :( Any… More

  • question about a circle on my lawn

    ...have a dark green grass outline of a circle on my lawn. The rest of the lawn is not as dark. There are no pipes under the lawn, so I do not know what this is. Can anyone help me to figure this out?:confused: More

  • Cheat grass

    ...w the real name, but around here we call it cheat grass, and I have patches of it appearing in my lawn area. (Not that my lawn is great anyway!) But we are trying to make it nice. How do I get rid of cheat grass? Help anybody? More

  • Help with lawn

    ...ed a path strait to dirt, Which has made the back lawn look horrable. I wasnt sure if a thick form or another type would be best. Thanks… More

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