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    I am looking for advice on pruning. Earlier this yr, I cut a long piece off, and it started to bleed. I had to cover it with wax from a candle.So I now know how to cure a cut, but when exactly does one prune. I pot on my cutting's… More

  • Grape Leaf Bubbling

    Our grape plants ...the leaf actually is looking sisk...We have tones of grapes...red and green ...but I noticed over the last few days some of the leaves look very bad...lillt bubbles on them and the bubbles are turning brown..We have had 112 degree weather and it may just be from… More

  • Fruit in containers?

    I'd love to grow grapes and blueberries, but we don't really have a location with clear soil to do it. I have a spot on the side of my house that used to have a large garden in it, but we covered over the soil with river rock and I'm… More

  • Help/advice/suggestions with my grape vines please.

    ... year old concord seedless and a 3 year old flame grapes growing up a pergola. Any experienced grape growers out there? My question is how often do you water them and do they need fertilizer. My grapes seem to be growing good. I made the mistake… More

  • Hello from Nevada

    ...panded my garden this year to include berries and grapes. I am looking forward to joining in on the forums More


    I have a number of grapevines, and get more every yr after I take cutting. Being rampant grower's and filling nicely with young grapes, I am wondering when is the correct time for pruning. I normally give them away, but allway's manage to save some.lol.......... More

  • companion planting for fruit

    ...ggestions for companion plants for the following: grapes almonds olives pears/apples citrus trees avocados raspberries/currants I've read to keep fruit trees mulched, but was wondering if any plants or herbs can protect them from pests or improve their flavours thanks! More

  • Chinese Chestnut (with pictures)

    ....A very large garden.We can pick Chinese chestnut,grapes and other fruits in the garden.We have a very nice time.It's the first time I saw the Chinese chestnut on the tree.I find the shell is very hard and the sting is very dangerous. More

  • Soil too alkaline HELP

    ... a 6.5 to 7 alkaline. Any recommendation? Even my grapes which requires a more acidic soil is high in alkaline. More

  • GRAPE problem

    Any idea of what's wrong with my grapes? It's at a very early stage (only a few leaves). What can I do???? SOS!!!!! Thanks a lot!!! Victoria More

  • Grape jam recipe

    looking to see if anyone has grape jam recipe, I have tons of grapes. More

  • ID Wild Grapes in TX

    ...near my home in Arlington, TX. I believe they are grapes, but they seem to be different. One has clusters of berries & heart shape leaves. The other has single berry and triple pointed leaves. I wanted to know if they are grapes, what variety… More

  • Chicken Salad With Green Grapes??

    ...have a good receipe for chicken salad, with green grapes, preferably. Celery is a no-no with our family....just one of the things none of us like. After all these years, I've never made chicken salad. But, I've tasted it with the grapes and it's delicious. More

  • Seedless Grapes

    I have three kinds of seeded grapes. I'm want to start 3 seedless varieties. Anyone have any to recommend ? More

  • Grapes self pruning?

    ...l... I live in the Northern Midwest. Planted some grape plants last spring. I have a small 12-15 inch fence directly around the plant, hoping to protect it from rabbits. Was going to prune the plant this winter but it seems to either have naturally pruned itself or else… More

  • Grapes: time to trim back leaves?

    Pix taken yesterday. :rolleyes: :confused: :D More

  • Grape Juice how do I can it?

    ...anyone give me some info on how to make & can grape juice? Does it need to be pressure-canned, how much sugar & water to amount of grapes? Do you need to put anything else in it? Has anyone ever used Spenda instead of sugar? My in-laws are in… More

  • Grape vine HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have grapes and the vine gets out of control and the grape stay small. If I cut the vine back will the grapes get larger or will it hurt the vines and grapes??? Any HELP would be great as I know nothing about them at all.. Thanks a bunch,… More

  • grapes completely out of hand

    Question, Over the years i have let my grape plants grow as they desired , without pruning. Now i want to 'take control' and have them grow my way instead of theres ( plants are about 5 years old). My questions are: How much can i cut back without killing… More

  • grapes in florida????

    can anyone tell me if i can grow grapes in florida mid state....cool in winter very hot in summer??? More