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Grape Vines

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  • New to site with lots to trade!

    ...anks, lisa Oriental Poppies sunflower mix trumpet vine angel of peru datura cleome white daisy kentucky green beans acorn squash monkey… More

  • Garden Club Topic Help!

    Hello All, I'm hosting our next Garden Club meeting and am seeking advice on planning the program. Our club is well established. However,over recent years, we've had lots of young moms join and the club has become more of a social gathering than garden club meeting. I'd like to do… More

  • Wild Grape

    Anyone else having problems with this little stinker ? I had it come up by my deck last summer, dug it out, got rid of it, it just popped up somewhere else in the yard (all the way around the house so a runner ?? I doubt it).... so dug… More

  • Do your homework before buying from this online nursery!

    The Nursery at Ty Ty seems to have many very dissatisfied customers. Evidently, they've had their name and negative comments removed from the Garden Watchdog website by threat of lawsuit. I just thought I'd warn everybody in case, like me, you tend to trust people. I stumbled upon some negative… More

  • Eddible or Not?

    ...several pecan trees, two apple trees, a muscadine vine, and an old tumble of a green house. Well, the apple trees were old and both died. And it has take five years to get a handfull… More

  • "California Home Gardener"

    I visited mastergardeners.org which led me to "Garden tips for Los Angeles County" (other Cali. County info. available). Thought people from Cali might want to know about the sites and people from Los Angeles (are there any? :( ) would want to read the following I copied from http://celosangeles.ucdavis.edu/Garden_Tips_for_Los_Angeles_County/January.htm "January… More

  • Roasted Tomatoes to enjoy now or later

    I think you will love this Roasted Tomato Spread! Enjoy! Gary/Louisville Roasted Tomato Spread Ingredients: Tomatoes Olive oil Salt and Pepper Basil Garlic You need enough large tomatoes , and the riper the better and cut in half, which will cover the bottom of an 8 by 12 inch casserole… More

  • Mystery Lily

    ...n I bought my house, I found it growing by an old grape vine in the back in full shade. For 2 years, it grew this spiral looking thing, one shoot, low to the ground. I dug it up, found it to have… More

  • Wine?

    ...ut it. :D I like white wine, maybe I'll buy white grape vine. I don't know a thing about how to make wine & don't know where to begin yet but I think it would be fun to try to make it… More

  • Unknown Vine

    ... did not get a good ID. The only suggestion was a grape vine, but I know that I did not plant grape seeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I don't want an invasive vine. John More

  • Grape vine HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...ck will the grapes get larger or will it hurt the vines and grapes??? Any HELP would be great as I know nothing about them at all.. Thanks a bunch,… More

  • Help/advice/suggestions with my grape vines please.

    ... year old concord seedless and a 3 year old flame grapes growing up a pergola. Any experienced grape growers out there? My question is how often do you water them and do they need fertilizer. My grapes seem to be growing good. I made the mistake… More

  • Making Cuttings of Grape Vines

    I have a grape vine that is quite old, at least 30+ years. It is very overgrown and out of control. So I have a plan to make several cuttings and begin a small vinyard in my side yard which gets full sun for most of the day. I have… More

  • Grape Growers!

    I'm thinking about ordering some grape vines for this spring. And while I'm planning on reading grape growing books, I'm wondering if anyone here has real-life grape growing experience/advice that they could share. Some particular things that I'm wondering about -- I'm leaning towards buying 3 year old grapevines, as… More

  • Easy care vines?

    ...Climbing Hydrandea and or Kiwi vine. Oh yes and a grape vine too! Which grape vine, I am not sure. Any succes or failures anyone care to share? Thanks! :D More

  • trade list

    List of trades I have Red poppy-2 Grape-lots Foxglove mix-10 Plians blackfoot-2 Pink columbine-3 Sweet William mix-6 Pink hollyhock-20 Allium “hair”-6 Blanket flower-4 Purple malva-6 Blanket flower “goblin”-lots Cleome-5 Money plant-lots Hyssop-1 Candy tuft-10 Lupin(pinks and purples)-13 Purple cone flower-20 Day lily(orange and yellow)-2 Shoofly of puru-12 Yellow clematis-10 Sunflower-6… More

  • Identify this vine

    ...seeds in pea-like pods, small purple flowers, the vines will cover the entire fence, and can survive through some frost in… More

  • ID Wild Grapes in TX

    ...near my home in Arlington, TX. I believe they are grapes, but they seem to be different. One has clusters of berries & heart shape leaves. The other has single berry and triple pointed leaves. I wanted to know if they are grapes, what variety… More


    I am looking for advice on pruning. Earlier this yr, I cut a long piece off, and it started to bleed. I had to cover it with wax from a candle.So I now know how to cure a cut, but when exactly does one prune. I pot on my cutting's… More