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Geranium Flowers

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  • Hello, again, everyone!

    Guess this is a good place to re-start. Had some problems with my browser, so installed Firefox. Hopefully, things will run more smoothly. I see some new friend requests, & accepted them, so here I am. I'm impatiently waiting for spring. Have a few houseplants growing well (you should see… More

  • Burn my lillies or dig them up and discard?

    ...he bottom of the leaves. The lillies are not even flowering yet and they… More

  • pruning lilac, coffee grounds and slight bragging on new beds! LOL

    ...hings...I just put in my first lilac (dark purple flowers). It is already a good sized shrub (about 4 1/2 - 5') and currently has flowers on it (was blooming when we bought it). When do I prune it so that it will leaf… More

  • Deer Free Plants

    ...e are deer resistant plants. Butterfly Bush Hardy Geranium Penstemon Bee Balm Peony Coneflower Oriental Poppy Dianthus Hellebore Thuja Green Giant Blanket Flower Daffodil Weigela Hibiscus Carolina Jasmine http://images.parkseed.com:80/parksgardens/pem001274/NoDeerpem001274ai.html Here is a link for those who would like to see the exact varieties… More