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Gardens by Type of Space

Gardens by Type of Space Articles

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  • Water Gardens for small spaces?

    I am really into recycling....I have had a couple of ideas that I haven't tried yet, and thought to pass them along to those who would really like to have a water feature, but only have a limited budget! One resource that would probably work GREAT would be an old… More

  • Growing our own in Melbourne, Australia Self Sufficient Gardens Report

    ...ting on this, and uncovers a variety of community gardens and educational opportunities. The research involved consultation with many participants at the forefront of community and self sufficient… More

  • When gardens go bad?

    I had a beautiful, 3-year toad lily that did not come back this year. The bed that it is planted in has a couple of hostas, a yew, an astible, and a jacob's ladder. The giant hosta and the astible were fabulous this year. The other hosta did not flower… More

  • White Gardens

    i love the idea of color theme gardens and when i first heard of moon gardens i had to have one. i had a lot of fun finding white blooming and foliage plants that would work well. it sure narrowed down my selections at the nurseries, too.:rolleyes: i decided to… More

  • Self watering gardens

    Please help. I am in a dilemma about my veggie garden. I will be going away for 1 week and afraid my garden will die if not watered. I have some container veggies but most are in the ground. I read somewhere on here where you can use plastic jugs… More

  • Gardens In Progress

    ... their stories of when and how they started their gardens, and any before… More

  • Growing our own in Melbourne, Australia Self Sufficient Gardens Report

    ...ting on this, and uncovers a variety of community gardens and educational opportunities. The research involved consultation with many participants at the forefront of community and self sufficient… More

  • Gardens at Madison's Montpelier

    Some pics from the gardens behind James Madison's home, Montpelier. There were a lot of very nice hedges and borders More

  • Park Seed or Wayside Gardens

    ...d any problems ordering from Park Seed or Wayside Gardens? I ordered a climbing shell plant (2 actually), a foxglove and a blueberry plant. I was overcharged 3 times and the plants were in HORRIBLE condition when they FINALLY got to me. I was so dissapointed I… More

  • Building our gardens, then planning a move

    ... thread, but I am torn with continuing work in my gardens, which is just something I NEED to do, and the thought that my DH and I are eventually planning on a move 'out to the country' for retirement, and I… More

  • Dearness Gardens, NC

    Someone on garden Guides made note of Dearness gardens in NC This is where I met my sister for a day visit yesterday. She lives in the Winston Salem area. This is a quaint little garden center. They carry lots of locally handcrafted items. From the critters made out of… More

  • Recipe Archive at Winter Creek Gardens

    Winter Creek gardens has a wonderful Recipe Archive. If you are searching for a new way of preparing a fruit/vegetable, check it out because you will find something you will enjoy! I assure You! Gary/Louisville http://www.wintercreekgardens.com/recipe.html More

  • Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

    ...cal garden, you should put Daniel Stowe Botanical gardens outside Belmont, North Carolina on your list. It's awesome! You can find info about it on their website at: www.dsbg.org More

  • Biltmore Gardens in NC

    ... If you have never been to the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, NC,you do need to make plans to visit. Check out the website above and start dreaming. The pictures just don't tell the story. Wonderful place and I hope to be able to go back again. We… More

  • Blue Gardens

    ...ONT="Comic Sans MS"]I Would like to create a Blue garden But. what flowers are blue and when would be the best time to start this project? I would love to have some tropicals that bloom blue to go in it...do tropicals come in Blue? More

  • Unconventional Gardens

    Found these funny garden ideas online anyone out there have some ideas that are unconventional they'd like to share? Even if its found on the web its neat to share and get us all thinking.. More

  • A few pics from my gardens

    ...ics. Love your hostas and the composition of your gardens. More

  • Oklahoma Gardens

    Mulched my Blackberries today. More

  • Wayside Gardens

    Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them? More

  • Water gardens as water retention areas

    My husband and I are planning a new larger veggie garden area and a paver patio area. The patio will be next to the house so we need to be mindful of drainage. He wants to put a drain line under the patio and run it the side yard to… More

  • My gardens

    :D Well...I finally took pictures of all my gardens. I just want to thank you all for helping me identifying the many plants in my gardens. There are still so much coming up, but just wanted to thank you!!!:p More

  • my gardens

    I wanted to share some photos of my gardening this year. So here goes. I downsized the veggie garden and am cramming as much as possible in the remaining long bed. Lettuce, onions , oregano and some yellow flower i can't remember ,radishes, coleus and spinich plus a few more… More

  • A couple indoor water gardens... fish tanks!

    I thought I'd share photos of my planted fish tanks, since they're most most green things around these parts in the winter! The first is my oldest tank, the pic is a bit old, 3 months because I've had major algae issues and have done massive trims, so it's bare… More

  • dish gardens

    ...arden planters(only about 4" deep)to use for dish gardens that I sell, any help would be appreciated. Prefer at least 10 at a time if possible… More

  • Raised Gardens

    ...e new friends. Just finished working on my raised garden. 15 x 5 ft. Anyone out there with raised garden experience want to share? More

  • Meijer Gardens

    ...ts nice stop if have time? [URL="http://www.meijergardens.org/index.php"]http://www.meijergardens.org/index.php More

  • Aurora's Gardens

    My flower pot fountain Part of a shade bed Sunny bed Work in progress full-sun bed Another part of a shade bed More

  • Ocean Gardens

    Does anyone else live at the beach? There are specific problems to growing flowers and veggies by the ocean. Let's share our success's and our dilemma's. More

  • My backyard gardens

    ...mbine has tripled in size since I moved it to the garden up against the house. Look at all those buds! The plant is 2 feet high. More

  • New gardens at our acreage

    ..., forums to help me plan what to do with all this space. We have some things done, see photos. All ideas welcome! first is… More