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  • Living on the MOON in Zone 8

    ... my zone...USDA puts me in Zone 7, but the Sunset Garden Book puts me in 2B. I don't know which one to use. I live in the mountains near Big Bear, California, so I get snow… More

  • Skunks Who Has Them??

    Who has/had Them! and how do I rid my veggies from them and who knows what they like to eat:eek: So tell me what do they like to eat:eek: :eek: :confused: Im missing male flower center of my (lets just call it) a veggie vine.This just may answer all my… More

  • My 1st Formal Garden

    ...n Design Magazine. I fell in love with the formal gardens in the book and have wanted one of my own ever since! Soooooo........ I have… More

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    ...sgiving Day that continues throughout the holiday season. It almost sounds trite to say how truly thankful I am for GG and the friends I have here since it gets said again and again and again by so many people; but the fact… More

  • To till or not to till what should I do?

    ...nd it is time to get out and starting getting the garden ready for my veggies! My issue is this: Poor soil in yard...so hubby dug large hole (10 feet by 30 feet about 3 feet deep) with his backhoe (he is heavy… More

  • Tomato Festival Cookbook with Recipes and Other Information

    I received the Tomato Festival Cookbook for my birthday last month. Here is some information on Lawrence Davis-Hollander and a few recipes. Gary Lawrence Davis-Hollander is the Director and founder of the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy. He was trained as a botanist and ecologist at Connecticut College and has conducted… More

  • Another Newbie

    ...ed lady, who finally has the time to devote to my gardening pass time. I have been gardening for ever, but more time is great. I have very… More

  • Fall garden

    I am in zone 7/8 and this is my first year of gardening. My spring garden was a success....educational too, that is for sure! Anway, getting ready to gear up for a fall garden and wanted any tips you might have! What do you normally plant in your fall garden?… More

  • gardeners diary

    ...ing more user friendly. Something that includes a season by season of what to… More

  • Hello from a southern girl transplanted to the fridgid north!

    ...d an intro here that I can find. Im fairly new to gardening, which brings my grandmother great pleasure since I used to swear I wanted a yard covered in asphalt! She cant believe I grow my own tomatoes and peppers along with flowers now.… More

  • Cheap Gardening Books

    I just wanted to share a website I really like for very cheap books. For most of the books there isn't anything at all wrong with them but they have a black marker line on the bottom or side of the pages (so that you can't take and return the… More

  • Late summer beds looking bleak what to do?

    ...at to do to keep the beds looking interesting all season long, and although I have wanted to do all perennials, I am coming to… More

  • I need help?

    I live about 25 miles southwest of Chicago. The first week of June I had 1 hummer at my feeder but he didn't drink. Since then I have had nothing but wasps. I now have 3 feeders hoping the wasps would leave one of them alone. I have tried everything… More

  • Before and After

    ...al cameras. i must have thousands of photos of my gardens, just ask my DH who always has to upload them for me since the reader is in his office. Anyhoodle, heres… More

  • Not bad for the dead of Winter

    ... Winter" means 70 degrees.... The local Botanical Gardens is working hard to get ready for the upcoming Spring season. Lots of new beds and sprouts. The damage from the hurricane was severe but it appears that the armies of volunteers have put in… More

  • Hello

    ...I got a major green thumb. But I haven't seriosly gardened for five years now. Last year I bought a house here in… More

  • HELLO FROM TX (oh just moved here from NJ)

    ...ecently got a house here, and wanted to design my gardens... any ideas? One thing that is important to me are the… More

  • Spring Under Glass at Stonecrop Garden, Cold Spring, NY

    STONECROP Gardens ANNOUNCES A CURE FOR THE WINTER BLUES Spring under Glass from March 23-28, 2009 Come to Stonecrop and leave winter behind for good! Starting Monday, March 23rd, one of the first days of spring, Stonecrop Gardens will open a week early for a special celebration of Spring under… More

  • New Kid on the Block!

    ...ive at 8300', have clay soil, and a short growing season.:rolleyes: Also, on… More

  • Spying on the neighbours: tiny front garden

    ...ve the way it is kind of wild and natural. German gardens are… More

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