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  • What in the world is this...?!?!

    ...rown substance on them. Location: Chicago suburbs Light: Mostly shade Conditions: Damp I have searched all night for an answer, with no luck. Can anyone tell me what this is going to… More

  • Planting Perennial plants..

    ...hem in a pot indoors? Can emerging plants stand a light frost (just in case)? They come from mature plantings.. More

  • Plant suggestions for an entertainment center

    ...ways have roses and other plant material from the garden drying in the basement just waiting for me to get into a creative mood! You can use dry zinnia flowers,… More

  • My tiny garden

    ...eeds yesterday next to the Aero garden to use its light. I hope they will start to sprout soon!… More

  • One great rose to have in garden!!!!!!!!

    ...r this rose for its beauty in garden. Pearl D Or. Light peach. Pretty color. I wish they all were that easy. No spraying at… More

  • Japanese Iris Swap

    ... in Zone 10 but isn't specific about moisture and lightMore

  • Starting seeds

    ... seed plantings. Do they use heated mats and grow lights as I do, and if so what… More

  • As The Worm Turns~~The Story

    Welcome to GG gardens, everyone.:) As The Worm Turns is about life in the garden...and i mean IN the garden. Yes folks, there's a whole world in there teeming with all kinds of characters, relationships, drama and day-to-day life you just don't see while you're busy hoeing, watering and standing… More

  • Companions for lamb's ear and heather

    ...rk on my front yard after three years in the back gardens. I need suggestions for something colorful in front of my heathers. It's very hot and dry there in summer. I put lamb's ears in yesterday and I need something to fill in between them… More

  • Nevada Newbie

    Hi Garden Guides people! I'm new to the site, and am just embarking on my lifelong learning experience growing plants. I am interested in growing food, but I also plan to start growing flowers, houseplants, and probably cacti due to the fact that I live in the desert. I am… More

  • Solar Lights in the Garden

    ...ee how many or your have solar lights out in your garden. What are the pros and cons you have experienced in using them. Which make is the best in your experience. I have been using them for several years and find that the newer higher tek… More

  • Solar lights?

    ...t night.The dragonfly one is in my pics(September gardens)Sorry I meant to reply to the solar lights post, and ended up posting new instead. It's one In the morning.( Big yawn) I think I… More

  • Indoor container gardening with grow lights?

    ...be very productive. So I'm considering using grow lights in my basement. 1) What kind of lights would I need? 2) Should I go with some type of hydroponic system or just regular… More

  • I need feed back about increasing sun light

    I live in South Texas and my container garden is growing on the west side of my house. The small area where the plants grow gets the hot afternoon sun, however there just isn't enough of it. I'm maxing out to about three and a half hours per day of… More

  • Garden Lights

    I put out some solar lights in parts of my garden and walkway this year. Does anybody know if they have to be brought in for the winter? It doesn't say anything in the literature that came with the package, but I wasn't sure whether the batteries would hold a… More

  • How do I keep animals out?

    ...heart, but they have in the past got in my flower gardens. So how do I keep my dogs (as well as other animals) out of my gardens, w/out blocking light w/ fences? The fences I've seen are pretty short, but still too… More