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  • Late summer beds looking bleak what to do?

    Anyone else looking at their gardens and finding spots where everything has bloomed and the plants themselves are looking spent? I need some ideas on what to do to keep the beds looking interesting all season long, and although I have wanted to do all perennials, I am coming to… More

  • Hello from Ontario, Canada

    ...ning and crafting of all sorts, hence my name. My gardens have mainly perennial plants, exept for my "pot garden" where I grow lots of colourful annuals. Another of my hobbies is my personal website where… More

  • Networking with Facebook Rebel Gardeners..

    ...ou use Facebook but I found a group called 'Rebel gardeners' where everyone is excited about vegetables. I like the idea that I can change the world through gardening - I like being able to do something for the world by my… More

  • Hello From Ontario Canada :)

    ...rn Municipalilty of Canada. I was introduced into gardening when I was younger but hated it. When my mom passed away 4 years ago, I became increasingly interested… More

  • glads

    ...d glads on memorial day. 20 comets & 20 multi color. Two different areas. I only have 10 plants coming up in one area, full sun. Some of both. Question is how do you keep the animals from eating these blubs? I planted them with human hair but I've seen… More

  • Snakes take over our outdoor Bird Watching areas

    ...ces to enjoy our (very slow! LOL) progress in the gardens or to watch birds/wildlife, we receive reptilian… More

  • Cheap Gardening Books

    I just wanted to share a website I really like for very cheap books. For most of the books there isn't anything at all wrong with them but they have a black marker line on the bottom or side of the pages (so that you can't take and return the… More

  • Another Ohio Newbie

    ...veryone! Greetings from southwest Ohio! I've been gardening since my granny gave me a pkg. of marigold and zinnia seeds when I was 9 yrs. old. I couldn't believe I grew all those beautiful flowers from just putting a little seed in the ground. I was hooked! We've lived… More

  • Sunny South Carolina

    ...emembered to put in my profile. I noticed all the color that I have in the… More

  • Hi from Tennessee

    ...e one it is. I've been member and even manager of garden groups, but for whatever reason, they became rather dead. I've really missed lively garden chat. I'm a Michigan transplant. I moved to TN in 2004 after retiring. I couldn't… More

  • Greetings from Cold Connecticut Happy New Year

    ... I am stopping in to introduce myself-the Quilted Gardener from Connecticut. I have been playing with gardening for a while now and jumped in head first seven years ago-first with flowers and last year added veggies. Our… More

  • Newbie here from Minneapolis

    ...armers over the years and have grown some awesome gardens - both flower and vegetable ones.… More

  • Hi from Washington!

    ...ountry on about seven acres and have a variety of gardens. I'm grew up with a plant obsessed Mom and swore that I… More

  • Alyssum

    ...equire a lot of water? I see it used to edge herb gardens. I replaced the grass in my parking strip with thyme, rosemary, catmint, and lavender last spring, but there's still a lot of bare soil. It'd be nice to just sprinkle some alyssum seeds along the… More

  • A couple indoor water gardens... fish tanks!

    I thought I'd share photos of my planted fish tanks, since they're most most green things around these parts in the winter! The first is my oldest tank, the pic is a bit old, 3 months because I've had major algae issues and have done massive trims, so it's bare… More

  • I WANT Dahlias!

    ...e shapes, lacinated or cactus types, with lots of color...almost any color but white or yellow (just dont like those colors). I have seen some lovely speckled and varigated types......Anyone going to be digging and have any pcs extra?… More

  • How do I keep animals out?

    ...heart, but they have in the past got in my flower gardens. So how do I keep my dogs (as well as other animals) out of my gardens, w/out blocking light w/ fences? The fences I've seen are pretty short, but still too… More

  • Hello from Louisville, Kentucky!

    I'm anticipating a vegetable garden this year, never tried to before so any helpful hints or tips are totally welcome!:D I've never really been too interested in gardening before my dog passed away, she would always use my garden bed as a bed. lol! I miss her dearly but I've… More

  • Parasites (not for the squemish)

    ...f the types of parasites that can be found in our gardens if cats or… More

  • Container gardning

    ..., cucumners and squash. I have a pretty good herb garden started. By the way I have enjoyed all of the great… More

  • White Gardens

    i love the idea of color theme gardens and when i first heard of moon gardens i had to have one. i had a lot of fun finding white blooming and foliage plants that would work well. it sure narrowed down my selections at the nurseries, too.:rolleyes: i decided to… More