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How to Mulch in the Garden in Veggies & Herbs 2010



Weeded the garden for the first time since I planted. We have had almost non-stop rain for the last few weeks and it was finally dry enough to get out there. Tomorrow after work I plan on going to the local garden center to buy a few cucumbers and maybe a pepper or two. Once they are in I will mulch the entire garden to keep it mostly weed free for the rest of the summer.


  1. May 1 to May 31

    Step 1 I use a recycle/organic method for mulching. Gather old newspapers, not the ad slicks, but everything else. After a good weeding lay down 5-6 layered sheets of newspaper, over lapping as you go.

  2. May 1 to May 31

    Step 2 As you lay down the newspaper, cut holes or fold it around existing plants.

  3. May 1 to May 31

    Step 3 Next go to last weeks grass clipping pile and lay the grass right on top of the newspaper. Cover it with 2 inches of grass or other composted material, that will keep your garden from getting so muddy.

  4. May 1 to May 31

    Step 4 As the season goes along, the newspapers will directly block the sunlight from reaching the ground. Any new weed seeds that germinate should be smothered. The longer the season progresses the more the newspaper will break down under the grass clippings

  5. May 1 to May 31

    Step 5 In the fall, if you till your garden, just till the newspaper in as well as the grass clippings. This will add nutrients and help condition poor soils. The worms will do the rest over the winter and early spring.