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How long are seeds good for? in Collecting Seeds



How long are seeds good for? A lot of people ask me this. For the most successful germination, try and and grow your seeds by the next growing season for your area (in a years time). What if your seeds are older than a year? Here's an easy way to check to see if your seeds are too old or may be stored them not fully dry. __________ Take a wet paper towel and place 10 seeds on it and place the wet paper towel in a Ziploc bag. After a few days (or weeks depending on the normal germination rate) check back on your seeds and count how many sprouted. (6 seeds sprouted/10 seeds total) X 100 = 60% germination rate. I will grow the seeds with a 50% germination rate or higher. This allows me not to waste time on what is going to germinate or not. For 50-70% rates, I will add at least 3-4 seeds per growing pellet or growing pot. You can always cut the weaker plants out once they sprout.