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  • Preparing the Periennial Garden bed after winter

    Hi everyone!! I have been raking and weeding and I was wondering... How do you remember exactly what to weed when you know your periennials will be coming up soon. How do you prepare your beds for Spring? Thanks a bunch! Blessings, Lily More

  • How Wide is your Garden Beds, or Rows? Like Them?

    Well my conclusions unless some of you can change my mind (easy to do). I've tried the Following; Containers; 5 gallon, * too small for me, * watering and care * and all the space around the bucket could have had something growing their? Raised Beds, 28"-30" wide, I have… More

  • Help with garden weed?

    This viney weed keeps popping up in my garden, I've tilled it under, hoed it up and it keeps coming back. It aggresively spreads across the surface and I haven't been able to keep it away, but it pulls up pretty easily...any idea what it is?? Thanks!! More

  • My Garden

    This is for a request I had to see pics of my garden. These are what I could find right away... More

  • Fall Garden Clean Up

    ...p with the late crops and get ready for some fall gardening, I must admit things can pile up, I always like to have a… More

  • my garden so far

    Here is some of my garden so far. I check it everyday to see what else is blooming! More

  • Garden location

    ...new house on acreage. Am putting in a 900 sq. ft. garden. Probably small to some of you but HUGE to me. Hello weeding! My first halfway large vegetable garden so I'll be loaded with questions. Anyway, the spot I… More

  • New to Garden Guides

    ...le about me. I'm from Westbrook, Maine. I started gardening last year in containers. I loved it so this year I have made raised beds to give myself & partner 80 sq ft of veggie space. We also have a couple of flower beds and some… More

  • Garden Tools and Equipment in Garden Design Forum

    I cleaned it out. There were about 15 threads in there, many by Durgan telling about a new wonder tool he discovered. They've been moved to Hand Tools, a few to Power Tools. So that forum can now be deleted. More

  • Garden Spot?

    I keep seeing people talk about the garden spot. How do you get to the garden spot? More

  • The Garden claw & garden knife

    Does anyone have the garden claw ?? How do U like it ? Agway has it for $40.. Is that a good price or can they be had for less ? I have wanted one, but haven't bought it yet . Didn't put it on the wish list for DH… More

  • Building a huge Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden...

    ...just need help with one issue...that with all the gardening books I have, they make no mention of how to arrange plants with space in a garden to be able to weed and harvest seeds (when the time comes)...only how far to space each plant from… More


    ...so. i am new here and need some help. i have many gardens but my problem one is the vegetable one. this year i have some milkweed growing in it and i was wondering if… More

  • Thistle in the veggie garden!

    ...dn't prepare properly last fall when I cleared my garden area. There was a lot of thistle in that space and I had hoped that with a lot of weeding, etc. that I could stay on top of it in my veggie… More

  • Starting my shade garden today!

    ...ide of our house that was overgrown with invasive weeds and non native vines that were killing some of the small trees trying to grow. So my husband took a machete to them and cleared out a large space. He had built… More

  • garden

    never know what can be planted in your garden!!! More

  • my dog is a herbivore!! she eats weeds..

    ...is my dog eats away at the weeds and grass in the garden when they get hungry and they are so cute. they enjoy the plants and they know not to eat the plants but my dog snitchy she eats the weeds...funny little dog she is my… More

  • Oxalis weeds arrgh!!

    ... after i tilled mulched then planted in my raised garden bed pansy's, allysum, chrysanthemum's, English primrose, watered them, then 2 weeks later i have Oxalis weeds sprouting up. I hate hate hate hate hate these, plus some other weeds i cant tell what they are yet!! How do… More

  • OMG; look....Weeds NO MORE

    Look what I found, I am in glee over it. Wanted to share it with you all as I will be going the store right now to buy the 15% 20 liter of this Vingear. I have some that is 80% but have not used it yet as it is… More

  • Weeds, weeds, weeds

    ...se help, I am losing my mind!!! :rolleyes: I love gardening, but I hate weeding. Is there anything that can be done for the weeds? I must say to begin with, I don't mulch. I have put compost in my veggie and flower garden but that's it. I have heard… More

  • WEEDS!

    Help I have a wire grass in my garden out front (where everyone can see). I have pulled as much as I can but I know alot of the roots are still there. Is there anything I can use to spray that won't hurt my scrubs and plants? It rained… More

  • Weeds?

    ...ite flowers. Is this something I want, or is it a weed? The flowers are not really open yet, so I thought I would ask in case I need to strike soon!… More

  • midwest weeds field guide??

    ...e know of a good field guide available for common garden weeds found in wisconsin or the general midwest???? I am a landscaper/gardener and it would be nice to cruise through some of my weeding /cleanup jobs without second guessing every once in a while thanx More

  • weeds in the vegetable patch

    ...area where we would like to plant (I just removed weeds, took a soil test, added some topsoil and fertilzer and turned it all over). I… More

  • What equipment to dig for new large garden?

    ...hen cover it with newspaper to kill the grass and weeds, then solarize before fall planting. We are… More

  • Garden Path material

    ...ions/help please. We are designing an area in our garden from scratch and will be forming walking paths throughout this area. I know what I want it to look/feel like but I don't know what it is...I'd like something that is soft to walk on, almost… More

  • Dead plants for my future garden

    ...cked up a shovel and loosen up some dirt where my garden will be next year. There were some weeds in that patch, so I've dug em up, cut them up with big blows of the shovel, and mixed them in with the soil. I will probably… More

  • Oregon Greenhouse and garden (our first)

    ...designed and built for me this spring. Our veggie garden is going along nicely (but the weeds embarass me, so flower pics only)--considering it is our first endeavor. Cootie is the guard… More

  • What are you doing in the garden today?

    ...riendly forum! Anyway, what are you up to in your garden today? It's overcast and temperate here in southeast PA today (Saturday) --… More

  • Starting a veggie garden?

    ...Im really new to gardening all Ive done is pulled weeds. So I really want to turn my back yard into a garden haven. I would like to plant almost EVERYTHING I can :D I live in the seattle area. But what plants can be year round? How do… More

  • Weeds or Not?

    ...ppeared in my garden and I don't know if they are weeds or what, but they look nice to me. Thanks John More

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