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  • need help new to gardening

    btw i posted this as a blog also... I'm LOST. Gardening is something i've never really done before. i'm REALLY excited for this coming spring, because i'm not working and i'll have tons of time on my hands. well as much time as you can get with a 2 year… More

  • Wanting some trades please

    ...ly have a lot to offer. I am still kind of new to gardening. *By new I mean that while i have been collecting seeds since the fall I haven't really got to plant any of them yet*… More

  • hello from the Florida panhandle

    Hello. My name is Courtney. I find this site on Google and I'm very intrigued. My mom always had plants around when I was growing up and thanks for her a know a lot of flower names. Now that I'm 23 and living on my own I have my own… More

  • Biggest Weeding secret Weapon

    ... planting perennials, edging beds, etc. etc. some gardenMore

  • corn freezing

    I got my first batch of corn today. And I'm blanching it for 7 minutes for on the cob and 4 minutes for off the cob per online directions I found today. But I"m wondering if this is what I should be doing. I have a cold freezer with manual… More

  • The Small Roto tillers. My Experience 2006

    ...st year (Honda) and it has to be my most valuable toolMore

  • Old backs read this. lol

    ... few seeds today and thought i would pass along a tool that saves on the back.The tool is a length of pvc pipe,or a old vacuum wand. Real simple to use insert the tool into a pre dug trench (row) and drop a seed into the… More

  • I found a wonderful garden tool!

    I found a wonderful Garden tool. It is called a "Garden Claw". It has an extra long handle, about 38-45 inches long, and it does a wonderful job of turning hard soil, and cultivating. I had seen it on TV for about a year and questioned its use, but then… More

  • take a walk back in the good times.........

    take a look at what i found,,,lol Forums View Today's Active Threads Welcome to the Forums. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.… More

  • rototiller questions

    ...ould put hitch on and use sleeve hitch or 3 point tools. At this point, I'm looking at other ways to get close to the same result. Self propelled tillers were suggested. I want… More

  • Dearness Gardens, NC

    Someone on garden Guides made note of Dearness gardens in NC This is where I met my sister for a day visit yesterday. She lives in the Winston Salem area. This is a quaint little garden center. They carry lots of locally handcrafted items. From the critters made out of… More

  • Garden Tools and Equipment in Garden Design Forum

    ...er tool he discovered. They've been moved to Hand tools, a few to Power tools. So that forum can now be deleted. More

  • The right tools, who knew!

    ...id not realize how much this loss had impacted my gardening. I found it much… More

  • Gardening tools

    ...nd place to find my answer. Well guys i need some Gardening tools for my New House Garden. First i need a wheelbarrow and then i will recommend some more tools too for purchase. Yesterday i stumbled upon http://www.quickvouchercodes.co.uk/blogcomments/add/9 and got some good snaps of… More

  • Free Garden Tool Giveaway!

    ... to sustainable living and topics such as organic gardening, natural health, green homes and renewable energy. They are currently offering a chance to win a set of 10 new gardening tools The winner will receive 5 large NRG PRO tools and 4 NRG… More

  • Garden Tool Tips

    Keep tools sharp: Two people chop wood. One takes frequent breaks. The other works non-stop. At the end of the day the one who rested has a larger pile of wood. "How'd you manage that?" asks the other. "During breaks," she replies, "I was sharpening my axe." More

  • What I have done So Far.

    I want to keep working outside in the garden and am trying to think of ways I can accomplish it. It is hard because I have a hard time getting up and down.Plus short of breath, etc.. I have found that one of those pastic light weight lawn chairs is… More

  • Tiny Garden Rake????

    ...ate auction a month or so ago and there were some gardening tools that were to be sold as a bundle. There was one tool in there that I have never seen (it was very old) and I wanted it so badly, but I didn't need… More

  • Tiny Garden Rake

    ...ate auction a month or so ago and there were some gardening tools that were to be sold as a bundle. There was one tool in there that I have never seen (it was very old) and I wanted it so badly, but I didn't need… More

  • Cleaning my garden tools

    ...ch. Is there an easier way to get the clay off my tools than scraping it off? Is there any solution that I can soak them in that will ease the clean up? More