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Garden Design

Planting individual plants and flowers is a relatively easy undertaking, but when it comes to garden design there is a lot more to think about. Let GardenGuides.com help your garden design with our comprehensive features related to light, shade, colors, seasons, dry gardens, wet gardens, urban gardens, rooftop gardens, and everything in between.

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  • 2edendesign

    I was looking in the Garden design Forum. 2edendesign has posted a web site www.2edendesign.com. I couldn't get the page to load on my poky pooter, but that sure sounds like advertising to me. More

  • Las Vegas Gardener, Designer New to Town

    Hi, I'm new to Las Vegas. I do some garden designing, gardening, and lecturing on garden design. I'd love to meet other avid gardeners here. Rod More

  • new member Louisiana

    ...ign my new landscape project. I have a post under garden design discussion forum (Post Title: Help on Landscape and designing) with pictures of my house and existing… More

  • article about front yard vegetable garden in Baltimore

    This article was just published in a Baltimore magazine called Urbanite: http://www.urbanitebaltimore.com/sub.cfm?issueID=74&sectionID=4&articleID=1263 Spaces might appear in that URL. Just get rid of them to see the post if you have problems. Here's a sample of the article. "Horticulturally, my formative years were schizophrenic. My father was a salesman for a… More

  • Newbie here... starting a garden from scratch...

    ...we enjoyed the incredible bounty of her vegetable garden. I can still taste the incredibly sweet peas and corn that she grew. We recently moved to a rural area in Connecticut and I'm determined to have a vegetable garden. I've… More

  • landscape business question

    ...g business: I'm looking to start my own landscape/garden design business fairly soon. Was wondering how to figure out a fair price to charge (for labor), beyond covering the costs of materials and supplies. Any thoughts? More

  • Hi From Kansas!

    OMG, I hate these Yahoo-type boards and how they eat your posts, LOL! I just did a whole intro and lost it when I went to add a photo. So hello all, and it's great to be here! I have a blog started, detailing the long hard expensive slog toward… More

  • Church flower beds in desperate need of help

    ... to make them beautiful but need some help on the design. It… More

  • Raspberry Picking...found this!!!

    ...instorm ;). Found out more about this pathway and garden today. Its… More

  • Old Swimming Pool Remedy

    My SIL asked that I design a garden "oasis" for her. The design is done, plants purchased, installation scheduled. My dilemma: I keep mulling over an ancient swimming pool that she will have filled with dirt prior to the work party. I intended on creating a large berm over the… More

  • Disappearing Fountain

    ...you have..I found this pic online at a local herb garden bed & breakfast place. Bluemoongardens. com The concept and design are simple: take a beautiful glazed pot, place a pipe up the center of it,… More

  • Tomatoes planted north of corn

    Hi, Quick question. In my garden design I was planning on planting tomatoes north of the corn bed. How many feet north of the corn would you plant tomatoes (vining tomatoes) in order to keep the corn from shading the tomatoes. I live in East TX, if that helps. Nick More

  • My 1st Formal Garden

    ...riend of mine blessed me with a book, titled "The Garden Design Book" by, Cheryl Merser and the editors of Garden Design Magazine. I fell in love with the formal Gardens in the book and have wanted one of my own ever since! Soooooo........ I have… More

  • Planning a garden around geography of area

    ...December, and wanting to begin considering how to design the landscaping (sorry if this is in the wrong forum). From what I can tell of the house so far, I'll have plenty of space to work with. One thing… More

  • Design and Plant Containers for Patio Garden

    ... will look like the pictures in "Better Homes and Garden" for my patio. I can grow them but I just get overwhelmed with the design :0 I have… More

  • Opinions about my garden design please *picture included

    ...nions for this plan that I just made for the veg. garden we're planning for the spring. The green areas are the beds, and their dimensions are labeled. The white area with the grid is the rows between the beds...each square is a square foot so… More

  • Help with fence design

    I'm new to gardening and am seeking advice for a 20' X 20' garden. I'm planning to have a fence installed with a 1" screen (vinyl coated) burried 2' underground (I have groundhog problems), and up to top of fence (5') above ground. I'm Having trouble deciding on the type… More

  • Garden design with Google SketchUp

    ...tp://www.sketchup-garden.com It talk about garden design with Google SketchUp. More

  • Garden Design

    :D I am putting a garden along side my shed and would like ideals on what to put into it. I have 1 Lilly that I got my wife for Easter which is Yellow and 10 Red Firecrackers that I got from a school sale. The garden is 17' 4"… More

  • Garden Tools and Equipment in Garden Design Forum

    I cleaned it out. There were about 15 threads in there, many by Durgan telling about a new wonder tool he discovered. They've been moved to Hand Tools, a few to Power Tools. So that forum can now be deleted. More

  • New to the Garden

    Hello, My name is Pam a newbie here. I live in Washignton state close to Lake Chelan. We bought a house a few months ago which has been fun. However there was no back yard and few flowers. I bought three truck load of plants with me from the old… More

  • Flooded Garden! ugh

    ...ce...I live just north of Chicago. 2 weeks ago my garden was under 2 feet of water. Had a bit of rain here ( 10 inches!) My garden was submerged under 2 feet of water for 3 days.Of course we lost annuals, not bothered by that. However… More

  • Designing your garden beds..

    ... are several different ways a person can design a garden bed (any type of bed), veggies, flowers etc. Do any of you have a particular way you like to design or a rhyme or reason to why you design the way you do? #1 I like alot of… More

  • Herb garden plan help

    ... lots of herbs I am growing that I want to make a garden out of. Any design ideas for the following plants? Lavender, chives, chamomile and tarragon. I'll have several of each. More

  • Designing a Garden

    designing a garden How can one really design a garden if it is not all planted at one time? I always have a general idea what I want but then fall in love with some other plant and out goes my original idea. All spring, summer and fall I am… More

  • Garden Design

    I have read about a million garden books and enjoyed every one of them. They are full of great ideas. However, I have never had much of a plan when I start making beds. If I find a plant irrestistable, I will buy it and squeeze it in. I plant… More