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  • Hi Garden friends!

    ...s, I registered here last year and had not become active until now. I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana! Looking forward to learning more on flowers and plants as well as meet lots of garden friends here. More

  • win a garden

    ... my house there's no money left to begin with the garden :( but in belgium we have the opportunity to win a garden for 10.000 Euro. You have to vote for a garden and the one with the most… More

  • juat me "basil garden"

    ...arting from my long time "want to do" activity -- gardening and its "basil" for me! was out today buying things like new pots - soil and of course -- my first batch of "sweet basil" --… More

  • February activity in dwarf conifers garden.

    Hi, let me indroduce you my February dwarf conifers gallery. More

  • garden activity for my patients

    ........I am a recreation specialist and I started a garden group last year and I am getting ready for a new season starting in May. My question to anyone who would like to respond, do you have any suggestions for my patients for a gardenMore

  • Garden Spider

    A garden spider and her dinner...I like the shadow of the spider. More

  • ...from my Kentucky garden

    Photos from the garden...I love spring!!! More

  • Garden Furniture I make

    Howdy Folks. I have been making wooden garden furniture for a long time now. The catch is I don't really make it out of wood. They are all sculpted concrete & cement. It is an old and almost lost art form called "Faux Bois" (French for "False Wood"). It is… More

  • Garden Guide Guess Who?

    Here's a fun activity that requires a lot of member participation! Post a few clues about a member and the rest of us will try to guess who! Clues should come from member's posts, profile, and blogs. I get to go first! The correct guesser posts the next clues. This… More

  • What are you doing in the garden today?

    ...riendly forum! Anyway, what are you up to in your garden today? It's overcast and temperate here in southeast PA today (Saturday) --… More

  • Dangers of Lime in Garden

    I heard that you should put lime in your garden in the fall, has anyone ever put lime in their garden in the spring? Also, what are the negative effects of lime in your garden? I want to lower the ph in my garden and I dont know what other… More

  • Chris's garden

    Hi, I just joined the Garden guides thanks to my good Garden friend Andrea. I just got a 6 X 8ft greenhouse and am ready to start seeds. Any advice please let me know. Going to the PNW Garden Show in February can't wait. I live in Corvallis Or the… More

  • Garden Design

    :D I am putting a garden along side my shed and would like ideals on what to put into it. I have 1 Lilly that I got my wife for Easter which is Yellow and 10 Red Firecrackers that I got from a school sale. The garden is 17' 4"… More

  • how to plant a garden

    How To Plant Your GARDEN First, you Come to the GARDEN alone, while the dew is still on the roses.... FOR THE GARDEN OF YOUR DAILY LIVING, PLANT THREE ROWS OF PEAS: 1. Peace of mind 2. Peace of heart 3. Peace of soul PLANT FOUR ROWS OF SQUASH: 1.… More

  • Garden Tools and Equipment in Garden Design Forum

    I cleaned it out. There were about 15 threads in there, many by Durgan telling about a new wonder tool he discovered. They've been moved to Hand Tools, a few to Power Tools. So that forum can now be deleted. More

  • Unwanted Garden Visitors

    ...he bird food is a challenge. The Chipmonks aren't active now, but the squirrels visit daily. So I use squirrel challenging feeders which work very well. I put out raw… More

  • The Garden claw & garden knife

    Does anyone have the garden claw ?? How do U like it ? Agway has it for $40.. Is that a good price or can they be had for less ? I have wanted one, but haven't bought it yet . Didn't put it on the wish list for DH… More

  • Garden Spot?

    I keep seeing people talk about the garden spot. How do you get to the garden spot? More

  • kitty in the garden

    Isn't this sweet? My little kitten in the garden. More

  • Garden Stepping Stones

    I've been thinking about garden accessories... I found some reasonably priced molds for stepping stones, planters and edging. The site is called History Stones You can make a lot and brighten up your garden for next to nothing, compared to how much they charge for stepping stones in the stores.… More

  • First Garden

    I recently got a plot in a community garden and I haven't done much gardening in the past. I want to mainly have a vegetable garden, so I am wondering what the best veggies are to start with? And the best veggies for this time of year? More

  • This is what my garden looks like....

    :( My little garden. I am way behind this year. But I have been fixing flower beds , replacing mulch, transplanting trees. You name it, it seems. And now it is suppose to rain tomorrow evening and all week-end. Then they said rain next week also. My garden will just… More

  • My Garden

    This is for a request I had to see pics of my garden. These are what I could find right away... More

  • my garden so far

    Here is some of my garden so far. I check it everyday to see what else is blooming! More

  • School Garden!!!

    ...... So as one of our activities I want to start a garden with the kids... We have been given a space to do it at.. but I don't know how to go about in planning or… More

  • garden

    never know what can be planted in your garden!!! More

  • My garden...

    Well, I figured I'd show you all what my garden looks like. It's my haven! I also like to add a little whimsy to it whenever possible. We have a small hosta garden in the corner with lots to look at. The little fairy sits on a stump with creeping… More

  • My Garden

    Hi All, check out my garden in my profile photos. I know it is not much to look at :0 and everything is in containers :0 but I am in the city and this is my very own person (everyday stresses of life) escape!! I call this my little back… More

  • my garden

    ...ates. Some of the beds still have the square foot gardening grid on them. Im still deciding if I like… More

  • New to the Garden

    Hello, My name is Pam a newbie here. I live in Washignton state close to Lake Chelan. We bought a house a few months ago which has been fun. However there was no back yard and few flowers. I bought three truck load of plants with me from the old… More

  • garden forum

    Is this the new garden forum More

  • New garden!

    Hello from Alabama! I'm starting a new veggie garden and would love some advice. I have a great site...full sun from the east. Trying to decide what to plant & where. I've gardened before....helped with one last year but didn't have any input in placement. We had such a bad… More

  • new garden...

    So far below is as far as I have gotten on my garden (pulled a muscle in my leg trying to dig it up last weekend, will finish this weekend) anywho... I was wanting to grow some veggies, but have no clue where to start as the only thing I… More

  • New garden

    Hi I want to do LOW maintenance gardening. If I want to create a new raised bed vegetable garden, could I put down layers of newspaper over the grass and add 6 to 8 inches of soil on top of that and plant this year using plants from a greenhouse? More

  • My Garden

    ...me photos today, thought you might like to see my garden. The first one should be the Early Girl Tomatos, in bloom and with little ones showing up. :D Second is one row of beds, Onions, Tomatoes and then Green Peppers and in the pot at the end,… More

  • September Activities

    The first week of spring and with warm days, all plants and flowers are coming into life. And so are we around the yard. All this weekend we are out busy in the warm sunshine clearing space for lawns and making borders for flowers around the house. A raised bed… More