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Fungus & Lichen Care

Fungus & Lichen Care Articles

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  • Mushroom hunting

    Anybody else here into FUNGUS??? It's september and we actually had a RAINY day this week for the first time in a month... and that means... FUNGUS!!!!! It'll be awhile before the wild oysters pop out, we have the best luck finding those in late fall and early winter warm… More

  • Hide & go seek

    ...tle fella was hiding in the flowers.. Heres a few fungus shots too, i was looking for the fungus forum and couldnt find it.. lol More

  • Is my Mimosa a goner?

    ...I then noticed an ant problem. I sprayed and took care of them(I hope). Now I'm seeing a hard… More

  • to much humidity? bamboo sticks? white fuzzy fungus

    Well I planted the seed tray on friday and monday morning I had the smallest of sprouts on my onions, most of them anyway. So I lifted the corner of the lid and noticed that where I put the bamboo skewers as placement reminders there was white fuzzy on the… More

  • Cucumber Plant Life Span

    ... are just dying naturally or if it is the heat or fungus. More

  • Bush Bean Blight

    ...ok sort of yellow and sparkly. What's up? Is it a fungus? There don't seem to be… More

  • Plant Talk, Can You Handle It?

    Let's start with your Garden Vegetables having a say it this thing, Tom(the tomato), Cat(the cabbage), Lilly(the lettuce), No, we better just let Tom have his say, GT. "OK Tom whats the deal, that slow growing thing you got going on ?" Tom, "GT, glad we can speak freely here,… More

  • Bleach

    A friend "Richard" is a good Gardener and has always given me pretty good advice. He said "about 2-3 weeks before I set out my Tomato plants. Put 4-tablespoons (1/4 cup) bleach in a gallon of water. soak the ground where I am going to set out my tomato plants".… More


    ... speckling". My thoughts it could be overwatering/fungus as I have started to water a lot more. I did not… More

  • Mysterious white flower found on trail...

    ...in central North Carolina? It almost looks like a fungus, if not for the flower... Thanks for the help! J More

  • Plz help, odd fungus / mushroom in strawbale beds...

    Hi, I really need help to identify this fungus / mushroom that is growing like crazy on my strawbales that I wanted to plant my tomatoes in. I already have 4 cabbage growing but I do not know if these fungi are safe to be near growing edible plants. I… More

  • Fungus on Azaleas and I believe powdery mildew on zinnias

    In my front flower bed, there are several azalea plants that were there when we moved into our house April 30 of this year. I have clay soil, but I did some amending to some of that flower bed this year, I did not bother the azaleas. I have been… More

  • Some sort of fungus?

    ...hese tiny patches of what looks like some sort of fungus. You can see how tiny it is compared to the maple seed pod. When magnified you can see tiny hairs. More

  • Soil/Fungus

    ...of the ground near my plants, sometimes some mold/fungusMore

  • Fungus?

    Hello~I live near Pensacola Florida and I have, or I am trying to have a centipede lawn. While I was doing some grass plugging, I noticed that there are small white DOTS down inside the soil. At first I thought it was weed and feed, but then I also noticed… More

  • Fungus

    I live in Ohio. Some of my shrubs have fungus. I know that you are supposed to remove the leaves etc but that is impossible since it is on so many leaves unless I prune them back. It is March. How can I control this and how early shall I… More

  • Hostas and fungus

    ... some have read, I've got a maple with shelf type fungus on the base and it's growing under some hostas. The tree is probably going to be removed. I'm not sure what to do about the hostas since some definitely have spores on them. Do I have to dispose… More

  • Fungus in soil

    ... been told that it could be a fungal problem. Can fungus live in the soil? If so,… More

  • weeping willow is it pollen or fungus?

    ... / blanket of yellow stuff. Is it pollen, mold or fungus? Willow is about 6 years old / not huge, decent base trunk - in horse pasture. Any one know? More

  • Disgusting fungus?, or moss?

    ...driveway. Some type of disgusting looking moss or fungus has also emerged. It is dark green and kind of looks… More

  • Fungus on Lime Tree Soil

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some feedback on a fungus we have growing in the soil of our lime tree. We are growing the lime tree in a pot indoors, and every time we water, these yellow, mushroom-like spoors appear. The tree itself looks very healthy (we did have some… More

  • Fungus on my rose?

    So I bought a Tea Rose last summer and planted it but after a while it developed sort of like grey and sometimes black speckles on the stem going all the way up. It's got one three foot stem that has that, but it's been growing fine and blooming fine,… More

  • Fungus?

    Can anyone ID this creepy black fungus that appears to be killing off surrounding plants? More

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