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Fungi & Lichens

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  • Mushroom cultivation

    :) Now I know mushrooms are not considered to be a vegetable per say, some gardeners consider them to be pests, and they can be downright dangerous to one's health if picked and eaten without due consideration/knowledge. But being an out and out food lover, mushrooms do interest me greatly.… More

  • Starting tomatos from seed

    Subject: Starting Tomato Seeds+++ a friend sent this to me. Date: 01/06/2000 11:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time By: Carolyn Male There's no one way to start seeds but there are a few things that MUST be done or you tempt fate. Translate, you have lousy or dead seedlings. LOL First,… More

  • Growing upside down tomatoes.

    http://Start1.notlong.com 4 May 2006 Pictures depicting the method I chooose, with captions on the bottom left of the pictures. 2006 Experiment: There is a lot of babble from commercial interests about growing tomatoes upside down. Mostly about supplying the containers. There are few convincing pictures on the internet, so I… More

  • A Hike in the North Carolina Mountains

    So last weekend was the annual "residential retreat" for my faith community. We had a lovely setting for the retreat, at a conference center nestled deep in a mountain cove. Naturally, when there was free time, some of us got together for a hike. We followed a trail along a… More

  • Plz help, odd fungus / mushroom in strawbale beds...

    ...have 4 cabbage growing but I do not know if these fungi are safe to be near growing edible plants. I… More

  • Fungi ID in my yard

    I found a whole bunch of these mushrooms in my yard today. :eek: I've never seen this many mushrooms here, only the occasional one popping up. Anyone know what they are? I'm not going to try eat them, but just curious as to what they are. The first picture is… More

  • More fungi in my yard to ID

    Don't be silly, leave them be! They are all just part of the garden and are just helping to decompost all the "untreated" mulch into soil. Nice colony of Bird's Nest! The black structure in the cup are the spore cases. When it rains the raindrops hit the spore case… More

  • Soil/Fungus

    I know some fungi are good, and some not so good. I use a lot of organics, and I often add them to my watering can. At the bottom of the can, I have sediment. When this sediment lays on top of the ground near my plants, sometimes some mold/fungus… More

  • Fungi

    What is this fungi/mushroom? More