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Full Sun Garden

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  • Rock Garden?

    I have a rock retaining wall that is full of gaps and I'd like to find something to fill them in with. Does anybody have any ideas for a plant or small flower (preferably)that will grow in crevices? I'm in zone 7, so I do get snow several feet a… More

  • Making a new garden

    ... love some suggestions!! i am putting in a flower garden at my trailer, the ground is a combo of sand and clay (i am going to turn some black earth into it) it is approx 15ft long by 4ft deep… More

  • Best shrubs for full shade area?

    Can anyone tell me the best shrub to plant in a full shade area. I was looking at Dwark Evonymus or Compact Japanese Holly. I don't know if these would be good choices or not. Thanks for any replys. More

  • Dish full of birds

    Snow showers today the smart Birds are feeding from the dish under a covered feeder station. More

  • Lillies

    I have lillies in a full sun garden but the deer have been eating them. I want to know if I could move them to a partial shade garden without doing any harm. More

  • Which option is better?

    ... get this over with. I have a bare/ugly corner in full sun ,zone 6 (ohio). I am a beginner gardener and want something that looks nice (perennials), looks good most of the year, and is low maintenance. Here are my options: A.… More

  • Low Plants for the Edge

    Which plants make good edgers for a full sun garden? More

  • Yard full of mysterious things...

    We just bought a house! Someone was rather proud of the yard at one point, but it has become a jungle. I have more mysterious plants, but I forgot to take pictures. One of them is a tuber or rhizome (I always get them mixed up) and the leaves grow… More

  • Finding full size tree's and bushes

    Please help! I urgently need some full size/mature tree's and shrubs to replace family member's (tree's and bushes) that were "murdered" by a crew of "oaf's" that were hired to do some clean up on my property. The replacement plants that I am looking for are... A Harry Lauder Walking… More

  • New Theme Garden

    ... the plant for a zone 6 garden that's essentially full sun. I have; bells of Ireland, Irish Moss, St. Patrick™ Hybrid Tea Rose, IRISH EYES Glorisa Daisy, Bells of Ireland,… More

  • Blue Garden

    ...rplish blue small flowers. also a great shrub for full sun is baptista (false indigo) lots of sages and salvisa bloom in blue. Blue queen salvia is dark, "roman candels" speed well is very blue also. Clematis. I think there are some aneomes?… More

  • Full shade produce? Does it exist?

    ...area where I had hoped to have a lovely vegetable garden and some citrus trees. To my disappointment, I realized the reason there's nothing but rocks over soil there now… More

  • Climber for scorching full sun zone 5

    ...have any ideas of what I can plant on an arbor in full sun? It's not even summer yet and the sun in this area is very hot and it… More

  • Would like info on red full sun perenials

    The problem will be with perennials, they only bloom for a few weeks out of the season. Now you can keep interest by going with plants with varying foliage. Offhand I know of Pontenilla 'Gibson's Scarlet'. There are some red dianthus that will perform almost continuously throughout the summer. Both… More

  • What is considered Full Sun??

    Ok, I know, silly question BUT I am just a beginner so I need to ask silly questions. I am picking up some Wax Myrtles tomorrow for a privacy hedge I need. The area is only 20'long. I have read and re-read a lot about the Wax Myrtle and they… More

  • Japanese Maple in Full Sun?

    ... it was called Virdis or Viridis. It got lot's of sun with a little late afternoon shade. My husband wanted something with… More

  • Grow Lights or Full Sun?

    Hi Again!!!!!:0 Question: Do I have to use grow lights on my seedlings? I have never grown anything from seed before and the more I read the more nails I am chewing off.:rolleyes: What I plan on doing is growing my veggies in containers for the fall season and making… More

  • Would like bulb garden (full to partial shade)

    A couple of bulbs that will take full shade are hardy begonia (Begonia grandis), Zone 6, summer hardy cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium), Zone 7, late summer to fall Bulbs that I found do well in part shade are crocus (Crocus vernus), Zone 4, early spring anemone (Anemone blanda), Zone 6, early… More

  • New garden!

    ...and would love some advice. I have a great site...full sun from the east. Trying to decide what to plant & where. I've gardened before....helped with one last year but didn't have any input in placement. We had such a bad… More

  • How many of us GG gardeners work full time?

    ... feel like I never have enough time to tend to my gardens and have backed off my veggie garden plans for this year because I don't have time to harvest and lots of stuff gets wasted. Just wanted to bemoan the fact that I'm a working stiff and can't… More

  • How about a snow garden?!

    ...that has kept the northwest shoveling! We had two full days of very heavy snowfall and wind and when the sun came out it was beautiful! We have done a lot of shoveling and sweeping and I fill the… More

  • Hardening off and sun burned leaves

    ...n they were exposed to some pretty direct, strong sunlight for a too long. It caused some of the leaves on some of the plants to fry and bleach out. Some of… More

  • All sun container gardening

    ...ps, peonies, verbena, and on down to a very small full sun area. Need ideas of what I can plant in full sun that will survive in a small area. Thanks and have a sunny day. Stella More

  • Topsoil full of fine roots where do they come from?

    In my garden, in my compost, everywhere there are these fine and not so fine roots. They are really overtaking everything. I'm wondering if it is coming from the Ivy (Hedera helix) that is growing up the side of our house and which is really healthy and huge. Or could… More

  • What is Full Sun?...

    ...n on the side of my house. Now that the sun is in full force I noticed that part of my veggie garden is shaded by my house. My garden is out in the sun but shaded areas are worrying me. Is that still considered… More