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  • Hello

    ...n wan2hav. I love to garden..and have flowers and vegetables. I am a city dweller so everything is wel l planned out..because of my space requirement. I do a lot of pickling… More

  • Server Error in application

    ...e weirdest page pop up when I clicked the Growing Fruits & Vegetables thread! I copied and pasted the error page here but when I clicked the submit reply the same page came up and my post disappeared!! I was redirected back to the staff area minus my… More

  • Dead Forums.

    OK, so we will be moving a lot of things these next couple weeks, there are a slew of dead forums. We can't delete a forum entirely (yet) so what I have been doing is I empty it, hide it, and then have moved it to our staff section and… More

  • Organic Vegetable Garden

    ...organic vegetable garden. I have an idea of which fruits and vegetables I want to plant and I know I want to… More

  • New Grow BAgs

    ...d quite interesting for those amongst us who grow vegetables (and why not flowers). Grow Bags. The come in various types, for vegetable growers (vining vegetables like tomatoes, beans, peas, eggplant and so forth) the 6 or 10 whole versions are probably the… More

  • NCGardenGirl reply

    These are the rules we have to follow below. Sadly we can only write in our own journal but can't get feed back from others. :mad: Hope everyone is enjoying my spring with me though, :carrot: I'm Very excited this year since I get to plan, develop what I want,… More

  • Help request

    ...eginning of growth season they are very vigor and vegetative growth is excellent in march month to September… More

  • blue berry planting mix

    To fix blue berry planting mix, I add some peat moss and acide loving plant fertilizer with my garden soil because PH of my garden soil is too high. After I planted blue berry plant in large pot, I sprinkled about 3 table spoonful sulfur and covered with pine bark… More

  • New gardener in Japan

    Hi gardeners, I'm really an elementary music teacher, but I have recently become interested in gardening in my itty-bitty yard (three feet by nine feet, half in the shade) in the outskirts of Tokyo. The yard has in it a persimmon tree (bears huge amounts), a loquat, a kumquat, a… More

  • Hi New from Cincinnati

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum as well as gardening. This will be my 1st year ever starting a garden of my own. I'm looking for any tips, tricks, things I need to know. I'm currently looking at my zone and what I should grow. With my garden I'm… More

  • moved thread disappeared

    ... Brussells Sprouts SOS! to the Growing Fruits and Vegetables and it never arrived.. I think a gremlin got it! Cannot find it where I moved it!:confused: I usually check to make sure it arrived so I can leave a post saying it was moved to the new location!!!… More

  • Please Do Not Post in this Forum.

    We are eliminating it. Post in Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, or Controlling Pests, if you're lucky enough to be growing anything now. :D More

  • Winter squash tons of blossoms; no fruits

    ...n bees busily working inside the blossoms. But no fruits are emerging. I have summer squash which are fruiting heavily. Has anyone experienced this? Any clues? Thanks! More

  • Growing fruits on Strawberry plants

    What do I need to do to produce more fruit on my strawberry plants?? I recently bought 2 plants from Meijer and right now they don't have flowers or fruit. How can I speed up the growth? Also, what is the best thing for keeping the animals away from them?… More

  • 5 Different Fruits

    ...hem, but is it truely possible to marriage 5 diff fruits on one tree? I find it impossible because each fruit has its own function in a way, dont know else to put it. Does anyone have one of these or… More

  • Canning vegetable soup

    ...an venison vegetable soup? I've only canned using fruits and vegetables that I could process in a boiling water bath until now. More

  • What do you (Or have in the past)?

    ...g, et al. I have frozen vegetables (mostly mine), fruits (some mine). I can a lot of tomato products (salsas, soups (yum), ketchup, etc) In the next year I will be freezing and… More

  • For Edible Container Gardening, Please Post in the Fruit or Vegetable Forum

    ... your edible container gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum. Thanks! More

  • Black Plum Tomato

    I know.. I know. Tomatos are fruits, not vegetables. However, I see it time and again mentioned in the veggie forums. So I'm posting the pics here. :D I just thought I would share some pictures of my Black Plum Tomato plant. I am eager to taste one! More

  • Hello Everyone!

    ...g her grow many beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruits. I now live in California and am working on starting my very own garden. I am so excited to be on board, and if… More

  • Making juice from Fruit and Vegetables.

    Making juice from fruit and vegetables. Durgan's "Juice" Method http://xrl.us/ujtn I suggest the new Canada Food Guide has neglected to mention utilizing the most useful appliance in all Canadian homes- the simple blender. Consumption of more fruit and vegetables is emphasized by the food guide. I have used several juicers… More