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Fruits & Nuts

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  • Pineapple and Figs

    ... there is a fruit. John PS; I hope these are both fruits! More

  • is this canteloupe?

    ...eks ago, and since this is our first year growing fruits/vegies beyond just tomatoes, I didn't know what it was at first. Originally I thought it was some kind of vegetable, but the leaves look like those that grow on melon plants. More

  • What do you (Or have in the past)?

    ...g, et al. I have frozen vegetables (mostly mine), fruits (some mine). I can a lot of tomato products (salsas, soups (yum), ketchup, etc) In the next year I will be freezing and… More

  • strawberries in container?

    ...ust thru the wall an im corious if i toss acouple fruits not good enough ta eat about fruits in the MIDDLE of winter (itd be an indoor plant i think) an… More

  • How do you get seeds from your plants?

    ...oning how they want to get seeds from their grown fruits/plants/veggies so they don't have to buy any next year. I think with raspberries, you have to like, break off a root stalk or something? What about tomatoes? Thanks! More

  • Fig Tree Limb Cuts

    ... cure. We had a decent crop this fall, though the fruits were small. Also, this summer there was a severe hailstorm, which caused damage to… More

  • Hello Everyone!

    ...g her grow many beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruits. I now live in California and am working on starting my very own garden. I am so excited to be on board, and if… More

  • Great book for beginning Florida gardeners(fruit)

    ...ased a book recently with loads of information on fruits that grow in Florida. I skimmed through it at the fruit and spice park in Homestead, but decided not to buy it there since they wanted $28 for it. I figured I'd get it cheaper on Amazon and I… More

  • Help! My pumpkins are dying!

    Hello, just wondering if anyone might be able to help me out. My pumpkin patch I planted has been growing very well, all seems healthy. The only thing I notice is one of the vines leaves are all variegated, green and light green/yellow color. Only one of the vines is… More

  • Plum

    ...umans enjoyed them. ;) It produced lots of fruit. fruits almost gone from one tree (first picture). Will add details about the tree some time this week. The… More

  • Tomato plants in containers.

    .... I have several tomato plants in containers. The fruits that do develope are small, undersized. Any one know why. As for the other blossoms as soon as the flower dryes out and falls away from the green part of the blossom base the… More

  • For Edible Container Gardening, Please Post in the Fruit or Vegetable Forum

    ... your edible container gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum. Thanks! More

  • Northern Wisconsin

    ...k and ideas that didn't, about vegies, perenials, fruits, whatever. More

  • Canning vegetable soup

    ...an venison vegetable soup? I've only canned using fruits and vegetables that I could process in a boiling water bath until now. More

  • What kind of fruit tree is this?

    Discovered a few of these fruits growing on a tree in my backyard... my first guess was that they were pears, but i don't think they are. Anyone know? More

  • Tropical Fruit Nursery

    ... from where I live that has all kinds of tropical fruits. It has the best web-site for tropical plants I have ever seen. Here is a link to the site: http://www.tropicalfruitnursery.com/fruitproducts_ab.htm Even if you are not interested in purchasing, breeze through their… More

  • Help request

    Dear sir I'm a pistachio grower in Khorasan_e_ Razavi county of Islamic republic of Iran that have some problem with my orchard. My pistachio trees have seven years old and in the beginning of growth season they are very vigor and vegetative growth is excellent in march month to September… More

  • Winter squash tons of blossoms; no fruits

    ...n bees busily working inside the blossoms. But no fruits are emerging. I have summer squash which are fruiting heavily. Has anyone experienced this? Any clues? Thanks! More

  • Growing fruits on Strawberry plants

    What do I need to do to produce more fruit on my strawberry plants?? I recently bought 2 plants from Meijer and right now they don't have flowers or fruit. How can I speed up the growth? Also, what is the best thing for keeping the animals away from them?… More

  • Pamagranate

    ... little red flowers all over but only gets 1 or 2 fruits. If anybody knows how to grow them please share. More

  • JessiePeaches

    ...t want another opinion. Look under Mutant Veggies/fruits. I am working today, so if you agree, go ahead and get rid of it. More

  • What to plant and when to do it...

    ...complete (or seemingly complete) list of veggies, fruits and herbs and when these plants should be planted? Sorry if this is a repeat question... More

  • Please Do Not Post in this Forum.

    We are eliminating it. Post in Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, or Controlling Pests, if you're lucky enough to be growing anything now. :D More

  • Will my fruit seeds grow

    Hello Everyone, I love eating all kinds of fruits, i keep all of the seeds.some of them have a hard shell and some don't if i plant them will they grow ? or do i have to crack the seed open or what. More

  • butternut squash help please

    ... flowers is male. When should I start to see some fruits?? Thanks Rebecca More

  • 5 Different Fruits

    ...hem, but is it truely possible to marriage 5 diff fruits on one tree? I find it impossible because each fruit has its own function in a way, dont know else to put it. Does anyone have one of these or… More

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