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Fragrant Garden

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  • Another Unidentified Shrub

    ... can't seem to identify. It blooms in June and is fragrant. I live in northeastern Pennsylvania. Again, your help is appreciated. More

  • June blooms!

    Bee balm, Fragrant angel coneflower, petunias/coleus/potato vine in a pot, nandina, shibori spirea More

  • Bristol Ruby weigela

    ...pring and would love feed back on these. Are they fragrant? Any advice? Do they rebloom for anyone, or just in the spring? Do you like yours? Any info would be great. Thanks! More

  • What's blooming now

    ...on it. This beared purple Iris is one of the most fragrant. Wegilia wine and roses.Columbine and yellow lady's slipper.:D More

  • This is Carol from Indiana USA

    Hello Everybody I wanted to give a shout out to Yardgranny6 for helping me around in here I got lost for a minute!! I live In Indiana and yes it is true the weather does change every 5 minutes just ask my joints!! We are a Zone 5 North. Reaks… More

  • Acleisanthes obtusa Vine Four o'Clock

    ...sa Vine Four-o'Clock and can you tell me if it is fragrant. Says it grows down Texas way? Thanks Carol More

  • Night Blooming Cereus

    Anyone out there have this plant? A friend is giving me a pretty big one. He is tired of it. I am going to share it with a friend or two that have greenhouses as it is supposed to be easy to root. We will also try to grow them… More

  • South African Bulb

    I bought some bulbs (actually they look more like corms) about 20 years ago and have since lost the tag. I believe (but not certain) the nurseryman told me it was from South Africa. It's never turned around season-wise, still starts growing in the fall, starts blooming in Nov and… More

  • Can You ID Me???

    ...s. I would like a little more info obout them. #1 Fragrant, Varigated Leaves, Herb. #2 & #3 Soft Fern #4 Fragrant, Herb, maybe Pineapple Sage. Its about to bloom soon, pics of that might help as well. #5 Lily, looking to know what kind of… More

  • help me help me advice needed :)

    ...nda narrow, and yes I am only into my 2nd year of gardening do you think holly would be too big? any suggestions?… More


    Hi everyone!! I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself! This seems to be such a great site...and fun too-so thanks! I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon...yes it rains all the time but if it didn't, it wouldn't be so green & beautiful, so it's worth it!… More

  • Somethng I wrote

    ...e. I wrote the following poem after working in my garden yesterday. The yellow rose bush was given to me by my mother. I don't ever remember it being so… More

  • Hello from NE Texas

    ...in, heh. My name is Robin and I've been trying to garden my whole life and have only recently had some successes. I have always… More

  • Muck About

    :) ........:) Very fragrant More

  • "Iceberg" Climbing Rose

    ...body have this particular rose? I really wanted a fragrant, white climber… More

  • Evolution of our backyard garden

    This corner of our yard used to be a patch of woods and thickets until we cleared it out a few years ago. It's been a fun work in progress over the last few years as I've changed a few things as I learned more about what worked and what… More

  • herbs or fragrant flowering plant will grow in the shade in nj

    ...sun all day long. could help me names of herbs or fragrant flowering plant that can grow in these conditions More

  • looking for a cold hardy, fragrant Osmanthus

    I'd really like a fragrant Osmanthus to use as a screen between my yard and the neighbor's but according to my textbook, Osmanthus fragrans is not cold hardy north of zone 8. Anyone know what might be the next best Osmanthus(in terms of cold hardiness and fragrance) for zones 7a/7b? More

  • Difference between margoram and oregano???

    ...he topic on Greek Oregano. I have something in my garden that I have had for years. I always thought it was oregano, maybe it is margoram? How do I tell the difference and do I need to know the difference? I can use it like I… More

  • Good smell needed!

    ... about to start my garden this year, & I love fragrant plants and/or flowers! What kind of plants or flowers give off a strong, but good smell?:0 I'd like people to smell my beautiful flowers as they walk up my stoop, as well as viewing them!:D More

  • Have you ever felt like this?

    ...ong long time. I wanted to start on the butterfly garden first but since the fence fell with the winds, I have to wait for the… More

  • Flowering Tree what is it

    ...this tree and dosen't know what it is. It is very fragrant and only blooms every other year. Can you help me. More

  • Phlox paniculata leaves yellowing & no fragrance

    ... water? I admit that I have not been watering the garden very much, but relying on rain, but other perennials are doing fine. Do I need to water my Phlox… More

  • Anybody know what this tree/shrub and perennial are???

    ...ard, in an unkempt area where I want to extend my garden beds. I have to decide what to keep, what to move, and what to remove. The goals of my gardens are not just beauty, but also to… More

  • Any good, fragrant shade plants?

    I have a large open area in my yard up against a fence that I have never had muck growing in. I tried lavendar and it did grow but not nearly as well as the ones I put in the front of my house. I would like to get some… More