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Fountain Grass

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  • Rose Garden Restoration

    ...like to look at an old rose garden restoration in Grass Valley, California. This is Saint Joseph's Convent & Chapel, formal rose garden planted in 1865 (when it had full sun!) Now the trees the Sisters planted are huge and the… More

  • 'wintering' plants

    ...te fall, I would like to dig up and pot my purple fountain grass, it won`t winter here in NW Lower Michigan. Do I just do that and put it in the basement and forget about it `til spring? Or water it every few weeks? Or… More

  • how to grow ornametal grasses?

    ...everyone! Got a question?I got some seeds of some grasses and I'm not sure how to plant it?They are so fine so how deep do you have to plant them,do you just lay them on top of soil and cover them with soil?What I mean by… More

  • Fountain Grass

    My fountain grass doesn't look too great. :( Are they suppose to look dried up or is it dieing? Wish I can show a picture but it's pretty dark out now. I'll try to post one tomorrow. More

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