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  • Mystery Flower

    ...y flower and has shown up since my family started gardening here so about 3 to 4 years. I like the flowers very much but always wondered what the name of the plant could be I don't see it in garden centers so I am wondering… More

  • Name this flower please

    Hi, I am hoping someone can tell me what this flower is? I recieved seeds for this and as the plant grew I lost the label as to what is was. It turned out to be one of my favorite flowers but I have no idea what it is. and… More

  • Name of this blue flower?

    ... mother-in-law sent me a photo of a flower in her garden that she has forgotten the name of...does anyone know what this is? Thanks!! More

  • My Flower Garden In Connecticut

    Here are a few photos of my flower garden. The giant blue spruce tree is in my front yard, and the honeysuckle vine (that's what I think it is) is around the lampost. Although it's hard to tell, in my flower garden are: Clematis vine, Iris, Lilly (white,yellow & orange),… More

  • Hemlock Flower

    ... everyone, a friend of mine who knows that I love flowers gave me a plug of a hemlock flower plant. It is a very beautiful flower when it grows, however I do not know how to grow it as a house plant. She has a garden in California and… More

  • What Flower is this?

    Hi everyone! What Flower is this? I found it at a Roadside between Monchique and Fóia, Algarve Cheers, Valter More

  • Plant ID very tall yellow daisy like flower without the petals

    ...irements. Tall 5 foot plus, marigold-like leaves. Flowers could be described simply as buttons - just like shasta daisies without any petals. In my opinion it can be an attractive… More

  • little yellow flower..flower same as a vine plant's flower....

    ...w its name, someone help ID please...;) my yellow flower similar as the yellow flower in a vine type plant once i've seen grow in the road side, but it is different in the foliage (very pity, i did'nt take a… More

  • Building insulated flower boxes

    ...tainer gardening and I would like to build a long flower box alongside a wooden rail on our deck. I have insulated our existing containers with bubble wrap due to the cold winters in Chicago.… More

  • Flower Suggestions for a Bright Balcony

    ...t I'm not very confident in my ability to nurture flowers nor to choose the right ones. I've been inspired to brighten up my apartment balcony. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for flowers that would stand up to… More

  • A question about flower seeds!

    ...eeds/soil. I don't know a lot at all about plants/flowers, except that I love their beauty. One thing I don't understand are some directions on the flower seed packets I… More

  • What's your favorite Valentine flower?

    ...y Valentines Day to all you sweeties out there in gardening land. More

  • Fast blooming flower from seeds

    ...nt to do a project with my garden club on growing flowers from seeds and I'm trying to find out what flowers will not only germinate fairly quickly, but how soon they will actually start to bloom. Any ideas? More

  • Wondering about a flower

    ... school this week and there was this awesome blue flower! It was blue and just gorgeous, but the bud was so distinctive. It was pentagonal shaped. Really cool! Anyway, I WANT ONE!! LOL! I didn't have my camera with me and… More

  • Hope you can help me identify the name of the flower...

    Hi, Here are some flowers that are blooming in my garden right now - does anyone know what the first pink flower is? They are quite lovely and bloom most of August and September every year. I look forward to hearing from other members. Thanks, Shirley More

  • High quality flower pots

    ...ing if anyone knew a good source for high-quality flower pots? I'm going to use them to plant in as well as decorate the house. The pots sold at my local home and garden stores aren't very pretty or well-made. More

  • What is this flower?

    Saw this huge cedar tree covered with this flower. Owner called it a rose, but didn't know what kind of rose. I couldn't get over how it had covered the cedar tree. Maybe someone can help me... Reba/La. More

  • name the flower

    plz tell me the name of this flower, it blooms in early morning and dies after a few hours, weather is too hot here abt 44 centigrade More

  • Flower from Rockford

    ...joy this group and looking at all the flowers and gardens. Dennis More

  • Little Purple Flower What is it?

    ...er that I took several pictures of at Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, Alabama. No one seems to know what it is. I have a close up pic and an overall view pic. Does anybody know what this is? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :redapple:… More

  • Butterfly Flower

    Has anyone planted this in their gardens? Anything specific I should know? I have planeted the Butterfly bush in the past with no success. Zone 5 didn't seem to be warm enough. The always died over the winter. I have a neighbor who had a similar experience with this. I… More

  • flower ID

    ...o far. I appreciate all the ID's. Here is another flower I have yet to identify. Any thoughts on this one? Taken at the Denver Botanical Gardens. I do not remember if this was a vine or not.... More

  • New gardens at our acreage

    Hi All, Last summer we moved to 3.4 acres. Mostly weedy and some compacted, weedy, crappy lawn. I'm looking for resources for ideas - links, photos, forums to help me plan what to do with all this space. We have some things done, see photos. All ideas welcome! first is… More

  • Aurora's Gardens

    My flower pot fountain Part of a shade bed Sunny bed Work in progress full-sun bed Another part of a shade bed More

  • When gardens go bad?

    ... were fabulous this year. The other hosta did not flowerMore

  • Idendifying common flower (phlox?)

    ...y in Eastern Mass, and I have introduced it to my gardens and it has spread quite a bit. Does anyone know the exact species? Is it a phlox as it has been suggested to me, and if so, which one? Thanks,… More

  • name the flower

    hi, I bought this flower from a supermarket a week ago. Anyone know the name of this flower? Thanks Cheerz, Ka More

  • What Flower is this?

    Hello everybody! Which Pelargonium species is this one? Thanks. More

  • name of flower?

    hi, my daugther saw a flower that has lots of colorful cluster and the endside of the flower has a diffrent color. can anyone tell me what it is? i`d like to get her some seeds thanks More

  • What is this flower

    I believe this is some kind of iris or in the oros family. I want to grow them any one know what is it called? More

  • What Flower is this?

    Hi! What Plant is this? Thanks, Valter More

  • Name this flower

    Can anyone tell me what kind of flower this is. came in a pack of seeds from a dollar store More

  • What is the name of this flower?

    What is the name of this flower? I am so familiar and meet this flower in so many places but never know its name. http://inlinethumb43.webshots.com/40874/2099808920068190109S600x600Q85.jpg More

  • Can You Name This Flower?

    I have had this flower for years but never have found anyone who knows the name of it. I think it is in the Gladiolus family. Appreciate any help. More

  • my gardens

    ...ng bed. Lettuce, onions , oregano and some yellow flower i can't remember ,radishes, coleus and spinich plus a few more… More

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