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  • Unidentified, bulb, blue flower

    Havent been in here for awhile. I have been B U S Y........ am a nurse assistant and have been privately hired in homes. Kinda like hospice. Anyway, with all the rain in California.. we have so M A N Y weeds this season, so between work and weeding, i… More



  • Unknown Flower

    ...'s yard with a Hibiscus I dug up. It grows from a bulb, dies completely after blooming and blooms only once a year... any ideas? More

  • FLower identification

    ...time i am trying to post this....... what is this flower. It has a bulb that is sprouts from abou the size of you pinky fingernail. It is a true bulb in the fact it blooms every spring. It ia about 5 inches tall maybe… More

  • What is a good, spreading groundcover for flower beds?

    ... this on a blog but then I found forums. I have a flower bed (72 ft long x 16 ft wide) in the front of my property that is the first thing people see when they come down my road. I have lots of bulbs planted in… More

  • name of flower?

    hi, my daugther saw a flower that has lots of colorful cluster and the endside of the flower has a diffrent color. can anyone tell me what it is? i`d like to get her some seeds thanks More

  • When is it ok to cut back the plant after the flower drops?

    ...y first year with tulips and daffoldils (sp). The flowers were great, but now they have all dropped, and im left with just the foliage. At what point can i cut the plants down, without affecting the bulbs ability to grow next season ? or do I have… More

  • Another Mystery Flower

    ...r what/when I planted it! It must be some kind of bulb I tucked between the palm and agapanthus months ago. The bloom it so colorful and hummers… More

  • Can anyone identify this plant / flower?

    Help! Can anyone identify this? My office building was giving away these plants - I love it so much! It's so unique but I don't know how to take care of it! It has a really, really thick palm -like base and leaves that have a white coating. It has… More

  • unusal flower

    Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? Diana More

  • Special Surprise flower

    ...ryone I'm posting these pics to share a very rare Flower with you. My husband received it in his email from a good friend.Enjoy, I sure did!:D It's called a Parrot Flower. More

  • another purple flower

    I see this little flower a lot on my walks. I hear you can eat it and that it is sweet tasting. I have seen this flower in three colours(white, pink and purple) any identification would be great. More

  • What's This Flower?

    Can anyone identify this flower about 1 1/2 inches across on 24 inch stem with 1 1/2 wide sawtooth leaves. More

  • What Flower is this?

    Hi everyone! What Flower is this? I found it at a Roadside between Monchique and Fóia, Algarve Cheers, Valter More

  • little yellow flower..flower same as a vine plant's flower....

    ...w its name, someone help ID please...;) my yellow flower similar as the yellow flower in a vine type plant once i've seen grow in the road side, but it is different in the foliage (very pity, i did'nt take a… More

  • Passion Flower

    ...biscus seeds -- the seller sent some free Passion Flower seeds. I thought I would give them a try and I sowed them on May 6th along with the others. I have been doing some research... and found out: 1. Passion… More

  • What Flower is this?

    Hello everybody! Which Pelargonium species is this one? Thanks. More

  • What Flower is this?

    Hi! What Plant is this? Thanks, Valter More

  • Advice on Thinning Out Bulbs and Planting New Ones

    ...t two summers. We just recently bought a bunch of bulbs from Lowes, some Crocus, Narcissus, Allium and Fritillaria Imperialis.… More

  • Budding tulip bulbs

    ...ear like nuts without me doing much. So, when the bulbs became available, I bought some red and black tulips. My… More

  • I've a few question about bulbs I planted?

    This is my first year planting bulbs. So I have a few questions. The package said to plant in the fall. I planted in October. The package said they would come up early spring-mid spring. But as I walked the garden on New Years day I noticed there are little… More

  • Lifting tender bulbs

    ...advice on when to pull acidanthera, coleus, canna bulbs? I have always done it when I had time, but have read to wait for the first frost. Last year when I pulled the acidanthera there were tons of little 'baby' bulbs - many of these just grew leaves… More

  • Soak bulbs before planting?

    I read somewhere that in order to make flower bulbs unappealing to rodents and deer you can soak them in a solution, but I can't remember what the solution was. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance. More

  • Canna Bulbs

    ...e doing it shortly. I have noticed that after the flowers have died off there are pods with black seeds in them. (Actually about the size of rabbit poo)I have kept them also. I dig my bulbsMore

  • Bulbs planted in spring?

    Excuse my dumbness, but are there any flower bulbs that bloom in the summer that can be planted in the spring? I missed out on getting some spring bulbs planted back in the fall. More

  • Mowing Question re Bulbs

    I've planted a long row of Resurrection Lilies (also called Ladies or Surprise lilies) along an 80' privacy fence and it wasn't until that backbreaking job was done that it occurred to me what a hand weeding nightmare I'd also created. Too late to go back and replant them all… More

  • there's a critter munching my lily bulbs!

    ...trol their dining by using Bonemeal around in the flower beds..They have never bothered any of my garden or flowers at all...oh no that isn't true...they dined on my cabbage plant that I had stuck in… More

  • What is the name of this flower?

    What is the name of this flower? I am so familiar and meet this flower in so many places but never know its name. http://inlinethumb43.webshots.com/40874/2099808920068190109S600x600Q85.jpg More

  • Can You Name This Flower?

    I have had this flower for years but never have found anyone who knows the name of it. I think it is in the Gladiolus family. Appreciate any help. More

  • Name this flower

    Can anyone tell me what kind of flower this is. came in a pack of seeds from a dollar store More

  • name the flower

    hi, I bought this flower from a supermarket a week ago. Anyone know the name of this flower? Thanks Cheerz, Ka More

  • flower bed next to westside of house

    ...have decided to grow bulbs or hardy plants in the flower bed but need some ideas?I live in zone 6 Ohio,the area is shaded until late afternoon so far I have lily of the valley,red sedum,bleeding heart but need some flowers of some sort and sure can use… More

  • Identifying a flower

    ...ow are about 2 feet tall..spindly with small blue flowers. Looks like a tiny Iris and has what looks like two tiny yellow eyes and a tiny yellow mouth below the eyes. Weird description huh?… More

  • Hundreds of daffodil bulbs only 5 blooms!

    ...p and replanted hundreds of daffodil bulbs in one flower bed reserved for them. I separated the bulbs and corms, and spaced them out so they can grow and multiply. They're planted 4" deep in heavy, but amended soil. They all leafed out. I was expecting a show… More

  • New bulbs

    ...ent to Wal-Mart yesterday and they had bags of 25 bulbs (tulips and daffodils) for $5.00 I couldn't resist so I bought a bag of each (even though I was told spring would be the better time for this, I was just to anxious to get… More

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