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Fig Tree

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  • Peaches and Erb....go FIG'ur

    The question(s) that i have are relatively clear to me to start. However, never feeling completely confident about where to post, and sometimes feeling obligated to do a FAQ search first; shades what might otherwise be a flowing spontaneous question about a garden issue that i have been unsuccessful at… More

  • Suggestion about post info

    Hope i'm not speaking too quickly about this: it seems that pages here show the last person who posted but not the originator of the post. There are several posts that i would like to find to read and maybe reply but i'm enjoying participating in other area. Then there… More

  • Figs in a pot?

    ...ve a very good neighbor who "air layered" his fig tree in several places. It seems as if they all worked quite well, and being the gentleman he is he asked if I wanted to try one. of course I said yes. The start is about 4' tall and… More

  • Transplanting Late

    ...ed this already in the wrong place. Hi all, The 3 tree's that i have in pots still have green leaves on them. It's gotten below freezing a couple of night but the days have been between 35 and 65. Is it too late to think about… More

  • Do your homework before buying from this online nursery!

    The Nursery at Ty Ty seems to have many very dissatisfied customers. Evidently, they've had their name and negative comments removed from the Garden Watchdog website by threat of lawsuit. I just thought I'd warn everybody in case, like me, you tend to trust people. I stumbled upon some negative… More

  • Plants Poisonous to your cats!!!

    This does not mean the whole plant but sometimes parts but is best to keep them out of reach regardless Plants Poisonous to Cats Almond (Pits of) Aloe Vera Alocasia Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (Pits of) Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Avacado (fuit and pit) Azalea Baby's… More

  • My little orchard.

    ... Golden Delicious. The next three is of one of my fig trees, definatly loaded. The last one is my store bought pineapple, it is more than 4ft across, I'm hoping for a fruit this year. John More

  • Pineapple and Figs

    ...ears old, so it should have a fruit this year. My fig trees are just loaded with fruit. At every joint there is a fruit. John PS; I hope these are both fruits! More

  • Figs

    My Fig trees are really putting on the Figs since it turned hot. This is just one limb, and it is loaded. John More

  • Fig

    Fig almost ripe if not already. Hubby tasted one, says it's good. Ugh, I'm so not into fruits :0 so we'll have to rely on hubbies word. ;) These Figs stay green/yellow when ripe. last year we didn't pick 'em in time 'cause we were waiting for them to "ripen"/change… More

  • Need help with fig leaf eating pest

    I have a fig tree about 4 feet tall that I bought a few months back and planted it outside. For the past few weeks, I have noticed that on some of the leaves, some kind of insect eaten half of the leaf, and I never know what it is… More

  • fig tree pollination

    Please Help.. I was given a fig tree cutting from a group of trees that were producing in my neighbors yard. That was about 5 years ago.. the tree has not grown much..it is in a pot which I keep indoors most of the year...so far it has not produced… More

  • winterizing fig tree

    ...ould someone please share how they care for their fig tree/shrub in winter in the mid Atlantic states. We have a couple of fig trees that are about 5-6 ft high and produce great tasting figs. My husband has been bending the trunks down to the ground and covering with… More

  • Fig Tree Limb Cuts

    Started wrapping my fig tree for winter and noticed slashes on the limbs of my fig tree. Don't know what the cause is, or the cure. We had a decent crop this fall, though the fruits were small. Also, this summer there was a severe hailstorm, which caused damage to… More

  • fig tree fertilization

    Help. I started a fig last year from a 3" root. It grew to about 6' last year.It developed many large leaves and late figs the size of a quarter. I wintered it in a clay pot on the south side of the house. I had the large pot wrapped… More

  • My Fig tree problem

    ...d suggestion. i wanted to ask once again about my FIG tree which as best as i can tell has leaf rust. But i'm not 100% certain and have a hunch that it… More

  • California Tree

    Some sort of "fig" (like scheffelera fig"-Approx 140 yrs old-perfect growing coditions! More

  • Figs

    ...r myself & diabetic friends. My neighbors fig tree has out did itself.Any help will be appreciated.Blessings, Diane More

  • Fig Tree!

    ...y underwhelmed by the concept of my very own pear tree (yawn). I literally tried to neglect it to death. It survived a drought, then 19 inches of rain in one month,… More

  • Fig tree

    Have any of you ever started a fig tree from the sprouts that come up off the roots? Or have you started a fig tree from a cutting? Any experience shared is much appreciated. More

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