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  • Newbie...Help me with this lawn!!!!

    ...n 3 times. The last time was last fall. I planted fescue which… More

  • Emerald Zoyzia

    ... grew up in Northern California. I crave the soft fescues or bluegrasses that I grew up with, versus the harsh blade of St. Augustine. So, after a landscaper here assured me that pets were no problem for this fine-blade grass, I planted a pallet… More

  • How do I get rid of crabgrass at this time of the year??

    ...bout a month and a half ago with Rebel Exeda Tall Fescue.. I seem to have as much or more weeds coming up than grass.. From pics I have seen on the internet, I think the main one might be smooth crabgrass.. I live in… More

  • Is my lawn trying to re seed itself?

    ... lawn is basically made of Kentucky bluegrass and fescue here in the Midwest. I've noticed that it is producing these blades of grass which appear to have these little seeds growing off of them. Will these seeds eventually fall off and "Naturally… More

  • Greetings from Central PA

    Hey, I recently retired and am living in the mountains of central PA. This Looks like a wonderful, friendly, helpful site where I hope to receive and share information. Just finished one large flower mound and and now working on the second which is totally overgrown with to much stuff:… More

  • Fescue & Bermuda

    Hello there! I just moved into a new home, and there is an area in the back yard where the grass doesn't grow. I can tell there is bermuda growing throughout the rest of the yard, and the dirt spot is under a tree that was giving too much shade… More