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Fertilizing Tips

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  • Growth Rate of Dogwoods?

    ...how quickly it will grow within a year. I will be fertilizing it this spring and summer if that would affect it at all. So has anyone grown one… More

  • Trumpet Vine Won't Bloom

    ...ve tried everything from no fertilizer to regular fertilizing with a slow release formula and I still do not get any blooms!:( I even heard that rose food was… More

  • Help, So many weeds and we used weed killer :(

    Hi all, My hubby has been fertilizing w/ weed killer since the spring, off and on and we now have more weeds in the lawn than ever! Is there anything that we can do? He has not used the Scott's fertilizer with weed killer, is it better?? Please help the… More

  • My Ficus is having a problem

    I have a 33 year old ficus which rarely has problems. It is in my living room and recently has started to have small leaf losses. It had its normal drop of leaves this past fall, nothing out of the ordinary. Then it began to show a yellowing of 3-4… More

  • Strawberry issue

    ...ut not a single flower. Any ideas? I don't recall fertilizing the garden with anything that was… More

  • Lilac blooms

    Any suggestions on how to get a lilac to bloom profusely? The lilac bush in question is quite old; it belonged to an old mountain cabin that my wife and I bought and was quite overgrown when we found it. The first year after clearing around it, it produced a… More

  • Potted hibiscus not forming many buds

    I have a tropical hibiscus in a pot on my deck that seems very healthy, but it's only produced 2 buds since I moved it outside 5 weeks ago. I kept it inside over the winter and got occassional blooms all winter long. I started pruning it in February, a… More

  • Cracked pumpkin

    I found my pumpkin cracked open this morning. I couldn't believe it. I was just in the process of fighting off some Vine Borer Worms which I thought might lead to the demise of my pumpkin eventually but a pumpkin explosion?! No I didn't see this coming. I read online… More

  • Gardenia

    I was given a Gardenia early summer. Wow did it ever perform, new growth every week. Blooms were pushing out of it every other day. Well, now it seems to have slowed down a considerable amount. Its turning yellow, (the leaves) on the underneath, and its wilting quite a bit.… More

  • Another dang tree question!

    Our tree has some dead areas due to overcrowding. It ran into another tree that should have been removed long ago. The good tree's branches had to reach through the bad tree and all of the smaller branches died off in that area. We are left with a few very… More

  • How soon to fertilize?

    ... someone tell me how soon after planting to start fertilizing? Laurie More

  • Fertilizing in winter?

    ... quite warm this winter so far. Should I (Or Not) fertilize the survivors yet? More

  • Fertilizing

    ...e during the day. Zone 8. It it alright for me to fertiliz this late? My astors are beautiful so are my black eyed susans and purple cone. This is still new to me since all my beds were planted in the spring.Please advise. Thanks More

  • Who is fertilizing now?

    ...go, and yellow Apostle Irises. Sooo, I decided to fertilize most of my plants today would you believe. I sometimes *itch about New… More

  • Fertilizing

    ...als this year. When, how often and with what do I fertilize? I have moss rose, petunias, and geraniums. More

  • Fertilizing new seedlings

    ...weeks old. When can I give them liquid plant food/fertilizer? What type is best? More

  • General Guidelines for Fertilizing Perennials

    When should I fertilize my perennials? I use a compost mulch, but should I add an organic fertilizer too? Before bloom, after bloom......:confused: More

  • fertilizing hanging baskets with HiSol

    I have lost my instructions to the fertilizer I dilute with water for my hanging baskets. HiSol is like 20-20-20 - actually it may even be 20-20-20. Would I be correct with a little less than one tsp per litre of water? Of course I'm probably making it difficult for… More

  • Fertilizing veggies in pots

    ...matoes in pots. How often do you give them liquid fertilizer/plant food after planting? The seedlings range in age from 3-8 weeks old. What size pot do I use? I have a few pots that says 15" but doesn't say how many… More

  • Question about fertilizing flowers

    ...e that not all annuals and perennial flowers like fertilizer. I use Miracle grow on everything. So could you all tell me which flowers do not like miracle grow? Thanks More

  • fertilizing

    ...would like to know when the best time of year for fertilizing. More