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  • Bearded Iris Fertilizer

    I once had the recipe for a fertilizer that the Am. Iris Association recommended. It had 3 ingredients one being bone meal I think. I lost it. :( Does anyone have this recipe? This is only used once when you plant or transplant the rhysomes. More

  • Non Odor Fish Fertilizer

    I bought a bottle of a no-odor fish Fertilizer, "Alaska Fish Fertilizer" from Wal-Mart today. It was about $7, but will probably last me 2 years :D . Watered the veggies with it tonight, and no smell :) I'll let everyone know how it works. ;) More

  • Fertilizer for wax myrtles?

    ... front of the fence and am wondering what kind of fertilizer I should use and how much. Any ideas? More

  • liquid fertilizer from bat feces

    Does anyone know how to make it? thanks Victoria More

  • hand push fertilizer distributor

    ...uch info. What I need is some info on a hand push fertilizer distributor. Garden is up real good and I need to side dress. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks. And let's all pray for the people at… More

  • Anyone use fertilizer siphon hoses?

    ...greenhouse - you place the hose into a mixture of fertilzer - the other end attaches to your hose so a little… More

  • Best organic lawn fertilizer/weed killer

    I'm starting to think that my best bet at building a green, weed-free lawn is to focus on making the grass as healthy as possible, so that it can successfully compete against weeds. I'd like to avoid excessive use of chemicals, although I'm willing to use some if I have… More

  • Compost as the only fertilizer for roses?

    ...ld I stick with the tried and true (and chemical) fertilizers designed for roses? And how… More

  • What's a good Tomato Fertilizer?

    Last year I used "Spray n' Grow", "Bills Perfect Fertilezer" (both from www.sprayngrow.com) and "[URL="http://www.megagro.com/algoflash.htm"]Algoflash" on my tomato plants. The plants got gigantic, and I had a decent amount of tomatos, but I did have excessive leaves. I was just reading something that said to switch to a very low… More

  • Organic Fertilizer

    I found this organic fertilize mix and here it is to share, Mixing parts (using a coffee can, a bucket or a spoon a part is a part) Mixing (approx, cost from local feed and seed store) * 4 parts cotton seed meal 50 lbs @ 9.50 * 1 part… More

  • Water and Fertilizer?

    Hey everyone I am a 2nd. year Gardener and I am growing Cucumbers,Cayenne peppers,jalapeno peppers and of course several varieties of tomato. I usually water them every evening and they seem to be doing well. I was wondering if I may be watering them to often. And could someone tell… More

  • Name brand fertilizer

    Does any one know the name of a name brand fertilizer that has low phosporus? I'm trying to find the right fertilizer for my tropical hibiscus. The ratio numbers are 9-3-13, 10-4-12, and 12-4-18.I've tried a few nursery departments but I haven't found it. More

  • Fish Fertilizer

    I've never used fish fertilizer before and this may be a stupid question, but can you make your own fish fertilizer from discarded fish parts ? Juat hangin out floridagirl. More

  • What kind of fertilizer.

    Thanks pacificstar I will see if I can find it here . More

  • Fertilizer #'s

    Just what do they mean? Such as 16-30-16? And what does each one do? More

  • Old, wet fertilizer

    I had some fertilizer (8-8-8) that apparently I have missed the last 2 seasons. It has been open (it was contained in a bucket), but moisture, apparently from the air, has gotten in to the bag, and the fertilizer is moist. It still smelled like fertilizer (a little). Do you… More

  • organic fertilizer

    ...em and had a few responses recomending an organic fertilizer. Would this orgaanic fertilizer be manure? Or is there other kinds? If you know any brand names or where to find more information about it please let me know as I was unaware… More

  • What is your favorite fertilizer?

    compost tea...two big shovel full in a 5gallon bucket ...add water..cover with screen..let steep for a few days and then water your plants with it... More

  • Guano Fertilizer

    ...lecting their feces since I read Guano is a great fertilizer. Now I have two buckets with a mixture of rain and feces... Does anyone know how to use Guano? How is it better: dry or… More

  • Fertilizer from Bats!!!!!!

    ...lecting their feces since I read Guano is a great fertilizer. Now I have two buckets with a mixture of rain and feces... Does anyone know how to use Guano? How is it better: dry or… More

  • Too much fertilizer?

    ...od that cuts our grass for us and we asked him to fertilize but unfortunately we forgot to make sure he used the fertilizer spreader. Now we have some green some not and in some places the grass is turning brown and it… More