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Ferns & Mosses

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  • Recently tranplanted ferns "crashing"

    I transplanted about 10-2' ferns from a neighbors yard to a heavly shaded planting bed. I added manure to the soil and tilled prior to planting and then lightly sprayed the area after I finished planting. The next afternoon all 10 of the plants looked wilted and a couple had… More

  • Transplant wild ferns & paper birch trees?

    ... of Wisconsin. How and when can I transplant wild ferns and papeer birch trees out of the woods on my property? Did a few of each last spring. Don't know if they made it yet. Still got 2 1/2' of snow on the… More

  • Question about stonecrop?

    I guess I need to do some more research. I want to plant possibly a stonecrop in a shade garden. I want to plant them in the crevices of some cinder blocks that border the shade garden. If stonecrop is not a good choice, can anyone suggest something better. Thanks!… More

  • Ghost fern

    They're a cross between Japanese painted ferns and lady ferns, I believe. I had looked for them for a year before I found them last spring. I thought they hadn't survived the winter, when lo and behold, I saw their little tips unfurling yesterday! They're the last of my plants… More

  • Fern experts?

    ...out on this site? Nobody ever seems to go to the "ferns and mosses" section. I love my wild ferns and have a bunch of different kinds I've identified but I have one I can't put a name to. More

  • Wood Ferns and Hostas

    ...all shade flower bed this weekend with a few wood ferns and three different varieties of hosta. I put in new soil and gave them a good drink. It looks so pretty--if I do say so... ;) Anybody have any tips, secrets, suggestions as to how to… More

  • Rabbit's Foot Ferns

    Do Rabbit's Foot Ferns always have "Rabbit's Feet"? I have found what I believe to be a Rabbit's Foot Fern in my yard, but at present it doesn't have any "feet". More

  • Need help to get rid of ferns

    ... raised garden that I use to plant veggies. HELP! ferns have taken over - I don't currently have any veggies in it, but would like to plan my seedlings soon. Last year a few ferns came up and I tried to dig them out -very difficult.… More

  • Boston ferns?

    I am going to overwinter my boston ferns in the crawl space of my house. Do I need to repot them when I get them out in March? More

  • ferns

    What if your fern was beautiful 2 days ago and Today it is completely eaten by something that appears to be black caterpillers. What is this and how do you treat them? More

  • Outside Ferns

    I have two ferns outside. I'm not sure what kind they are but they look like boston ferns. I trimmed all of the dead leaves off and they are putting out new ones. My question is: What are the hard ball like things around the bottom of the plants? Some… More

  • types of ferns?

    I just transplanted some ferns that were hidden in an odd place to my front garden. I noticed that they smelled like cucumber. Anyone know what kind of fern that is? More

  • Mulching ferns

    ... excited. My Fern garden contains some cultivated Ferns but it's more than half wild ones I've brought home (nothing endangered, never fear). I have numerous plain old "woods Ferns" and a Northern Maidenhair Fern (now divided into two) that I've had for a few years. Today on… More

  • Tree Ferns

    ...o you have long-term success with Australian Tree Ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) in the PNW? If so, I would like some advice. While touring a local nursery a few days ago I saw two 5' ones that keep haunting me! They were quite expensive so I would hate to splurge and… More

  • Invasive ferns

    ...bordered on 2 sides by woods and wetlands and the ferns are encroaching on my yard. Specifically, they are growing into the azaleas that the previous owner had planted along the edge of the woods. I pulled out as many as I could last spring, but they… More

  • ferns for iowa

    I don't live in Iowa but I can offer some advise. Go visit your local nurseries in the shady part. That way you will know what grows in your area. Happy Hunting! More

  • Ferns

    ooops....sorry! :o More

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