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Fern & Moss Care

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  • Help identifying fern

    I transplanted these ferns from a home in Iowa and they are doing beautifully at my home in Illinois. Does anyone know what type of fern they are? A fellow member asked me since I have them posted in my photo albums. They need to be in the shade it… More

  • boston fern

    Will this fern make it through the winter in a 7a area if planted in a shady area covered with mulch? My area is Alexandria, Virginia. If not, can it be put in the garage or some other cold but insulated area that gets only a little light for the… More

  • wren in my fern

    ...e a purple wren that built her nest in my hanging fern on my porch. I dont know how to water it with out getting the nest wet. It needs water now. I tried to water it with a wateringcan with a thin spout but it just ran through… More

  • New fern identification

    ...I went to a local greenhouse and bought this cute fern. Problem is, no one knows what kind it is. I have looked all over the internet and can't find anything. It looks like a Boston with frilly… More

  • Maidenhair Fern

    I need tips on keeping a maidenhair fern alive. My mother had one for years and it was gorgeous. I inherited it and no matter what I did, it started dying. After it's death, I tried a couple of times with new ones and the same outcome. I have just… More

  • Maidenhair Fern & Japanese Painted Fern Question?

    Can anyone tell me if they are growing Maidenhair Fern, and if so, how well will it do in the shade? Also, has anyone ever moved a Japanese Painted Fern from one location to another, and if so, are their any tricks or suggestions that I should know before doing… More

  • Japanese painted fern help!

    I had a wood fern, japanese painted fern, and autumn fern growing in a long rectangular pot on my patio where they get only a little morning sun. They were doing wonderfully, really beautiful. Yesterday I noticed two dead-ish looking fronds on the japanese one, so I cut them off… More

  • Whats a good Fern to get?

    Well, those painted ferns I got off ebay are doing good. Just last week they started growing. One died off completly as it was getting too much sun, but the others are doing great. The new foliage is growing quick, and it looks greak, almost silver with the purple stems.… More

  • Bird nest in my boston fern.

    I just recently bought three boston ferns and hung them on my porch. I discovered yesterday that some small brown birds has decided to build a nest in one of them. Not wanting to be mean to the birds because it's kinda intresting to watch,but at the same time,I don't… More


    ...construction and the workman mashed down my holly fern. My handyman cut it back, It is yellow right now. What are the chances that it will grow back? Any input will be appreciated. More

  • Help with identifying fern plz

    Planted this fern a few years ago now haven't a clue what kind it is. anyone know? More

  • Fern Gully

    There are two or three tree Ferns in the gully that are roughly 6-8' tall. I'm not certain as to the type but they look similar to my Australian Tree Fern at home. The cycads are on the left bank of the gully. I have an Australian Tree Fern in… More

  • Fern ID

    I am curious what type of fern I was given. It came from a wet area on the edge of some wetlands. It spreads quite nicely, running very shallow. Sorry, couldn't get the sites uploader to work. Thanks. http://www.flickr.com/photos/40521537@N07/3727259575/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/40521537@N07/3728058444/ Ben More

  • Fern Vine or Not?

    ...does not bloom however, just looks like a type of fern. Guess Anyone? Linda B from SC More

  • To Be Fern or Not To Be?

    Am hoping someone can identify this fern? It has grown from underneath my neighbors ramp after not being seen for quite awhile. It looks like a fern is lacy and soft to the touch. It grows on stems much the way Clematis grows. Does not bloom. Linda B from SC More

  • Ostrich Fern Roots Growth

    ... a light mixture of Perlite (Schultz's), Sphagnum Moss (Better-Gro's),… More

  • Winter Fern

    I found this kewl little fern the other day in Home Depot. It is in a 4 inch pot and is soo cute. It looks just like a minature Evergreen but is very very soft. The tips are white. It looks like it roots from the ends of these leaves.… More

  • The Spore Producers, Ms. Fern and Mr. Moss

    Anybody got a moss or fern they'd like to dicuss? :cool: More

  • moss

    ...ile cleaning up the yard I noticed some beautiful moss growing in a spot at the back of the yard. I have made a rock/cement planter box along one side of my porch so I decided to dig up some sods of moss and try to get it to… More

  • Fern help

    I recently bought 2 15" hanging ferns ( Boston ferns). I have had them hanging on my front porch. It gets partial sun. I move them during the heat of the day ( which hasnt been much lately), so they are shaded and hang them back up. We've had a… More

  • Foxtail Fern

    ... be re-potted, etc. I'm just really proud of this fern-except, where am I gonna put it? More

  • What type of fern is this?

    I have this fern that is very light and airy and I just love it. I can't find it in any nurseries or stores anywhere. My mother in law gave it to me when she thinned hers out and she said a friend had given it to her from California.… More

  • What kind of fern???

    Anyone have an idea what kind of fern this is? I found a bunch of these at my BIL house and he said I could adopt some.:D More

  • Fern ID

    ...o document what you plant where... I planted this fern about 4 years ago and now have no idea of the type, could someone lend me a hand??:) More

  • Fern experts?

    ...s site? Nobody ever seems to go to the "ferns and mosses" section. I love my wild ferns and have a bunch of different kinds I've identified but I have one I can't put a name to. More

  • foxtail fern

    ...ne! I am looking after seeing one in a mazagine a Fern called "Foxtail Fern"I will trade for a Japeanese Painted Fern and now I have a nice size coral bells that I can trade also. Rita More

  • how do you care for a boston fern???

    can anyone tell me how to care for a boston fern inside the house? More