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Family Garden

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  • Video of My parents backyard garden

    ...Rb7_us Hope you guys like it. we have most of our family gatherings there :-) More

  • 10 Signs You've Gone Over the Garden Edge

    ...e, Violet, Daisy and Zucchini. 8. You have 8 X 10 family pictures of your Tomatoes and Peppers on your office shelf. 7. Your idea of Saturday Date Night is going out in the… More

  • New to Garden Guides

    ...le about me. I'm from Westbrook, Maine. I started gardening last year in containers. I loved it so this year I have made raised beds to give myself & partner 80 sq ft of veggie space. We also have a couple of flower beds and some… More

  • how to plant a garden

    How To Plant Your GARDEN First, you Come to the GARDEN alone, while the dew is still on the roses.... FOR THE GARDEN OF YOUR DAILY LIVING, PLANT THREE ROWS OF PEAS: 1. Peace of mind 2. Peace of heart 3. Peace of soul PLANT FOUR ROWS OF SQUASH: 1.… More

  • Help! I am starting my first garden!

    ...d eating the home grown fruit and veggies. Now my family and I live out in the country and I would like them to have the same experience I had growing up! I do not know how… More


    ...so. i am new here and need some help. i have many gardens but my problem one is the vegetable one. this year i have some milkweed growing in it and i was wondering if… More

  • Family Tree? Topics pertaining to geneology research

    We can even tie this into gardening if it gets detailed enough. I know there was a big climbing rose next to the side of my house back in great grandma's day. Stories or other things of interest might be put here if anyone thinks it's a good idea. You… More

  • Hello!

    ...a and garden in zone 5b. I've worked for a local, family owned growing and retail greenhouse for 4 years. I'm excited to have found the forum and look forward to talking flowers!:) More

  • Just joined from Colorado

    ...e been gardening for years but have no friends or family close that enjoy it. It's going to be great talking to people that really enjoy being in the garden. More

  • A Hoosier Hello!

    ...time to post due to the holidays! I don't do much gardening anymore--just a few house plants. I used to live in the middle of 100 acres of woods and had a vegetable garden that was 25 sq. ft.! I grew many,… More

  • Inexpensive Holiday Season?

    ... me thinking. This year I am planning inexpensive family filled holidays. My mother is terminally ill with cancer and the economy and our budget is going make it a lean holiday season. I also want to take some of the pressure off… More

  • Please help ID this insect.

    ...s past weekend, my family and I visited a topiary garden in Newport , Rhode Island when we came across this unusual ( at least to me and my family) insect. It was relatively large ( the size of a hornet), colorful ( green, brown, orange and black). It acted… More

  • Virginia'a Garden

    ... was inspired after a "walk about" in my friend's garden I've planted this garden amidst the rocks and the woods. I go there everyday. I've fashioned a wall out of some of the rocks. There I sit and pray. I thank the Lord for the gifts I have.… More

  • Why did you start to garden?

    ...ants, as far back as I can remember. No one in my family was into gardening. I guess it is just in my genes! When I was young I liked houseplants.Later I started with a couple of veggies in pots. Then when I got my own house… More

  • burdock family?

    I found this plant in a field and it resembles a burdock a lot but most burdocks i have seen on websites are not spikey. can anyone tell me what this is? More

  • New addition to the family

    Manzano Banana. It's my favorite of all the bananas. I purchased it online and so far am VERY pleased. I'm always a little worried when buying plants on the internet, ESPECIALLY when they are shipped bare root. I received the plant and immediately planted it in a small container with… More

  • Is this in the Iris family?

    I would like to know what this is...I had one a long time ago. It was given to me but I cannot recall what it is. we have moved since then and I would love to get a hold of one. Please help and if you know the zone information… More

  • Is This in the Mint Family?

    This is growing thick in one of my beds, it is about three ft tall and very thick. When the leaves are crushed they smell like a lemon. The humming birds love it. Thanks John More


    The best thing we can give for christmas. Is family lets just enjoy each other over food. Maybe talk after we eat about how much we enjoy the time together. And the joy as a family and about past christmas spent together. And maybe some homemade gifts. If you want… More

  • I think it's possibly from the foxglove family...

    But, can anyone id it from the photo (the red/pink flowers) It doesnt grow any higher than 1m, and has flowers very similar to a traditional foxglove, but it's not that. More

  • Pictures of the newest family members

    Finally able to take some decent shots of Hoover and Dru. Hoover is the black and white and Dru is the almost albino with golden eyes. More

  • No respect for a family day.

    Kids Fishing Day Montauk State Park: Dent County Missouri May 20, 2006 This morning started early. We were up and out of bed, hoping to make the 70 minute trek to Montauk (often misspelled Mauntauk) State Park and be there by 6:30am. We nearly made it, entering the park at… More

  • adding a new pet to the family

    My husband rescued a kitten yesterday from the middle of busy intersection after it nearly got run over. He brought it home thinking we would try to find a home for it but so far no luck. The problem is we have an 11 year old male (neutered) cat that… More

  • Edmonds Poss family reunion

    My brother and I went to a family reunion yesterday. I have never been and he has only been to one. We didn't know a soul, but I loved it. As we have gotten older, we have become more interested in our roots. The old pictures and scrapbooks were fascinating!… More

  • Bad news for me and my family

    ...e dog had on a collar with a tag so we called his family to come get him. We took the 1 rabbit (ANDY) to the veterinarian on… More

  • Adopt a Family

    This year my Department is adopting a family for the holidays. We have a family of 3 - a very young, single mother with a 5 year old girl and 5 mon old baby girl. Does anyone else participate in something like this? More