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Fall Garden

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  • Fall cucumbers

    When is the best time to plant fall cucumbers? Another person told me to plant them on August 4. Can any kind of cucumber be planted? More

  • fall veggies

    Any good ideas for veggies to sow in the fall? I live in zone 8-9. It's just barely fall here. This morning I sowed some mixed salad, spinach, radishes, turnips and chives (or long skinny green onions, not sure which). Last fall the salad and spinach did very well. I… More

  • what to plant here in zone 5 in the fall

    ...o know what i can plant here in zone 5 during the fall for summer growth ? i live in indiana, so winter is hard, but i just wanted to do some fall planting. any info would be appriciated im a new gardner .. More

  • the fall bulbs i ordered arrived today what to do?

    ...dener. I ordered a dozen perennials from Burgess' fall catalogue, expecting fall is when they would arrive. They showed up yesterday - a bunch of bulbs that already had leaves sprouting. Should I send them back? Store in the basement? Plant anyway and if they fail, demand… More

  • Seeding for Fall Transplants

    ...ed starting dates. nothing beats beats a bunch of gardeners BS (Been their Sweat), Later GT More

  • Fall Squash

    ...ot some heriloom winter squash seeds to plant for fall. Is it time to plant the seeds yet? Should I plant them right in the ground or start them in peat pots? I'm in Southern Indiana, that's zone 6. More

  • fall crops

    what are some easy fall crops to grow, i need help More

  • How do I keep my tulip bulbs good til fall?

    I've been working in my garden a lot lately. One of my many projects was to dig up some old tulip bulbs from the side of my yard. This is a new house I bought & recently moved into, so I'm dealing w/ the previous owner's plants & yard stuff.… More

  • fall/winter garden

    ...ssibly beans. Anyway who else is going to do some fall and winter crops? More

  • Fall Garden Pictures

    Here is some of our fall garden Pictures, Romain Lettuce,Cucumbers,Squash & Blue Lake Bush Beans, Just gardening Guilt Trip More

  • Fall Garden

    Who's planting a Fall Garden ?. I'm thinking now is the time in Zone 9 to get the soil ready. If your adding fresh manure, it needs about two to three months to work with the other soil, my year old horse poo will be mixed with my existing soil… More

  • Fall garden

    ...s for sure! Anway, getting ready to gear up for a fall garden and wanted any tips you might have! What do you normally plant in your fall garden?… More

  • Fall Garden Clean Up

    ...ish up with the late crops and get ready for some fall gardening, I must admit things can pile up, I always like to have a… More

  • Fall pictures

    Fall leaves around the garden. More

  • Ideas for fall containers

    ...the end of October, and then planting them in the garden. What works well? Mums? Asters? More

  • What are your fall planting plans?

    ...ow will be filling in spaces with bulbs etc..this fall some friterlaria around my beds to help deter moles.. And I have some major clean up to do this fall, one whole bed has to be redone and with the drought… More

  • What do I do in the Fall and Winter?

    I'm a first year vegetable/herb gardener in Zone 9. We have parsley and basil in the garden. What do I do with them now or in the winter? They are still looking pretty good, as it hasn't really cooled down much here besides some rain. Will they last through the… More

  • Fall Planting

    ...me, but what fun! What have you been up to in the garden? More

  • fall garden

    fall garden any ideas to fill some bare spots ? I thought I would try some peas when the pole beans come out the spring ones did not do great well they were good for the soil I guess those tomatoes look great More

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