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  • Help! fix my jungle!

    Why not plant gysophilia/baby's breath in with the roses?That way you would not have the extreme full to the looking bare spots.You could always mix in some lilies for a romantic effect. Look at your garden objectively - see if there are plantings that would look better together than apart.… More

  • New Garden Plant suggestions please!

    I started a new garden today! :o...... This garden is one I've been wanting to start for a while. The special thing about this garden is that I used several members' suggestions of placing newspaper over the grass and piling it with soil. So we'll see how that works out.… More

  • Companions for lamb's ear and heather

    I'm finally starting to work on my front yard after three years in the back gardens. I need suggestions for something colorful in front of my heathers. It's very hot and dry there in summer. I put lamb's ears in yesterday and I need something to fill in between them… More

  • New bed I put in this weekend

    Hi, spent my sunny saturday adding this bed to the front of the house. Thought it would go alot quicker, but all the neighbors had to stop by and have a talk. Lucked out with one since they own a rotor tiller and they rottotilled for me. Didn't have to… More

  • Garden Stepping Stones

    ...ly priced molds for stepping stones, planters and edging. The site is called History Stones You can make a lot and brighten up your garden for next to nothing, compared to how much they charge for stepping stones in the stores.… More

  • Alyssum

    Does it require a lot of water? I see it used to edge herb gardens. I replaced the grass in my parking strip with thyme, rosemary, catmint, and lavender last spring, but there's still a lot of bare soil. It'd be nice to just sprinkle some alyssum seeds along the… More

  • Three Sister Method

    ... containers tubs planted 8 corn seeds 3" from the edge and around the tub 6 pole bean seeds inside the corn spacing and alos 3" inside and around the tub *… More

  • Petunia leaf edges are turning brown

    ...e and white petunias. They have the white ruffled edges. They have been doing great for over a month, and they have been flowering like crazy... I have noticed now that at the base… More

  • Interesting Insect

    ...t never budged. It's small.... about 1" from wing edge to wing edge. The antennea have me stumped. Never seen anything like it. It seems to almost have the coloring of a… More

  • Any advice?

    Hello there! I'm looking for some ideas for my front flower bed. Currently, there is a sand cherry, euonymous (sorry if it's spelled wrong) and some spirea. I want to keep the sand cherry but lose the spirea (they are horrible!). The euonymous can go too...it's taking over everything and… More

  • Essentials

    ...be dead heading flowers or digging up dandelions, edging beds or planting trees, reading how-to books or cutting the grass? I have spread myself too thin and I'm reaping the… More

  • My favorite garden to Edge

    ...nus nigra and the new growth on the Picea. I love edging this garden. The backyard is crazy. There is a… More

  • concrete paver stones in pond?

    I'm looking for a edging material besides paying a lot for flat stones to edge my up coming raised pond. Will the standard concrete wall pavers leach anything into the water that may play havoc with the waters balance? thanks for any help Chris More

  • hosta

    ... a picture in a magazine of hosta that had purple edges around the end of the leaves, medium green leaves with a purple edging . I have searched on line for various hosta plants but have seen none that have purple on them. Does anyone know of a… More

  • Lisianthus

    ... There were three in a pot, two white with purple edging and one purple. However, they have completely died off. I am a zone 10 and thought they may not die back here. Does anyone else have any… More

  • wintering vincas...possible?

    ...erent leaves. Mine have rounded leaves with white edging,& is not a bushy vine, but long & trailing.If anyone knows how to care for it, I'd love to… More

  • Freecycle Site

    http://www.freecycle.org/ Thought I would post this site again as it's a great site to get things free and to give things away free so they don't end up in land fills. It's all over the world. I've been a member of it for about 3 yrs or. i've got 100+… More

  • Biggest Weeding secret Weapon

    ...ng with it. From weeding, to planting perennials, edging beds, etc. etc. some garden… More

  • Beach Pebbles

    ... metal fence we have to reduce the amount of time edging the grass, the problem is when kids walk by and see them, they play with the pebbles and scatter them. Is there any glue or cement that… More

  • Edging

    ...st boring! What experiences does everyone have on edging? There is so many edging products out there. Bricks, stones, various plastic, wire and metal designs, galore. I plan on increasing the number of planting areas around my lot, including some "standalone" types. Mostly,… More