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Drying Herbs

Drying Herbs Articles

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  • drying colored leaves

    Make your own flower press: two pieces of 3/4" plywood, cut into a manageably-sized square (mine is approx. 12"), 4 long bolt-type screws (as long as you want - the longer, the thicker you can make the press and the more flowers you can press at a time), 8 washers,… More

  • Picking and drying gourds

    ...o you know when to pick the gourds and how do you dry them and what do you do… More

  • new leaves drying and blackened completely

    Hello There I have planted 3 bare roots 10 days ago. All of them are doing except one. This one has several new growth. But the new leaves came out are getting dried and became black completely. No growth is more than 1 inch at this point. The leaves are… More

  • My Palm tree is drying out

    ... starts with an A. Anyway, some of the leaves are drying out. How can I save this little guy? Ive never really had a problem… More

  • Drying Bell Peppers & canning tomato sauce

    ... bell peppers and I have dried hot peppers. Can I dry bell peppers like the hot ones? Another question... I have made a great roasted tomato sauce, it says that it keeps in the fridge for 1 week and keeps up to 3 months in the freezer.… More

  • Making Compost at Home

    I would like to start making some compost. I am totally new to the process and have no idea where to begin. I have several questions for whomever can help. 1. Is a compost bin the best way to go? If so, how big of a bin should I get?… More

  • Burdock troubles

    I have some burdock drying and i am wondering how and I gonna get the very painful cactus like pins off of the leaves anyone have any ideas? More

  • Bay laurel tree help!

    ...southeast facing sunny window. But suddenly it is drying up and dropping leaves.… More

  • how do i prune an oleander

    how do i prune a oleander. many of the leave are drying up and falling off.... how can i cut a cutting off my plant and how do i do it. More

  • bradford pair trees

    ... need to do to keep leaves from turning black and drying up on my bradford pair trees? More

  • drying tomato seeds?

    ...ever, I don't know the name of them, so I want to dry the seeds so I can replant. What do I need to do? More

  • Tomato flowers drying and dying...WHY?

    the flowers of tomatoes and peppers will not pollenate if the temps are above 90. More

  • Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

    ... scale it down to 3 pages. Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Anise Annual, Height: 18 to 24 inches… More

  • Question re: drying flowers

    ...en, but still love the beauty of flowers, plants, herbs, etc.! I just started so I hope… More

  • drying herbs

    ...ve a plethora of basil and my oregano seems to be drying out rather fast. How should I go about preserving these for cooking? More

  • Drying herbs

    Does anyone know a good technique for drying herbs? Are electronic dehydrators any good? More

  • drying flowers

    how long after I pick flowers should I spray them to preserve the colors etc. They are hydarngea and seedum. help please More

  • Drying Basil

    ...way to preserve harvested basil leaves? Freezing? drying? If drying, do you bake them at low temperature or air dry them? Answer: Basil retains is flavor best when stored in a jar of… More

  • harvesting and drying chamomile?????

    ...ng. When do I pick it and what is the best way to dry it??? More

  • drying hot peppers?

    ...ossibly use before they go bad, I was thinking of drying them to use later. Any tips on how I would do this? More

  • Tree is drying out

    we just moved into a place that has been recently landscaped and one of the trees seems to be dying. Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? Any advice about bringing it back to life or is it pretty much a goner? We think it might be a… More

  • Drying herbs

    Does anyone know a good technique for drying herbs? Are dehydrators worth the investment? More

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