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Drought Tolerant Garden

Drought Tolerant Garden Articles

Drought Tolerant Garden Videos

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  • What are your fall planting plans?

    ...fall, one whole bed has to be redone and with the droughtMore

  • dark brown/black coneflowers

    ...s what they do this time of year? Could it be the drought also? What should I do? bloominnana,… More

  • newbie from Tennessee

    ...os later, but having just gone through a terrible drought here in Tn with over 100 degree weather, the garden looks pitiful right now.… More

  • Diane's back breaker money taker!

    ... interesting. I live in the Milwaukee area and my garden is 2.5 years old, tons of clay!!! and about 14 total hours of sun every day. it's 34' long and 8' at one end and 16' at the other and takes up 1/2 of the back yard. I have… More

  • Kinda New

    ...e northeastern part of Indiana, zone 5. Have been gardening off and on for several years. I have always wanted a cottage garden, but don't know… More

  • New to group

    ...no rain, since we are considered desert, and in a drought. But our garden is thriving with tomatoes, yellow summer squash, herbs, beans and fruit trees. We have taken out our back lawn and put… More

  • Can you "Name That Tune" errrr I mean this plant.

    Remember the TV Quiz show about 1977 "Name That Tune"? Can you "Name This Plant"? I bought it this spring at one of the Mennonite Greenhouses. It didn't have an identification tag, and the man in charge did not know the name. I liked it, and bought it in spite… More

  • Agastache and Bush Sage Seeds

    ...nnials that will tolerate hot Florida summers and drought conditions. These two sound like they might do the trick. Thanks all. Look forward to hearing back. More

  • Church flower beds in desperate need of help

    I am new to this gardening thing but the small church I attend has 4 small flower beds that are 98% weeds. They just look horrible and I want it to reflect beauty not neglect. I would like to make them beautiful but need some help on the design. It… More

  • Camellia confusion!

    ...ng opinions and stories about the cold hardiness, drought tolerance, and cultural requirements… More

  • What are your favorite easy care perennials?

    ...e bloom time, and any unique characteristics like drought tolerant, if it is or can be invasive, etc... Long blooming, easy care perennials can be a big help to those of us dealing with physical disabilities or time restraints. Sweetlebee pointed out… More

  • What Is This Plant?

    ...tall. I do live in Texas so the plant I'm sure is drought tolerant. Any suggestions? More

  • Low maintenance garden

    Shrubs in general tend to be less maintenance than perennials for many of the reasons,no need for deadheading, dividing, staking, cutting back or cleaning up seasonally and typically require less watering once established due to wider, more extensive root systems. But to decrease maintenance even further, select those shrubs which… More

  • New garden advice welcomed!

    I'm so excited! A friend of mine bought a lot in our downtown area where an old building had been torn down. He leveled it with a couple truckloads of generic dirt and has been using the space to do "public art". It's a particularly crummy location, which is why… More

  • New garden!

    Hello from Alabama! I'm starting a new veggie garden and would love some advice. I have a great site...full sun from the east. Trying to decide what to plant & where. I've gardened before....helped with one last year but didn't have any input in placement. We had such a bad… More

  • Drought resistant groundcover with flower?

    ... or creeping flower of some sort that 1) reisists drought or does well in dry conditions 2) preferably one that has some sort of flower 3) perhaps a spreading carpet rose of… More

  • Crystal's Garden In New Zealand

    Orginally from Georgia and a keen gardener I have moved and now I am on the North Island in New Zealand. The climate here in my part of the world is considered semi tropical, Zone 10 I am told. We moved from Hawkes Bay to Otane on Christmas Day 2005.… More



  • Any advice?

    Hello there! I'm looking for some ideas for my front flower bed. Currently, there is a sand cherry, euonymous (sorry if it's spelled wrong) and some spirea. I want to keep the sand cherry but lose the spirea (they are horrible!). The euonymous can go too...it's taking over everything and… More

  • Artemisia (wormwood) Silver King

    ...I have a rather large artemisia Silver King in my drought tolerant garden. After a good rainfall, it collapsed outward from the middle and whereas it used to look gorgeous,it now just looks messy. If I cut it back, will… More

  • A yellow beauty

    ...ead but have since profusely multiplied. They are drought tolerant, love full southern sun and are still happily blooming away after two consecutive nights of 30… More

  • Hello from Oakland, California

    Hello fellow gardeners. I am new to garden guides and just found out about the introduction forum and thought I would stop by and say hello. I have been gardening in my current location for the past 7 years now and the garden in looking very good these days, I… More

  • Gardening with Drought Tolerant Plants (Xeriscaping)

    ...So I thought I'd start a thread on gardening with drought tolerant plants. If anyone has experience with or questions about xeriscaping and… More