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Dogwood Tree

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  • Getting Rid of Mint

    I am new to gardening -- but my problem is not growing something -- it is getting rid of mint. When we bought this home (Highlands, N.C), MINT was growing on the side of an embankment -- we have tried a lot of things -- hand pulling it, cutting it… More

  • Purchased trees, wait till fall to plant, or get in ground ASAP?

    ...le and I bought a flowering plum tree, a red-twig dogwood shrub, and several firethorns at a great deal. I know this isn't… More

  • Bush identification help please

    ...ng one of the bushes on my new property. The bush/tree is about 10 feet high and has berries. This specimen did not have blossoms in the spring and the leaves have serrated edges.… More

  • Smells like mum/daisy weed or not?

    ...ring there was a mystery plant growing beneath my dogwood tree. At that time (June) it was about 5-10" tall, no flowers, but the foliage smelled like mums or daisies. I ended up pulling as much of it out as I could because… More

  • tree/shrub "wish list" for next spring

    ... come down with spring gardening fever! Here's my tree & shrub wish list for what I'd like to add to the garden this coming spring, feel free to share yours!1. Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis' (dwarf Hinoki falsecypress) for a privacy screen/hedge… More

  • Trees

    I have a question about planting trees. I have about 15 feet between my house and my neighbors fence (the total square footage of where I want to do some work is roughly 680 sqr ft.). That side of the house gets full western exposure and the sun can be… More

  • Propagating Dogwood

    I have taken cuttings from a Pink Dogwood trees. Anyone have any experience with this? I have no idea what will come of this experiment. It would be nice to see even one of them root. Linda B from SC More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    ... beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • Black Locust the bane of every gardner!

    I had one tree when we moved into our house (z7), and we were afraid it would break, and fall on the house, so we made the mistake of cutting the darn thing down. Now,I've got it growing all along the fence line (in the neighbor's yard, of course), and… More

  • I have questions about trees

    I have a 6-7' American Redbud tree that needs to be moved. I'm in zone 6. It is in full sun, on the south side yard. I need to move it to make a new sidewalk/patio area. Should I move it now in bud or wait until it flowers? I… More

  • new dogwood struggling

    ... sun, where it gets some shade from a much larger tree. The soil is mediocre. Not… More

  • Dogwood help

    ...is house a year ago last fall, there was a lovely dogwood tree out back. Its still there, but it doesnt' seem to be blooming as well as last year, nor as well as other dogwoods in the area. I'm wondering if you're supposed to fertilize dogwoods… More

  • My pitiful Dogwood tree

    ...k thumb" gardener!!! Who just loves her beautiful dogwood in the front yard that is looking very sad these days and is requesting some help from all you "green thumbs" out there!… More

  • Dogwood Tree problem

    ... into a new property and noticed a problem with a dogwood tree. The leaves are turning white & curling around the edges. I live in the central valley area of California - the tree gets partial shade - mostly in the late afternoon. The soil is… More

  • Memorial Tree Selections

    ...elp me. My family has decided to plant a memorial tree for my dad. He lived in Sechelt BC and that is where the tree will be planted. The city had a Memorial program that offers… More

  • Flowering Tree

    ...aw one just like it. It is some kind of Flowering Dogwood. It does tend to make the pond very messy. Hubby used to call it a choke cherry… More

  • What to plant for the birds?

    ...ubs suitable for my bird feeding area. There is a dogwood tree and a holly and a couple large oak trees. There is a good variety of birds in that part of the yard. Red bellied woodpeckers, goldfinches, cardinals, nuthatches, bluejays and so on.… More

  • Japanese Dogwood pruning

    The branches are quite heavy on this tree and some of the lower ones are quite low. Can I just cut them off? There are also some suckers coming from the main trunk, can I just cut those off too? I swear this tree grew since last summer. I used… More

  • ? BUSH took over Cedar Tree...need your help, please

    ...Rose Bush... but I thought maybe it was a English Dogwood. Flower leaf looks like a… More

  • dogwood tree

    my dogwood tree's leaves have turned brown since august. there is a drip to the tree. do you think its getting to much water? More