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Dividing Plants

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  • Can someone draw up a garden idea for me?

    Hello :) Please send a PM to get the email addresss. I am having quite a bit of difficulty with trying to play my mom's memorial garden. It is kidney shaped and our house will be on the back curve of the kidney. We are planning to either have an… More

  • Help planning memorial garden for mom...

    Hello :) I posted in another catagory without seeing this one sorry! I am having quite a bit of difficulty with trying to play my mom's memorial garden. It is kidney shaped and our house will be on the back curve of the kidney. We are planning to either have… More

  • Want to mail irises

    ...my late MIL started with a single bulb. I will be dividing them next month and want to send some to my SIL in Minnesota. How can I pack them to send?? Thanks in advance for the help! Sass More

  • Solidago Fireworks

    ...name to the plant..sorry. I have this and will be dividing this in a few weeks, maybe longer because they will be blooming soon and I want to wait for them to bloom. If you want any of it, just let me know in a… More

  • Need help on Reblooming Irises

    ... have a very small area where I need to make each plant effective. Irises came to mind for the 'tall / spikes' option that I think every flower bed needs. Digging up and… More

  • new member

    Hello Everyone, I'm an army wife dividing my time between Ft. Hood, TX, and Dallas, TX. I've been away from gardening for sometime now as we were one the move quite a bit. But now my combat engineer is home and soon to be retired from military life and I'm… More

  • The good old days

    Just thought I'd start this thread back up for us that like to talk about our childhoods,,,,,way back when.Or like me, you're interested in hearing about other folks journey through childhood in different parts of the country. I'd sure like to hear about other folks, and their childrearing days too,,,,,,,… More

  • Low maintenance garden

    ... for many of the reasons,no need for deadheading, dividing, staking, cutting back or cleaning up seasonally and typically require less watering once established due to wider, more extensive root systems. But to decrease maintenance even further, select those shrubs which… More

  • Hi from south central Ontario

    .... I still learn something new and wonderful about plants and gardening techniques on a regular basis. I love to "play in… More

  • Been gone for awhile......

    ...her forum too- for some reason I have a hard time dividing my attention between 2 forums LOL! Getting ready… More

  • How to divide wild strawberries?

    ...s of fruit this year. But I read that you have to divide the patch every 3 years or so to keep it vigorous. What… More

  • Dividing a Staghorn Horn

    ...taghorn ferns that are extremely old. One must be divided since we can no longer lift it even with the use of a vehicle and pulley. I am not sure how to do this. I have divided smaller ones previously and know to cut around… More

  • dividing sedems

    ... Sedems that are many years old. They have needed dividing for several years but I never seem to get to them before they have sprouted out. How early can I divide them in zone 6 south central Pa? More

  • dividing Phlox

    ... KenR's question to this thread. Anyone out there divided/moved Phlox? KenR's Blog phlox Edit | Delete | Add a Comment | Report May 31, 2008 | 4:00 AM PST Can phlox be split and replanted and if when is best time to do it? 2 Member Comments… More

  • Dividing Black Eyed Susans

    ...they're about three years old now and ready to be divided - here's my question - can I do this in late fall… More

  • Dividing Aucuba Japonica

    ...probably 6'X7'), and I would like to split it and plant half of it on the other side of my front steps. How would be… More

  • Stella D'oro from seed?

    ...ront steps and just happened to glance down at my plants and saw these pretty black seeds peeking out of the dried pods ~ never noticed them before ~ well, I never really looked… More

  • New Summer Home Hardy Tropical Plants in Sandy Soil? Zone 7

    Hi Everyone, My parents recently purchased a summer home in South Eastern NJ as a get away the whole family could enjoy. With Fathers Day coming up, and as a way to say thank you, I was thinking of doing a little landscaping at the house. I wanted it to… More

  • pruning clematis, dividing Blue Indigo

    ...a long time, it has overgrown and i would like to divide it, any suggestions? Aliceking More

  • Dividing bulbs/plants?

    ... I have always been a big fan of and went to town planting bulbs... without realizing that they need to be… More