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Disease Control

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  • Boxwood Shrubs Shriveling Up

    ...year old Boxwood shrubs. One was attacked by some disease, turning the leaves yellow and then bone-dry brown within 10-12 days. After removing the shrub, the disease attacked another shrub with the same outcome. I am desperately trying… More

  • norman again....

    ...e when we moved in....I think it had some kind of disease....spotted leave falling off constantly. I want to know what it is so hopefully I can help it this year. It just started getting these pink tulip looking… More

  • rose leaves

    ...But I have been reading about spotted leaves as a disease. Please look at these leaves and tell me if this is what everyone is talking about. Thanks. John More

  • Will Gardening be outlawed?

    To Boil a frog you start with cold water and gradually increase the heat, if you drop it in hot water it knows it's in trouble and jumps out. To outlaw gardening you start with registaring farms, ID tagging animals and then add ID tags for plants and the international… More

  • should I worry?

    ...ase of the plant look like they have some kind of disease... last year I have anthracnose on some of my cucurbits and I have to toss them all. This year I planted them in a different spot. Does… More

  • dDsease of Chamaecyparis Columnaris

    I have recently purchased two of the above treews from a local nursery in Edinburgh UK and now find in one of them that the leaves at the bottom are going brown and are starting to fall off. Both trees are about 4feet high,I can see no weeping of the… More

  • Sugar Snap Peas

    Its been a very long time since I've posted but I have a really good question.... Can anyone tell me why my sugar snap plants are turning almost brown in middle of the plant all the way to the root. Although they are doing this they still producing but after… More

  • Take All Root Rot

    Anyone heard of this? Just found it online and I think this might be part of my lawn problem. Or rather no lawn problem. It is caused by the fungus 'Gaeumannomyces graminis va. graminis',identified in several Mississippi counties during the summer/fall of 1998. But also found in other southern states… More

  • Seed Buying

    ...ability to my area, heirloom/unusual, and bug and disease resistant (the last generally applies to tomatoes). In that order. :D Hope that helps. Oh, yeah, a really cool online shopping cart and fast shipping are factors too. More

  • Free Services

    ...mmunity educational outreach program) offers free disease identification services and pest identification. This is useful to… More

  • Help needed on selecting a tree

    ...ve a Douglas Fir tree that is on its way out.Some disease or bug got it so I would like to plant another tree in its place. The place that I want to put a new tree is about 8-10 feet from a natural tree line that has a… More

  • bird jokes

    Bird Flu Warning The Centers for Disease Control has released a list of symptoms of bird flu. If you experience 3 or more of the following, please seek medical treatment immediately: 1. High fever 2. Congestion 3. Nausea 4. Fatigue 5. Aching in the joints 6. An irresistible urge to… More

  • Deer Antler Fern HELP!

    Help Please! Our beautiful fern"mother Fern" is her name is sick.We have had her over a year,in half a keg barrel and she was very happy.Then came that terrible freeze here in so. Calif.It cost us $$$ in electricity but we saved most of our plants.Mother made it but it's… More

  • tomato disease treatments

    I've been gardening for many years but I always have tomato problems. I follow all the guidelines; resistant plants, clean-up in fall, don't splash leaves when watering. Already bottom leaves are turning yellow. I try to stay organic but I can't stand this anymore. Also, when I plant cukes or… More

  • Disease of tomato's

    Found a web page about tomato diseases and it looks good. http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/tomatoproblemsolver/index.html Click on the problem you want to check and a picture will come up then click the picture that looks like your disease. Copy and paste the link into your browser. More

  • What disease is this on my ivy?

    ... it looks like it is all dying. Can anyone ID the disease and help… More

  • Can You Tell What "disease" this is?

    Hi! I would like to provide a link to pictures of my Don Juan climber. I recently noticed a large "split" on the stem and just behind it is a bunch of small thorns all clustered together that I have never seen before. I am also noticing something that looks… More

  • Question about possible disease(s) or lack of nutrients

    Hello all, I have a rose in my garden and it seems to produce weak leaves (don't know how to describe it exactly). Also, the leaves seem to curl and there are some strange looking edges. Perhaps the photos will clarify what I am trying to describe above. Please be… More

  • Is this pinkish spot a disease or a flowering bush or berry bush?

    I'm trying to figure out if this plant has a disease or if the pinkish (fuschia color) is a berry bush or flowering bush. Any ideas? Thanks for your help! More

  • Japanese Beetles and Peach Tree Curl

    Anyone here have any suggestions as to the control of both? Is there any ground-applied treatment for Peach Tree Curl? I think I'm leaning toward the milky spore treatment of the lawn for the JBs, and would really like something similar in treatment application for the peach tree. The peach… More

  • "Leave the Light on for Ya"

    well it's late summer in Florida and the bugs have had their way, so this weekend I'm going to refresh my Pesticide free "Bug & Worm" relocating skills. by removing them from my soil & existing pepper plants and get my soil ready for my fall Garden, so I'm posting… More

  • "Got Powdery Mildew? Get Milk!"

    ... in South America discovered a new alternative to controlling powdery… More

  • Fruit trees

    ...y apple/pear/peach trees with for control of bugs/disease spotted, fruit. Any suggestons? More

  • Raspberry Disease Help

    I planted a new raspberry bed last year. They are doing very well. I have experienced a very serious problem with a previous bed. They became infected with a maggot that eats the new growth while it is still dormant (late winter) and the new growth is then very weak… More