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Digging Weeds

Digging Weeds Articles

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  • What are you doing in the garden today?

    Hi, everybody! Brand-new member here; I found this forum when I searched for ideas on how to eradicate lily-of-the-valley. This seems like a very active, knowledgeable, and friendly forum! Anyway, what are you up to in your garden today? It's overcast and temperate here in southeast PA today (Saturday) --… More

  • evergreens

    How does one kill an evergreen without pulling or digging it out? They are right next to my foundation More

  • Starting new beds

    ...d in your climate. As for ridding yourself of the weeds - my backyard was 3-4' high in weeds in one location… More

  • Cats and houseplants

    Any ideas on how to keep a cat from digging in my houseplants? I have tried a spray and It keeps him out for a few hours then he is right in there digging. More

  • Yard novice from Wilmington

    ...nt a year hacking through the vines and weeds and digging up invasive roots and tubors...who knew gardening could be… More

  • When to harvest potatoes

    ...s gotten quite big and I'm not sure when to start digging. Help? Thanks! More

  • Spring bulbs and squrirrels

    ...strips of chicken wire over his to keep them from digging them up More

  • Please help identify this nasty weed

    Please help . . ......... Orion My weed problem , what the heck is this called and best way to kill it. ? The leaves are hairy and large, it is a very pervasive weed with small purple flowers, deep tap roots , that are up to 1 inch in… More

  • My most important tool.

    ...Unless baked dry from summer heat, it was easy to dig. If I needed to… More

  • must have gardening tool

    ...what I like my little hand rake great for weeding digging loosening soil whatever More

  • Peruvian Daffodil... are these seeds?

    ...il bed that the Peruvian Daffodil I'm planning on digging up is in. I managed to save the stems because I notice what looks like green galic cloves. Are these a little bulblet/seed? More

  • I would like to say hello to everyone. Hello!

    ... been gardening most of my life. I remember at 12 digging out the grass in one corner of the yard to plant some seeds that I got at an… More

  • What equipment to dig for new large garden?

    ...hen cover it with newspaper to kill the grass and weeds, then solarize before fall planting. We are… More

  • digging up dahlias too early?

    I am thinking of digging up dahlias now, even though they are in bloom, because they didn't really fit where I had them - will I hurt the tubers if they haven't had time to retain their energy? I ahve some bee balm in pots that I want to put… More

  • Digging Potatoes

    Well dug potatoes today, the red potatoes were huge but those D#$#@$#$ grub worms eat their fair share, the white (tougher skin)potatoes had little damage, so I will plant white from now own. after the barrel experience(see pictures) the ground planted potatoes truly out performed the barrel ones, I covered… More

  • Digging up bulbs

    ...frozen so all the top soil is gone from it. Can I dig up all my bulbs… More

  • OMG; look....Weeds NO MORE

    Look what I found, I am in glee over it. Wanted to share it with you all as I will be going the store right now to buy the 15% 20 liter of this Vingear. I have some that is 80% but have not used it yet as it is… More

  • Digging up and moving bulbs

    When is a good time to dig up and move the following bulbs: tulips, hyacinth, daffies, crocus and asiatic lilies? I live in Northern Vt in Zone 4. More

  • Something is digging up my newly planted veggies!

    I just placed my tomatoes, squash and cucumber plants (that I gingerly grew from seed mind you) in my garden on Sunday. For the 2nd time today. some are knocked over and dug up. Me thinks something is living under my deck! What do I do?? More

  • To save or not to save?

    ...ed into a house with old existing plants. We were digging up bulbs and seperating them and came across several plants that were unidentifiable. We said what the hay and potted them and fed them just so we can figure out what… More

  • Quackgrass

    ...king my flower beds without researching the local weeds. I did not know you should not dig up quackgrass so I have a big mess on my hands now. This is the flower bed in front of my house and I… More

  • DEEP DIGGING "Tomatoes"

    OK I'm going to do a test, Ive been reading about whats above the ground in plant foliage theirs just about 2 to sometimes 2 1/2 times a root system under the soil, the average gardener only tillers about 8" to 12" deep. Along with this test Ive been told… More

  • Question about digging/Planting under trees

    I would like to put in a shade garden under a canopy of trees in my backyard. The ground is full of little tree roots. Does anyone know if I could get around it by planting little plants so I don't need big holes, and then adding a layer of… More

  • Want less weeds and more grass

    ...safe weed killer I can use I hate the thoughts of digging it all up and laying down sod some of these weeds have roots a mile long :( Any… More

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